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There is a song that roughly goes 'tell them I remember, tell them I remember, tell them I remember you-oooo'. (at the end, I think). I don't remember most of the song, but I found myself singing

I remember now-ow
all the things I meant to do before
I ran out of time

i remember now-ow, i remember now-ow, now that it is far tooooo late. 

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Posted by Sean Gaffney

By Patora Fuyuhara and Eiji Usatsuka. Released in Japan as “Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni” by Hobby Japan. Released in North America digitally by J-Novel Club. Translated by Andrew Hodgson.

It’s a bit difficult to know where to begin. I guess I’ll start by saying that by the end of this book, I was enjoying it immensely and had a big smile on my face. The second thing I should say is that this does not actually make the book “good” in any sense of the word. For a few years I’ve had to review the occasional awful manga, and people have sometimes asked me “do you mean that it’s bad in an MST3K way or bad in a bad way”. Sadly, I’ve always had to say that it’s actually the latter. Most terrible things are not remotely entertaining. In Another World with My Smartphone is an exception. Every ridiculous power the hero has, each new cliched heroine that appears, every time the plot rearranges itself so that everything is as “awesome” as possible, and most importantly the complete lack of any sense that things are about to get difficult for anyone makes this book bad in an absolutely wonderful, hilarious way. Everyone who says Kirito or Tatsuya are overpowered self-insert wannabes need to read this immediately.

I should lay out the plot here, though if you have read any isekai you’ll get the gist. Touya (no, not the Touya from Mixed Bathing in Another Dimension, though I now wonder if the name has significance for isekai works) is accidentally killed by a lightning bolt. He’s granted an audience with God, who offers to reincarnate him in a fantasy world where he can have adventures. Touya, a modern thinking sort, asks if he can keep his smartphone, and God obligingly allows it to remain working and gives it unlimited battery. He then arrives in a new world, where he quickly meets up with Kyou and Ryou Fujibayashi… (cough) sorry, with Elze and Linze, two beginning adventurers who he joins forces with. Joining an adventurer’s guild, he gradually adds incredible powers, more cute girls, and heroic feats that make everyone’s jaws drop. In fact, the author literally apologizes for not using the smartphone enough in the first volume – why would Touya need it, when he can fight like a champ, use every single kind of magic, and summon Heavenly Beasts that then become adorable tiger cub mascots?

This is taken from a webnovel, and it’s really, really obvious. Usually with most conversions to published works they at least try to get rid of the excited sense of “I’m going to put absolutely everything into this book!”, but not here. Touya has impossible magic powers. Touya can read the moves of other fighters so he’s able to dodge or counter them. Touya can heal the blind. Touya can solve crimes, provided the suspect is an obvious cliche of an evil Duke. Touya is so pure of heart that the Princess of the land immediately falls in love and declares that he will be her husband. (Touya’s complete panic at this idea is possibly the best he’s written the whole book, and I hope (probably in vain) that future volumes throw him off his game like this.) Touya can read ancient scripts (just like Bob Hope and Steve Allen!), and can make magical reading glasses to allow other to do so. Touya can even accidentally look as if he’s been to a brothel and get lectured by all his girls, because this is still a harem comedy. Is there anything Touya cannot do? Sadly, yes. Touya cannot stop his friends’ menstrual pain. Some things are simply beyond any power.

I mentioned Touya’s purity of heart, and I think the same thing applies to the book as a whole. The reason that this is fun bad and not bad bad is that it’s so innocent of the normal cynicism you tend to see in these works. I joked on Twitter that this was “Baby’s First Isekai”, and that’s not far off. I think authors are allowed to write this sort of thing to get it out of their system. Being mean to it would be like kicking a puppy. There’s apparently an anime of this coming in the summer, and I cannot WAIT to see how the typical male anime fan who hates Kirito is going to react to this. I think I’ll bring popcorn. I’ll also be reading more, because this proved to be insanely fun. Which makes it a big success after all.

Daily Happiness

Mar. 25th, 2017 02:57 am
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1. Today was a ridiculously hectic day. With inventory over, everyone ordered a lot for today's delivery...and then four people called in sick (plus one person who'd already asked for the day off), so we were super short-handed. D: But I think I managed to get all the most urgent things done, and hopefully tomorrow will be better.

