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May. 30th, 2015 12:49 pm
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I need a sticky post!

I'm Danielle, and I'm partners with [personal profile] lilacsigil. We've been together since 1997, and we're hoping to get legally married one of these decades. We live together in rural Australia with two cats and a veggie garden.

This is a good place to say hi, if you're the introducing kind, but you absolutely don't have to. Just seems handy to have a place for it.

About me and where I live.

My fic: [archiveofourown.org profile] st_aurafina

Other places I can be found:
[livejournal.com profile] st_aurafina
[tumblr.com profile] st-aurafina
[pinterest.com profile] dansnark
I'm st_aurafina every November at Nanowrimo.

I'm co-mod of [livejournal.com profile] comicstore_news, which is mirrored at [syndicated profile] comicstore_news_feed and [tumblr.com profile] comicstorenews.
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So there I was, dripping wet, fresh out of the shower, wearing nothing but a pair of earbuds plugged into an audiobook while I was getting dressed when I see...cutting for dramatic effect and also spiders )

Meanwhile, in Imzy-land, I have learned that Imzy will only let you network with 14 other communities, which seems counter-intuitive for a networking platform, but okay. I have started a fandom_calendar comm, which people are starting tentatively to use. Which is good.

So far, I'm finding it an odd mix of neat and clunky. I like the way it handles anon posting. I hate the way you have to click through to get to the links that people are posting, and the way comment notifications don't have the content of the comment in the email. Comment threading is wacky as hell, and comment order seems unpredictable once there's three or four commenters on a post (is it by popularity? Omg, so weird.) But the development team are pretty active, and things change day to day. Today they added a personal blog function.

I've still got invites, if anyone wants to try it out. (I need a email for that, or you can go to the link for my personal blog and request one there.)

This is me: st_aurafina
This is fandom_calendar: fandom_calendar
This is a multifandom drabble exchange that sign-ups close for soon: multifandomdrabble

OMG GBBO!! (spoilers for ep 1 of 2016 Great British Bake-off. This turned into a live blog. I say omg a lot alot.) )

I love you, Bake Off. See you next week.
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Title: Sleepless
Fandom: Person of Interest
Rating: G
Words: 100
Characters/Pairings: Root/Shaw
Warnings/Content: None
Notes: Written for Challenge #3 at 100words on Imzy

Summary: Samaritan took so much, but this small thing hurts Root most.

Also at the Archive

Root wakes to the sound of the refrigerator opening )
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1. I switched on cross-posting to Tumblr. I hope it works! (Totally inspired by [personal profile] muccamukk who is getting [community profile] femslashex organised for this year.) I already have cross-posting set up for [livejournal.com profile] comicstore_news but I want to be more integrated here.

2. [community profile] femslashex, a femslash exchange that is lots of fun! The new schedule is up, and nominations will open soon.

3. I did Camp NaNo. I wrote 30K of Person of Interest fixit fic. Now I must finish it. I'm starting to think I'm a serial non-finisher of long fics. (Would anyone be interested in Ameripicking?)

4. Imzy is a thing suddenly, and might be the next thing fandom moves to after Tumblr. It seems to have comments that thread, and a generally more friendly atmosphere, though there is some question about whether they'll allow NC-17 art works. (The answer from the creators right now seems to be yes for fanworks, no for pr0n, which might not make for the best fandom environment? But they're talking about it, at least.) My personal comm is here - that's what people seem to be doing, since you can't follow individual profiles just yet.

Some others I've followed:
pokemongo (still very quiet)
misbehaving_muses (This is a place to vent, complain, or brainstorm when your muses refuse to cooperate.)
personofinterest (But I don't know if it's a fannish comm or what.)

And a few I found that other people might be interested in:
tragic_magic_ninjas - Naruto comm

Porn/erotic art policy + feature requests on Imzy - this is more discussion from the creators about the subject, as well as news about features to come.

I have a bunch of invites, if anyone wants. Leave a comment, or PM if you don't want your email visible in a comment. (ETA: I'm out of invites now, but [personal profile] lilacsigil has a heap, so your invite might come from her.)

