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May. 28th, 2017 11:00 pm
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Reminder that we have a suggestion post if there’s a topic that you’d like to see discussed but would like to ask the mods to look into. This can be anything from general information, or a how-to-do-a-thing, or something you may want to discuss as a community. Folks are welcome to post directly to the comm as always, but if you’re not comfortable/don’t have spoons, we can help too.

Also if you need help with tags, PM [personal profile] redbird who is our tag guru. Both [personal profile] tanaqui and I are very grateful for the help.

Call your reps to end Conversion Therapy (i.e. torture) nationwide

Net Neutrality
John Oliver set up a redirect to the public comment page so it's easy to comment

Upcoming Dates
A WEEK MONDAY June 5: Applications due for Organizing for America Community Organizer training
NEXT FRIDAY June 3: March for Truth
June 6: Vigils for Refugees
June 11: LGBT+ March

Facebook Live video from Indivisible on many issues
Support the Guardian newspaper in the wake of the Guardian journalist assaulted by the Montana Representative. The Guardian does good work.
[personal profile] snickfic shares her experience canvassing for her local Democratic party (members only post)

Other Info
Sink Hole Forms in Front of Mar-A-Lago (WaPo)
Montana Republican candidate for House assualted a reporter then got elected anyway (though likely because of 2/3 mail in ballots had already been sent in)

How's everyone doing?
Poll #18427 this week
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called my one senator
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called my other senator
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called my rep
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called my governor
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called my state reps
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sent a letter/postcard/fax/email
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attended a town hall
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donated moeny to a cause
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attended an in person sctivist group
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participated in online phone training
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went to a protest
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signed up for alerts
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took care of myself
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not a US citizen but worked in solidarity in my own community
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did something else
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committed to action in the coming week
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Teensy extension for everyone!

May. 28th, 2017 08:32 pm
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I'll be going to bed before midnight, so I won't be defaulting anyone or sending out pinch hits until tomorrow morning. I expect to be up around 7am EST. At that time, I will close the collection briefly, default anyone who didn't turn in an assignment or pinch hit numbering from 1-14, and do a placeholder check. Once I've completed this, pinch hits will go out for everyone who completed their assignment but did not have an assignment completed for them. I expect the pinch hit post to go up around 8-9am EST.

As previously stated, I am not giving (individual) extensions, so please don't ask for a further extension.

If you defaulted on your assignment but finish it later, you're still welcome to post it anytime after the collection re-opens tomorrow (which will probably by noon EST). If you complete a treat of any length/size, you're welcome to post that at any time. The more, the merrier! :D

As a final note, Pinch Hit #16 (Heroes, White Collar, House M.D.) is still up for grabs.
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"I'd also like to stress that the portrayal of Batman presented here is not definitive and is not necessarily how I would write the character otherwise. The repressed, armoured, uncertain and sexually frozen man in Arkham Asylum was intended as a critique of the '80s interpretation of Batman as violent, driven and borderline psychopathic. My own later portrayal of Batman in the JLA comic was one which emphasized the character's sanity and dignity; in the end, I figured that anyone who had gone so far and been so successful in his quest to avenge his parents' death and to help other people would have ended up pretty much straightened out. Bruce Wayne would only have become conflicted and mentally unstable if he had NOT put on his scary bat-suit and found the perfect outlet for his feelings of rage, guilt and revenge." - Grant Morrison

Scans under the cut... )

Starling Nest Exercises

May. 28th, 2017 03:51 pm
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I mentioned in some past posts that we have starlings nesting in our balcony ceiling. It's very difficult to get in there so what we often see are them flying up and down trying to get in. I was able to catch one session, though I've counted as many as 13 unsuccessful attempts in a row.

I also added a few more short bird vids to our account yesterday.

Early(ish) Pinch Hits

May. 28th, 2017 03:19 pm
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Someone pointed out that people might have the time to write today and not tomorrow, so I'm going to go ahead and post the pinch hits I have so far.

If you defaulted this past week, and your recip is not on this list, they were double assigned.

These are due on June 3, 11:59 PM EST. If you took a pinch hit from #1-14, you may still go ahead and take one from this group even if you haven't turned in your first one quite yet. (Note: The final set of pinch hits will have the same due date/time, but won't be posted to the comm until around 8am EST tomorrow morning - so don't plan on staying up just to nab a pinch hit from that set.)

Comments to this post are screened. If you would like to take a pinch hit, please leave a comment with the number/username associated with the pinch hit, as well as your AO3 username.

Pinch Hit #15: Star Wars Original Trilogy, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015), Star Wars: Rebels - CLAIMED )

Pinch Hit #16: Heroes (TV), White Collar, House M.D. )

Pinch Hit #17: Sailor Moon (Dic/Cloverway English Dub), X-Men (Alternate Timeline Movies), Amalgam Comics, Ame-Comi Girls, Crossover Fandom, Fate/stay night & Related Fandoms, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013), citrus - サブロウタ | citrus - Saburouta, Supergirl (TV 2015) - CLAIMED )

[ SECRET POST #3798 ]

May. 28th, 2017 03:35 pm
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⌈ Secret Post #3798 ⌋

Warning: Some secrets are NOT worksafe and may contain SPOILERS.


More! )


Secrets Left to Post: 02 pages, 38 secrets from Secret Submission Post #544.
Secrets Not Posted: [ 0 - broken links ], [ 0 - not!secrets ], [ 0 - not!fandom ], [ 0 - too big ], [ 0 - repeat ].
Current Secret Submissions Post: here.
Suggestions, comments, and concerns should go here.

Prompt for 2017-05-28

May. 28th, 2017 02:13 pm
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Today's prompt is "protecting a legacy".

OTW Guest Post: Euclase

May. 28th, 2017 01:00 pm
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 Banner by caitie of an OTW-themed guest access lanyard

May's OTW guest Euclase talks fanart, the power of fandom & the importance of community https://goo.gl/Wt2BAJ


May. 28th, 2017 01:33 pm
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The [community profile] yugioh fandom community is getting a reboot, just in time for the new series! Whether you're a fan of the original Duel Monsters, GX, 5D's, Zexal or the new VRAINS, all series and fanworks are welcome. Fanfic, art, icons, discussions, it's all good. There's also a new FRIENDING MEME posted for meeting other fans.

Just One Thing (28 May 2017)

May. 28th, 2017 05:00 pm
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It's challenge time!

Comment with Just One Thing you've accomplished in the last 24 hours or so. It doesn't have to be a hard thing, or even a thing that you think is particularly awesome. Just a thing that you did.

Feel free to share more than one thing if you're feeling particularly accomplished!

Extra credit: find someone in the comments and give them props for what they achieved!

Nothing is too big, too small, too strange or too cryptic. And in case you'd rather do this in private, anonymous comments are screened. I will only unscreen if you ask me to.


Current active challenges updated

May. 28th, 2017 05:08 pm
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How are y'all doing? I judge from the amount of discussion that you all enjoyed our first activity! I'm very happy to hear that, and hope you'll have just as much fun with the second one.

The list of active challenge comms is now up-to-date again.

Even more good news: a new challenge community has seen the light of day:

You claim a theme (be it a single character/person, episode or fandom), and then make 10 icons of that theme in 30 days. One or more women must be present in all your 10 icons.
[community profile] ladies10in30

And another two:

[community profile] spn20in20

[community profile] horror20in20

Show us your latest creations
Share beautiful icons you found lately


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