2. Carla stopped at See's Candy while she was out doing errands this morning. :D

3. I'm still up pretty late, but I'm getting to bed earlier than yesterday at least.

4. Tall Chloe!

Dear SSR Confidential creator

Mar. 24th, 2017 10:24 pm
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First of all, thank you so much for creating something for me! :D I tend to write long letters with a lot of options, but that's just to give you ideas. I know it's probably nervewracking to discover that you're making something for the mod who ALSO has a very long request letter, but please do not feel bound to follow my suggestions. I have very few DNWs, so I'm sure I will love whatever you make me.

For vids, see my signup details. You can also look at my vids tag to see what my typical aesthetic and musical choices are like, but don't feel bound by that.

General fic likes: friendship, casefic, action, fluff, cuddling, banter, awkward developing relationships, established relationships, hurt/comfort, quiet domestic moments (e.g. playing board games, going out for drinks), getting trapped somewhere together (either the super angsty kind where a building has collapsed on them or they're stranded in a cabin, or the funny/cracky kind where they're on surveillance duty together or forced to spend the night in jail because of a mission gone wrong), AUs

General fic dislikes: character death, character bashing, tragic/hopeless endings

Some h/c tropes I like in case you find it inspiring )

My signup details in case it's useful to have them here too )

Day 24 – Craft Time With Brhenti 

Mar. 25th, 2017 06:19 am
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The to-do list project is to-doing along. It’s not perfect yet but I’m trying to be more aware of how I’m spending my time. 

Friday is for Brhenti, so after dinner and playing with Bug it was project time. I decided to try this easy plan for making a tote bag from a t-shirt (verdict: super easy!) and then started on some hand stitching. 

Jewelry is really a thing I need to work on at my desk because of all the small pieces and pliers and things, so I’m liking the experiments with things like sock darning and hand sewing that I can do on the couch with the family, and pick up or put down easily depending on what’s going on. 

We’re far enough into this project now that I have pretty solid prayers for everyone. I’m making daily offerings but they vary depending on who they’re to, and that seems sensible. 

There’s been a lot of medical foo and illness this month, though, enough that I’m wondering if that means I’m still fucking up something in the warding process. Of course, it’s also been widely acknowledged in town that there’s been more and worse winter bugs than usual this year, so maybe I’m being paranoid. 

I haven’t actually celebrated the equinox yet, and that actually is a holiday – we should be celebrating Mara’s return from her winter hunt now. Oops. Frankly I think I lost track of it because I knew Easter was so far out. I found a bread recipe that I want to try but I need to find the yeast. 

Not an exciting Friday, but I’m looking forward to the weekend. 

from WordPress

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Mar. 24th, 2017 11:42 pm
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Tomorrow is my 30th birthday and I’m going to go to a friend’s wedding shower and pick up a balloon bouquet I got for myself and flowers that my girlfriend sent me and have dinner with my family incl. all my in-town nephews and I’m going to tie a balloon to the youngest one and watch him run around trying to charm the cats. (I forget if I mentioned, this week my sister in law sent us a video where she asks him, “Where do you want to go?” and he says “GAW-LA-GER. GRAMMA. KITTY!”)

When i was a little kid I used to dream of being in my 30s. I always wanted to grow up. Being an adult was when you got to choose where you lived, what you ate, who you spent time with, what you got to do. Even when I was eight, I dreamed so hard of being settled in my career with a spouse and family, able to right some of the wrongs I saw in the world and make art that mattered.

Getting here has been so hard--and between mental illness and the economy, I’m not nearly as settled, married, or fecund as I’d like to be--but you know the fuck what, I’m happy to be here anyway.

Signup countdown timer!

Mar. 24th, 2017 08:59 pm
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You now have a little more time to sign up: SSR Confidential signups will close on Sunday, March 26, at 10:00 a.m. AK time. Originally it was smack in the middle of Saturday evening, and I figured this would make it easier for me to remember to close it, as well as letting last-minute stragglers come in.

Countdown timer
What time is that in my time zone?

Sign up here!