5. Discharging some linkspam

Meet Fu Yuanhui, The Most Lovable Athlete At The Rio Olympics (Omg, she is adorable and adorkable. There are gifs there.)

Why tourists are flocking to this Australian hotel room Spoilers: because it was in Free! Eternal Summer. I love how accurately the room and the hotel were drawn, though. That's gorgeous and I can understand why fans would want to stay there.

[tumblr.com profile] fuckyeahtarotdecks, because if, like me, you have banned yourself from buying more decks that will just sit on the shelf, you can at least look at some pretty art.

[etsy.com profile] ChrysalisStudios has beautiful jewellery made from actual insects (collected from butterfly sanctuaries. (I really like this: Lime green butterfly wing pendant)

[etsy.com profile] tcustom makes anatomical lockets, which are sort of gruesome and sort of cool. I like the layers on this one: Burgess shale fossil necklace
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Title: Not Your Fairytale Princess
Fandom: Agent Carter
Rating: PG
Words: 3380
Characters/Pairings: Peggy Carter/Dottie Underwood
Warnings/Content: Show-style violence, guns
Notes: Written for [personal profile] mithborien for the 2016 [community profile] ssrconfidential

Summary: "Forgive me for doing my job," Peggy said. "I'm not exactly ready to play therapist to world-weary spies, not yet."

Also at the Archive

Peggy swung her oar so hard that when it connected with the thug's head, it splintered into a dozen pieces. )


Jun. 16th, 2016 09:47 am
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*clings to flist* I should be out on Facebook doing the thing (you know the thing? When you're the only gay person they know and therefore must provide context and explanation and, for some reason, reassurance to people who will never have to feel fear about this stuff?)

But really I want to huddle in the safe place with the other queer people and just, IDK, eat cookies and croon or something. Except that for some people, their safe place just got shot to hell.

And I know I'm going to get up in the morning, open the newspaper, read more articles debating whether queer people deserve basic human rights and safety (Should we be allowed to marry? Should we feel safe in schools? I wonder who I'd be if I'd been safe at school.)

Here are some links I found to be helpful:
What Melissa Scott said resonates with me a lot: here.

A good round up of facts, with no photos of the shooter: Information about this horrific shooting

From SBS: Here's what Australians can do to help victims of the Orlando massacre

*hugs my people*
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[community profile] ssrconfidential is up, so if you want to read lots and lots of Agent Carter fic, hie you to the archive. The collection is here.

BUT, first go and read my gift, because it is adorable and ferocious and starts with a tiny Peggy Carter running away to join the circus. Ack, so beautiful, and so sad at the end:
Four Times Peggy Tried to Run Away (and the one time it finally worked), (G, Michael Carter & Peggy Carter)

Some other recs from randomly browsing the collection:
Beautiful Ana-centric story, from her rescue, to post-injury recovery. And Zsa-Zsa Gabor!:
All of Me, (Teen, Ana Jarvis/Edwin Jarvis)

Daniel Sousa and Jack Thompson negotiating a relationship, with period-specific awkwardness. I loved the contrast between private!Jack and public!Jack, and how baffled poor Daniel is.
Sweater Weather (Teen, Daniel Sousa/Jack Thompson)

Beautiful art for Peggy and Jason:
Not The Last Dance This Time (Teen, Peggy Carter/Jason Wilkes)

Other rando linkspams:
From Ravelry: Ammonite crochet pattern: Built up on the Fibonacci sequence, this is so beautiful! If I knew Tunisian crochet, I would so be making one of these.

From Buzzfeed: Canadians taste fairy bread for the first time; have a lot of feelings - Fairy bread is an Aussie thing: bread and butter with sprinkles. This video is tragic and triumphant at the same time, as the Canadians struggle to understand the phenomenon, and then see the true beauty of the thing.

From Etsy: Tiger shark tooth cufflinks. I just feel that this is a thing that John Reese would wear. Okay, maybe not, but he totally should wear them, then use them to cut through ropes and escape to rescue everyone from the dark dystopia that S5 has become. /bad fic ideas I have in the middle of the night.

