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Have we settled on a name for this? Also, I shamelessly rely on later timezones for these posts, don't I? It's still Tuesday somewhere in the world, I reason. (Actually, by now, it's probably not.)

I'm still furiously crocheting hats, for no reason that I can decipher. I've got quite a pile now that I'm going to donate to Lifeline, even though it's summer here. Winter will roll around and someone will want a woolly beanie, I'm sure. I think I need to invest in a hat form or something, because hats photograph very badly flat, and some of them could do with blocking, tbh, but there's no point in blocking them flat, I'd need to block them on a form. I just don't know if I want one of those polystyrene heads looking at me all the time. Those things are creepy af.

Anyway, these are (some of) the hats, the ones that are ready to to donate:

Puff Stitch Messy Bun Hat:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
[Lime green puff stitch beanie with a hole at the top for your hair to go through]
This is a paid pattern, but it's well written and easy to follow, and I'd buy their patterns again based on this one: Paid pattern, by Elfine designs.

Owl Hat:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
[Pink and grey hat with an owl face, button eyes, tufted ears]
This is a good, free pattern, and I've made it a lot in a lot of sizes. I made this one side by side with my baby sister over Christmas to help her learn crochet in the round, and to get her started on following a pattern: Repeat Crafter Me's Owl Hat.

Simplicity Messy Bun Hat:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
[Navy blue hat with a hole in the top for your hair to go through]
Free pattern here: Simplicity Messy Bun Hat.

Rainbow puff stitch hat:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
[Rainbow hat in lime, blue, yellow, and hot pink]
Pattern is here: Perfectly Pink Puff Hat, the wool they used in this is sport, I used a DK, and it came out much smaller than I expected. But it's a cute hat for a kid-sized head, and the varigation in the yarn worked really well with the puff stitches. Would make again, but maybe in worsted weight.

Kitty Face Hat:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
[Grey kitty face hat, with crocheted ears, a white muzzle and black whiskers]
I used this as the base for the hat: Hello Kitty hat
I used this as visual inspiration for the face (there's no pattern there, just winged it): Someone's kitty face hat
And I got the ears from here: Moogly's cuddly cat scoodie. (They were good ears, and worked really well. Would use again, and might actually make the scoodie, if only because 'scoodie' for scarf/hoodie cracks me up almost as much as 'blarf' for blanket/scarf.) I gave this hat to a friend at work for her daughter, who hopefully at nine isn't too cool for a kitty hat. (Her mum says no, not too cool.)

Swirl Beanie:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
[Grey marle hat with ribbing and a button flower)
Free pattern here, which was fun to follow, and though I'm still getting the hang of fpdc/bpdc, I managed it okay: Swirl beanie.

I think I'm getting past hats now, though - I've got some kitchen cotton that I want to try making scrubbies with, if I can handle the texture. Cotton is sometimes okay for me and sometimes not. But I want something loofah-ish that I can rewash and so on, and I'm thinking I'll try cotton for that.

Also, the more yarn I use, the more yarn I can buy. I'm on a one-for-one deal here in the house - [personal profile] lilacsigil has declared my stash to be maximum size, so for one skein to enter, one skein must leave. It's like Thunderdome, only crueler.

ETA: Also I made this icon! GIP! Crochet GIP!
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