And now, back to frantically writing MY signup ...
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Fannish/Geeky Things

"The Fansplaining Definitions Survey". "This project is a production of the Fansplaining podcast, which is run by Elizabeth Minkel and Flourish Klink. You can learn more about us at We're not academics and this is not an academic survey, but we do strive to discuss and learn more about fandom in general. (We're both, by the way, longtime fanfic readers and writers.)"

Fan-made "Deadpool Musical - Beauty and the Beast "Gaston" Parody". [YouTube, ~6 minutes (including credits)]

"Once More With Feeling: On the afterlife of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, what makes a show resonate for two decades, and why we re-watch television".

"Marvel’s Netflix Shows Need to Get More Comfortable with the MCU".


I liked Daniel José Older's NaNoWriMo pep talk.

"The SFF Equine: From Companions to Dragons". [Judith Tarr at] "Both McCaffrey and Lackey based their magical beasts on a particular horse-human partnership: that of the riders and the (mostly) white stallions of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna. The horses are called Lipizzaner or Lipizzans in tribute to the original stud farm at Lipica in what is now Slovenia, and have been bred to much the same standard since the sixteenth century. They’re short, stocky, sturdy, strong, and highly intelligent. And they’ve been bred to favor individuals that bond with a single rider for, in the best case, the life of the horse."

"V.E. Schwab Expanding A Darker Shade of Magic With New Stories, Fan Art". (This is a collector's edition of the novel, not a whole new book.)

"Tale as old as time? We explore spin-offs, reboots and racebending". [[ profile] readingtheend guest-posting at OxfordWords blog]

"How Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast' Became the Darkest Tale of All: Despite the musical numbers, the 1991 Disney film is actually the darkest retelling of the popular fairy tale". [Genevieve Valentine at Vice]

"The Savage Other as a Stereotype in Fiction". [Kate Elliott]


Julia sent me this YouTube link: "The Birthday Boys - Gotta Catch My Shows". It's so true. ;_; See also: today's Wondermark.

"How to download a GIF from Twitter?" [] It's not perfect--I think maybe it's rejecting some file formats?--but so far it's the most reasonable way I've found to nab "gifs" from Twitter. (Scare quotes because Twitter's idea of what to do with a gif is convert it to a video.)

"53 Pictures Only Introverts Can Truly Appreciate". [Buzzfeed] An alarming number of these are accurate for me. O_o

"Chris Evans Is Ready To Fight: His success as Captain America has made Chris Evans one of Hollywood's sure things, which means he can do whatever he wants with his free time. So why jump out of airplanes and get into it with David Duke?" [Esquire]

"This Adorable Pup Named Biden Just Got To Meet Former VP Joe Biden". [Buzzfeed]

"ModCloth Has Been Sold to Walmart—and Their Customers are Pissed". [The Mary Sue]

Via [ profile] cofax7, "A Book of Creatures" is a blog that posts about "entities of myth, legend, and folklore", and notes "WARNING: May contain sex, violence, and divine retribution."

A dress that changes from a simpler ball gown to a butterfly dress. [Facebook video]

"A 130-Year-Old Fact About Dinosaurs Might Be Wrong: New research on the creatures’ family tree could “shake dinosaur paleontology to its core.”".

down a memory rabbit lane hole

Mar. 24th, 2017 11:33 pm
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Since I got the new ipad and read a lot on it, my posting pattern has changed, in that in the evenings I don't always turn on my laptop, thus I don't post as much, or answer comments in a timely way. I do read comments when I get them, usually on my phone, because that's where I read my email. But if I don't answer right away, it's because of the lag time it takes for me to get my computer out in the evening, not that I'm ignoring you.

The experiment in trying not to aggravate my knee is going apace. Sitting in a chair at work with my leg mostly straight isn't very comfy. I've been using my standing desk more than usual. Today I teleworked and got to sit on the couch, which is by far the most comfortable. The good news is, the pain has receded. The bad news is it doesn't take much to bring it back *I'm looking at you, stairs* So I'm avoiding stairs for the time being. I've set up a doctor's appointment, so we'll see what happens.

In wedding plans, I've made my bouquet! That's exciting. We'll need to fold more flowers, but two of my friends at work are actually excited about that.