#starringjohncho Starring John Cho. Some freaking genius shops John Cho into movie posters to counter the argument that people can't imagine an Asian-American lead actor. (Not going to lie - I would go and see all of these.)

From [personal profile] umadoshi: Depression-Busting Exercise Tips For People Too Depressed To Exercise - the thing I liked about this article was the concept of listening to your own instincts, not measuring your abilities against other people's. Took me a long time to get to that point in my own head.

Rando cool tumblr: Bowie and Nudibranchs. "It works to such an uncanny degree it’s hard not to imagine that a young Bowie received an illustrated book of nudibranchia at a young age, and spent the rest of his career mining the pages for new looks."

Balm for that post that continually circulates on facebook about how things were so much better before iPhones: We Weren’t That Resilient.

ASL: Amber Galloway Gallego signs Hilltop Hoods - ASL translator interprets Aussie hip-hop classic 'The Nosebleed Section'.

Peak country headline has been reached: Earless nanny goat births triplets after bee attack (CW: animal harm of the accidental kind, involving bees. Goat survives, goes on to epic birth story.)

Asshole birds: Do birds of prey spread bushfires? (Answer: only in Australia. Because Straya.)

Spider-Man - threat or menace? JK Simmons is mind-blowingly ripped. J Jonah is ready for action, apparently.

This messed up experiment: Shocking video of Electric eel. Because the thing to do is to make a fake alligator head, line it with LEDs and poke an electric eel. For science.
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I want to talk about Person of Interest, but I think [personal profile] netgirl_y2k covered it really well: here. (Spoilers for 5.10)

No, actually I do have more to say. Spoilers for 5.10 and 5.11 )

To that end, I've signed up for [livejournal.com profile] heroinebigbang, which has another round starting now.

ETA: While I type this, I am listening to [personal profile] lilacsigil school our software company on not having a no-gender option in our dispensing software. ("No, it's Federal law. You have to have it.") She is the awesome.
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I'm torn on this whole new canon thing for Person of Interest, because on the one hand, we're getting massive plot advancement, but on the other, I really want them to go back to mid-S3, with Finch in the library, Reese and Shaw working numbers, and Root dancing around all of them in her chaotic way. I don't think we're going to get that, and I don't think it would be narratively satisfying if we did, but that part of the show is such a happy place for me. *clings*

5.01: BSOD )

5.02: SNAFU )

5.03: Truth Be Told )

5.04: 6,741 )

5.05 Shotseeker )

Totally random Person of Interest fic recs:

Does It Lessen Your Affection? by JinkyO (Root/Shaw/the Machine, explicit)
Root with the Machine in her ear, weirdly hot voyeuristic sexy tiems.

Code Indigo by pendrecarc
Gen AU where Finch teams up with Shaw first up, instead of Reese. (It's an older fic, so she's Samantha Shaw, before we knew Sam = Sameen.)

a creature more of night than day by the_ragnarok (Explicit, Harold/John)
AU where Finch is a vampire. I KNOW OKAY, but he wrote a clause in the TOS of his software that grants him entry to houses, which is adorable and so in character. And I appreciate that attention to detail. ([personal profile] lilacsigil, yes, this is the one where he turns into tiny owls.)

Phoenix and the sequel, Halcyon by hedda62 (Explicit, Grace/Harold/John)
Harold has a really stupid idea, which I totally love, because he is so the kind of person to set his two most beloved people up with each other in the event that he's killed or whatever. I really love how Grace is written in this - strong and doing fine without Harold because she's able to look after herself, but so amazingly pissed off when she finds out what's been going on. And so kind to John.

but i'm not the girl you once put your faith in (just someone who looks like me) by violentdaylight (Explicit, Iris/John)
There's not a lot of Iris fic (and I'm always braced for the inevitable hate that a female character gets when she's perceived as the wedge that comes between a juggernaut m/m pairing) but this is Iris POV and it's awesome. (It's tagged as dubcon and d/s elements but that's very, very subtle. If you're not looking for it, or if you don't usually read kink fic, I think it's not going to bother you.)

So, apparently we get three episodes next week? I don't know how to deal. My body is nowhere near ready.
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Happy birthday me, and [personal profile] lost_spook, [personal profile] lurkingcat, and [personal profile] eumelia. What a fangirl convergence we make!

Also, I'm forty five this year, which is nicely alliterative. This pleases me.

I am having a nice day, with some lovely autumn sun. I had to make a giant extemp. ointment at work, which isn't ideal fun, but [personal profile] lilacsigil got all the ingredients for me from the high shelf. I am loved.

Civil War!!

May. 7th, 2016 12:19 pm
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Random thoughts, spoilers )

In other news, it is a beautiful day. And an away game, so work is super quiet.
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My favourite Prince tribute, from [tumblr.com profile] lizclimo.

In other news, I am now a medicated person.

talking about anxiety, medication, side effects, mostly for my own reference or because taking Pristiq makes me introspective IDK )

tl;dr: I'm on drugs and they seem to work okay.

I have my [community profile] ssrconfidential assignment, and it's lovely and open and exactly the kind of thing I'd like to write. I just need... to get started, I think. I am a bit worried about the meds knocking down my ability to write, but I think that once I get a plot bunny nibble, I'll be right. And at the moment, I'm coming to the end of a Person of Interest rewatch to get ready for season five (SEASON FIVE OMG) and I'm all about the POI plot bunnies. So many bunnies.

Discharging linkspams:

- The easiest way to get fresh thyme leaves off the stalk. MIND. BLOWN.

- Awesome Breastforms - volunteers knit or crochet breast forms for mastectomy/lumpectomy patients, who can order whatever size, colour, filling they like. The forms are free, and for some people, more comfortable or accessible than expensive silicone forms.

- Artisinal ipsums:
Hipster ipsum
Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction ipsum
Bogan ipsum

- Good Morning Alice - a dreadful short film/jewellery ad featuring Gwenyth Paltrow, which has been delightfully over-masticated by fandom.

- Under Cats - photography series of cats on glass tables. SO MANY TOE BEANS.

- How to make a Black Widow doll, since Marvel is so fail.

- Styrofoam amplified cello - would also be handy in a shipwreck.

- This Took Forever woven tags - for those times when you've slaved over a handcrafted item, and it ends up in the dog's bed.

- Discover the kitchen style for your Myers-Briggs personality type - I fucking love stupid Myers-Briggs stuff. Am I the only one? It's so stupid and yet weirdly satifying. I'm INFP, and my kitchen style is "The Healer". UNCANNY.
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Dear SSR author,

This is exciting! Thank you for loving Agent Carter, and for creating a fanwork for me.

I love Agent Carter for the spy shenanigans, for Peggy and a whole bunch of awesome women, and for the part it takes in building the MCU. More Marvel world building is a good thing.

I am pretty easy-going when it comes to creative exchanges – I have always loved what has been created for me, and I think that this process of coming together to celebrate a show that we all love is amazing.

I've nominated mostly femslash or gen relationships, but when it comes down to it, I'm happy with gen, het or slash. I do prefer stories with queer presence, so if you prefer to write Peggy as straight, I'd love some of the other characters or OCs to be not-straight. I haven't nominated all characters, but I'm happy to see any of the cast appear in the story. I'm particularly fond of the push-and-pull friendship between Howard and Peggy, for example. And I love Rose, whom I suspect actually runs the LA SSR office. If you're the kind of person who likes to throw easter eggs into your fic and pull from other sources, I'm a Marvel comics fan, I'm up to date with Agents of SHIELD, and I've seen all the MCU movies except for Ant Man.

My requests are meant to be guidelines for the kind of story I like, and to provide inspiration. I'm not in anyway fixated on the specific of the prompts, so if your idea takes you in a different direction, please follow your heart.

Peggy/Dottie, Dottie and Natasha, Peggy/Dottie/Violet, Michael and Peggy, Bernard the Flamingo )

I don't have a preferred prompt or pairing! I know I've written more about some than others, but that's as it came to me while I wrote this letter. Please know I love them all, and I would be equally delighted if you were to use any of them.