I'm tempted by [community profile] wipbigbang  again. I dropped out last year because of RL house-buying. This year I'm not even going to sign up. I've got a couple short things I need to get done first, and then my long stuff will have to be on my own time. I'm still in that I want to write but I can't make myself sit down phase, which is driven by not having a lot of writing time at the moment. I'm not worried. I'm past that. Now I'm just patient.

But as a consequence of the comm announcement I found [personal profile] beatrice_otter 's The Genetics Factory, which she wrote for it last year, which is a Criminal Minds/Stargate crossover, which then sent me on a delightful search through Criminal Minds crossovers. I read several crosses wtih Supernatural, which were the first SPN fic I'd read in years, and then of course, segued into a few old favorites with various other fandoms, Ronon's Protection, Branching Out, The Clusterfuck Job, A Fate Worse Than, and In Darkness.

Which then segued into checking in on SGA fandom and John/Ronon fic. I found a new to me little series where Ronon stealth marries John! I was so excited! Getting There by mific.

John/Ronon is my secret favorite pairing in SGA. Don't get me wrong - I was totally there for the John/Rodney for years. Definitely one of my all time OTPs, but as I've faded out of SGA, it's the John/Ronon that keeps me coming back to see what's been happening, and I think it's driven mostly by my love of Ronon. I could read Ronon fic all day, and there's not enough of it. John/Rodney I'm more inclined to stick with old favorites rather than try new stuff because there's so much more to wade through, and it often falls much more into the conventional story lines that I've seen before and I'm less interested in. Also, I'm there for any fic that doesn't make Teyla the wise-calm-serene-friend and OT4 because I am always and forever there for team!porn/feels.

I always kind of have this low-key urge to write John/Ronon fic but then I have no idea what I would write about. My writing style usually wants a plot to go along with it. The one time I wrote a serious romance story (Blueshift [ST:AOS]) it was kind of by accident because that's not how it started in my head.

Norwegian films - 3 recs + 1 anti-rec

Mar. 24th, 2017 07:58 pm
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I recently discovered that my local library has a handful of Norwegian films, so I decided to go through them as a half-assed way of working on audio comprehension. (And was once again reminded that my audio understanding is terrible. This is what happens when you rarely study/primarily study in text, alas.) ...Anyway, from a strictly-film standpoint, I enjoyed most of them, which is always good. Details -

Flukt (English title: Escape) Kidnapping and subsequent escape during the years of the black plague, whoo! This one isn't the deepest film out there, but I did enjoy it; I've been wanting to watch it ever since the trailer first came out, and I wasn't disappointed. Nice visuals, a setting that I'm always up for, and - the best part - this is a good one to watch if you enjoy female villains. Ingrid Bolsø Berdal was great as Dagmar (the mastermind behind the roving band of bad guys); she was a pleasure to watch. In general, the female characters in this film had some pretty interesting relationships (in particular the situation between Dagmar and Frigg, and how it leads to the situation between Frigg and Signe). So, if you're into stories that are mainly about women, this might be one to look at.

Kongen av Bastøy (English title: King of Devil's Island) Period dramatic film about an uprising at a prison institution for boys; inspired by actual events*. I liked this one; the early 20th century setting interested me. And there were some recurring motifs that I really liked - the way they create a story/narrative for themselves, the bit with the whale, and so on. And of course the developing relations between Erling and Olav were great. And the bit where the navy is called in was very well-done, visually - I loved it, the way they're planning to escape on that tiny boat but THEN.... OH and also everything with the sea ice - okay, if I continue, I'll gush too much, there were too many moments that I liked. One thing I will mention; this is not a movie to watch if you want to end it in a good mood. It's a deeply unhappy film. Very good, but depressing. (As an aside, the English title rather bugs me. Why not a direct translation? Is it because it's assumed that English-speaking audiences wouldn't know how to pronounce "Bastøy"? Who knows.)