For stalking purposes, I'm [archiveofourown.org profile] st_aurafina and [tumblr.com profile] st-aurafina. All my previous Dear Author letters are here: Dear Author. If you have any questions, you're welcome to message my partner, [personal profile] lilacsigil.

Thank you again for being a creator in [community profile] ssrconfidential! I hope you enjoy the exchange.
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The Jehovahs just called on us, from which I take to mean that since we have moved, they haven't updated their hobo sign at the gate that says LESBIAN HOUSE. Thanks, lady, I love being told, on my own doorstep, that God loves me despite my choices in life. I asked her to try to be compassionate and then I closed the door on her. (ETA: [personal profile] lilacsigil has ordered us a couple of rainbow flag stickers, one for the mailbox and one for the front door of the pharmacy. We can make our own hobo signs.)

I'm not going to get my Winter Soldier fic finished before Civil War comes out, and it's making me queasy. I want to enjoy and squee over the trailers, but instead I feel guilty and anxious, which is a great mindset to try and write from. I have 60K, I need maybe 15K. I want it done. I like this story a lot, and I want to post it. Ugh.

So, obvs, I am super anxious. Everything is anxious-making. I am very tired and bored of this steam engine in my brain that runs all day and all night, churning out thoughts and feelings that are completely divorced from reality. Even more, I'm tired of knowing these fears are out of perspective and irrational, but still feeling them. It is such a waste of time. I have better things I could with this powerful, energetic, imaginative brain. /is trying to be positive about brain. It's a good brain. It's kept me alive for 45 years.

[personal profile] naye was talking about podcasts, and I am very into podcasts right now! Podcasts are awesome because they free up my hands so I can crochet or shred zucchini or do housework. But even more than that, a podcast puts a brake on my anxiety-based running dialogue with myself. I can't listen to my inner voice berating me when there's a voice in my ear telling me something I really want to know.

I'm going to link to [personal profile] naye's recs for fictional podcasts, because I agree with all of the recs, and listen to all of those stories (except for 'Alice isn't Dead' but it's queued.) ETA: Done and I'm never eating omelet again.

Here are some non-fiction recs:

Well, that ended up a lot longer than I thought )

Oooh, oooh, look what [personal profile] sholio did: [community profile] ssrconfidential, fic exchange for Agent Carter. *hurries off to join*
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Title: Someone to Watch Over Me
Fandom: The Black Tapes podcast
Rating: G
Words: 1400
Characters/Pairings: Alex Reagan, Richard Strand
Warnings/Content: Idfic, insomnia, Twilight references
Notes: Thanks to [personal profile] lilacsigil for the beta. I accidentally put my Nonna in this fic - I must really want them to feel better.

Summary: Things wouldn't seem so dire, if only Alex could get some sleep.

Also at the Archive

Alex has been editing for hours when there's a rap on the studio window. )
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I'm in ur fridge, bringin' recipes back.

When we moved, I donated my muffin tin, because, for some reason, I decided I was done with muffins. This was a vast error, because I missed it immediately, and had to buy another one. I was wrong - muffins are fantastic! Muffins have been my jam all summer, as I dealt with the traditional onslaught of zucchinis. You can freeze them, and just stick them in your lunch box. Chocolate zucchini muffins microwave beautifully and make for an awesome brownie-esque dessert.

ETA: [personal profile] lilacsigil says I should explain my excellent method of zucchini squishing. If you're baking with zucchini, you need to squish the liquid out as much as possible, which I used to do by hand, or by twisting it in a tea-towel. Then I bought a ricer, so I could make my Nonna's gnocchi, and it occurred to me that it would be a good tool for squishing shredded zucchini. I use the plate with the largest holes, fill the thing with shredded zucchini, and squeeze it really hard. Green zucchini water comes out (which I should use in soup or a smoothie or something, but I never do) and you're left with fairly dry zucchini that mixes well into cakes and bread. I've actually used the ricer more for pressing zucchini than for gnocchi.

I've tweaked these recipes from the original so much that by the time next summer's zucchinis come in, I will have forgotten what I did. So I've transcribed and annotated and put them here for next time.

Zucchini and Orange Muffins )

Zucchini Corn and Cheese Muffins )

Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffins )

From the bag of mixed heirloom zucchini seeds, we ended up with three varieties: cocozelle, grey, and yellow crookneck squash. They were all good, except the crooknecks turned into little gourds very fast. (Also, they were warty. I want to grow heirloom vegetables, but wow, those crooknecks were ugly.)

Warty crookneck squash under the cut )
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I am so ready for huntsman season to be over. [personal profile] lilacsigil has taken two out this morning. ("I'm fine," she said, poking one down from her ankle.)

X-Files is over. )

Agent Carter's season finale:
Is Howard Stark the Jack Harkness of this show? )

No more spiders though. That is enough.
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Title: You're the Heat that I Know
Fandom: Person of Interest
Rating: Mature
Words: 1750
Characters/Pairings: Root/Shaw
Warnings/Content: Some tabletop surgery, not graphic. Handcuff sex. Brainwashing
Notes: Written for [community profile] halfamoon's prompt, Changes. Lyrics from Flume's Drop the Game. Thanks to [personal profile] lilacsigil for the beta.

Summary: Root is here to rescue Shaw, but Shaw is on the way to rescuing herself.

Also at the Archive

You're the Heat that I Know )
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I said to [personal profile] lilacsigil this morning, "It's so unfair that I feel hungover when I didn't even... oh, wait." Which makes it sounds like I went on some booze-soaked bender, when really it was just enough to get pleasantly tipsy. Maybe it's because I'm getting older, but I seem to feel it more.

spider story, no harm comes to spider or to me. No pictures! )

Media consumed:
Mozart in the Jungle )

X-Files 10.02, Founder's Mutation )

I've been listening to podcasts lately, for some reason. (The reason is that I ran out of Rivers of London audiobooks, sigh.) Currently I'm listening to The Black Tapes, which is silly and cheesy paranormal fun, with lots of ~demonic plots. Right now, they're delving into Scriabin's (the composer) ~demonic tendencies and I had to stop the podcast to wiki him, because surely they were making that up. But no, it turns out he was actually pretty spooky.

[personal profile] lilacsigil is playing Lego Marvel Avengers, which just came out this week, and now she will never talk to me again. Goodbye, [personal profile] lilacsigil! See you in a few months. It's actually pretty cute, and it straight-up opened with twincest, which I appreciate. I have to say, I like Lego Age of Ultron much better than movie Age of Ultron. And I can't get over how much fun Cobie Smulders seems to be having, voicing Maria Hill.

I don't know - I want to talk about things like how much I'm enjoying Agent Carter and Supergirl and podcasts and books, which I am! But we've got no internet again (the fun of living rurally - I'm posting this via my phone) and I just feel blah and sad and tired. I think it's more than a hangover. Maybe it's a hangover from life.
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First X-Files episode ever acquired by dubious means - there was no downloading when I watched it air in the nineties.

I don't even know what reaction to put in this cut )

It's so great to see people popping up on my flist who I remember from forever ago. This fandom was the start of the internet for me. I think one of the first things I used a search engine for was X-Files related. (Remember the Noromos and the MSRs and all the amazing fic? I remember.)

FFA's discussion is lovely and nostalgic

[personal profile] lilacsigil and I used to have X-Files dates. (I was like, "You have to watch this show. You will love this show!) When Home first aired, she was living in Japan and I had just gotten my first grown-up job, and I spent some of my first precious salary to telephone her and tell her how horrible and terrifying that episode had been, while I soaked my poor sore feet in a blue plastic basin that we still own.

We were such tiny babies back then. Now look at us, together and well and all grown up. *sheds another tear* I'm so glad.
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Title: Brown Paper Packages
Fandom: MCU
Rating: G
Words: 448
Characters/Pairings: Clint/Natasha/Laura
Warnings/Content: None. This is fluff, set at the start of their relationship.
Notes: Written for [personal profile] glinda in the 2015 [profile] fandom_stockng

Summary: For bad-ass spies, domesticity is really scary.

Also at the Archive

Brown Paper Packages )


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