Bølgen (English title: The Wave) It is anticipated that one day the side of a mountain will collapse into the fjord below, causing an enormous wave that will overwhelm the village in on the fjord - but nobody knows when. One day, it happens, and the geologist who came closest to predicting the collapse is caught up in the middle of it. If you like disaster films, watch this one. If you're "eh" about disaster films, but love beautiful landscapes, then definitely watch this one - because of course, Norway's jaw-droppingly gorgeous mountains are the adversary here, and in the end this means that they get almost as much screentime as the protagonist. And finally, if you like imperfect but loving families, watch this one. (To my surprise, I didn't find this film too distressing, though there were certain moments - that line of cars up the mountain, not even moving but at a standstill because of the traffic jam... it reminded me too much of our own evacuation, brrrr.) While we're on the subject, this film is based on actual stuff - other rockslides in the past, as well as one that will happen some time in the future, in the Geiranger area, where this film is actually set.

And one finally, one anti-rec for Reprise. It's about two young novelists trying to make their mark in the writing world. This one was a disappointment, because it has been recommended to me on more than one occasion, so I expected to enjoy it, but I ended up hating it. I've sat through some films I've felt lukewarm about in the name of half-assed studying, but this is one of the few films that I haven't been able to sit through, period. It's possible that I just wasn't in the mood to watch this kind of movie, but regardless, I just gave up on it. I found both protagonists completely obnoxious, and just kind of annoying to watch - I ended up not caring about the story nor the characters; they reminded me of every blowhard novelist wannabe guy I've ever met. To make matters worse, I had difficulty telling them apart - and admittedly I do have difficulty with that, but it isn't a problem I had with the other films in this list, and it probably just boils down to - I disliked both of them so much that I couldn't be bothered to differentiate them. The point I gave up at was when one of them was going on about how he would have to dump his girlfriend, even though he likes her, because ~true artists~ don't have girlfriends. I'm pretty sure he's meant to look like an ass, but that doesn't mean I feel like watching it. ...And also this film didn't even have any of the other things that would cause me to sit through a film I dislike (IE very unconventional format, great cinematography, interesting effects, etc). So, yeah, if your tastes are like mine, don't bother with this one.

Collide (Sherlock, Molly/Eurus)

Mar. 24th, 2017 10:44 pm
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Title: Collide
Fandom: Sherlock
Pairing: Molly/Eurus
Rating: T
Prompt: #102 - spark
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: Sparks fly at a coffeeshop. Admittedly, most of those sparks are Eurus' murderous impulses, but there are some sparks.
Warnings: murderous impulses, not towards Molly
Notes: Eurus is a slightly better person than in canon. Apparently I'm not done being obsessed with this ship.

Read more... )

Marvel Knights: Millennial Visions

Mar. 24th, 2017 10:01 pm
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A while back I posted some scans from Marvel Universe: Millennial Visions, which told alternate realities/futures of various Marvel characters. That one wasn't the only one they published; this one focused on the then-current Marvel Knights Imprint.

Read more... )

SSR Confidential: Dear Author

Mar. 25th, 2017 03:05 pm
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Dear writer, thank you so much for participating in this challenge and creating a story for me. I included some prompts in my requests. Know that if none of these speaks to you, you can still make me happy simply by "Peggy and Jarvis fight crime" case fic. My prompts tend to go in a gen direction, but I'm not averse to shipping, either slash or het or multi, provided you don't put down another another relationship in your story. What I am averse to is character bashing: by which I don't mean character A having a bad opinion of character B, if this is the case in canon or can be extrapolated from it, plus one of my prompts involves villains in central roles, and these people are canonically responsible for horrendous acts. However, there is a difference between that and "ugh, X is the WORST, says every other character ever" type of storytelling, and I trust you, writer, are able to see it.

Re: all the characters not named in my prompts - I'm an ensemble fan and fond of everyone, though of course I have my favourites. Still, just because they're not listed doesn't mean I don't enjoy reading about them, though if you want to work your own favourite into one of the prompts in a prominent role, go ahead, as long as my listed characters have one, too.

Now, about those prompts )

Just One Thing (24 March 2017)

Mar. 24th, 2017 07:28 pm
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It's challenge time!

Comment with Just One Thing you've accomplished in the last 24 hours or so. It doesn't have to be a hard thing, or even a thing that you think is particularly awesome. Just a thing that you did.

Feel free to share more than one thing if you're feeling particularly accomplished!

Extra credit: find someone in the comments and give them props for what they achieved!

Nothing is too big, too small, too strange or too cryptic. And in case you'd rather do this in private, anonymous comments are screened. I will only unscreen if you ask me to.



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