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Jul. 29th, 2017 01:39 pm
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You know, in recent weeks there was a lot of talk, usually in the context of how ill advised the “Game of Thrones” makers idea of a show called “Confederate”, an AU in which an undefeated South with slavery intact continues to the present, was, about how sick people were of “what if the Nazis won?” or “what of the Confederacy won?” Aus. And I’m so with you; I was already sick of “what if the Nazis won?” dystopias several decades ago.

However. The combination of the recent (July 20th) anniversary of the 1944 assassination attempt on Hitler and me reading Kerr’s Bernie Gunther series made me wonder if anyone ever attempted a scenario in which one of the various attempts on Hitler’s life (from Georg Elser’s 1939 one onwards) succeeded. Historical attempts, that is, not fictional ones (looking at you, Quentin Tarantino). Probably not, because anything I can come up with would neither be a happy ending nor the awfulness that unfolded in reality, but…complicated. Not good for “good versus evil” role playing, which, let’s face it, is the main attraction for any WWII scenario, historical or AU, for the majority of people.

For starters, one common factor (which is also why I’m such a hard sell on “what if the Nazis won?” scenarios): there was so much infighting and hatred between Hitler’s flunkies that I can’t imagine the system holding up. The Third Reich wasn’t North Korea where you can replace one Dear Beloved Leader with another. Not least because while many of the upper level Nazis had great power in varying degrees, they weren’t personally popular, and more often than not were indeed disliked by the population at large. (“Wenn das der Führer wüßte”, i.e. “if only the Leader knew” was a catchphrase based on the naïve belief that all negative apparations of the NS regime were due to everyone else.) You couldn’t have just transferred the leader cult from a dead Hitler to whoever emerged victorious in the inevitable succession blood bath. The most likely candidate to unite both an already existing power base and popular appeal – indeed the only one among the top level Nazis with popular appeal – would have been Göring, who could trade both on his WWI veteran (and pilot – aviators were always popular) reputation and his chummy, genial manner. But by the late 30s and through the 40s, Göring was addicted to morphine, and the connected daze and laziness would have had him at a disadvantage re: his rivals. (One reason why Göring surprised many people in Nuremberg with his sharpness was that the Americans had weaned him off morphine and thus he was alert and all there for the first time in years. Of course, the imminent death sentence presumably also helped with his focus.)

Another common, depressing factor: there’s no way another Dolchstoßlegende (backstabbing legend) wouldn’t have developed, i.e. the myth that Germany could have won the war, if not for those traitors, etc., and this would have poisoned or at least heavily burdened whichever kind of German state would have existed next. Taking all that as a given, here are some possibilities I could come up with:

1.) The Georg Elser November 1939 assassination attempt succeeds as intended. Advantages: this would have gotten rid not only of Hitler but of many of the upper Nazi hierarchy, since they were present at the Munich Bürgerbräu where Elser had planted his bomb. Disadvantages: Elser worked alone. Which meant no one would have been ready to deal with the rest of the Nazi system. Likely result: I’m betting on a military dictatorship and/or an uneasy alliance between some top generals and some middle level Nazis. France had already fallen at that point, ditto Poland, but I don’t see the generals invading Russia. They’d likely have tried to negotiate peace with Britain and not tried to expand further. Whether or not Churchill would have gone for it in the case of a Hitler-less Germany… no idea. Would the Holocaust have proceeded further? Can’t make up my mind on that one, since it would have depended on just how many top level Nazis made it out alive, and whether or not the top military brass thought killing everyone in the already existing “work” camps would rid them of future embarrassment/retaliation, or whether they’d thought closing the camps in a non lethal manner would make it all go away.

2.) The March 1943 attempts. Advantages: this being post Stalingrad, this time parts of of the military were already involved, and thus there were some plans of what to do next. Disadvantages: these plans weren’t very thought out yet, and only Hitler would have died, which meant Goebbels, Himmler & Co. remained at large and more likely than not would have retaken control of the situation the way they did in rl in 1944. Nazi infighting wouldn’t have started until after the conspirators were dealt with. However, whichever victor emerged post Stalingrad would presumably have tried to negotiate a truce/peace with the Western Allies, because, well, Stalingrad, and the realization that you can’t win a war in Russia. Would the Holocaust have continued? Depressingly, in such a scenario my money is on a “let’s just kill everyone in the camps to ensure no survivors get nasty stories out” scenario.

3.) July 1944 attempt: aka the one with the biggest chance at actual success. Meaning that Himmler, Goebbels & Co. get arrested simultaneously with Hitler’s assassination as planned, Goerdeler becomes Chancellor and, backed by a bunch of generals as well as Canaris, starts peace negotiations. I think at this point the Allies would have insisted on unconditional surrender whether or not Hitler was still alive, and because the war situation as already very bad for Germany, Goerdeler and the generals would have agreed. There would have been a variation of the Nuremberg trials and an occupation. And no more death camps, meaning the saving of all people who died between July 44 and May 45. However, there would also, see above, a new backstabbing legend, and the July 44 conspirators would have been hated and reviled by the majority of the population which would have taken even longer to accept they’d all been part of a murder state. At best, I think Germany would have dealt with its guilt the way the Soviets did with the Stalinist purges – i.e. denial for decades save for a minority of the population, and only very late acceptance something monstrous had occurred.

Any agreements or disagreements? Alternate scenarios?
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Though since I'm helping host Open House Melbourne tomorrow, goodness knows how long that will last.

Anyway.  I went to a self-defense class for women on Tuesday before last and royally buggered up my wrist yet again, which is why I have been fairly quiet on here except when my outrage at working with fourteen-year-olds overwhelms me.  It was actually really interesting - the theory part less so than the practical part, which was not the way I expected to feel.  I am really almost pathologically uncomfortable with the idea of actually deliberately hurting another person, and was not sure I'd be able to bring myself to do any of the things we might be asked to do. 

But we were hitting and kicking people holding - vocab fail!  Those spongey things you hit! - and that was OK, apart from what it did to my wrist, and I was fine with the dummy, too.  Though my natural gift for being uncoordinated and unable to remember how many arms and legs I had caused the expected number of issues.  The good thing was that there was enough in there that felt more like 'strongly pushing this person away from me, which might hurt them' than 'go straight for the eyeballs', and that also tended to be the stuff that worked with my physical abililties.  And the various wrist releases were useful, too, though they probably really were the coup de grace for my wrist.

The theory part, on the other hand... well, we were a pilot class, and they asked us to provide feedback, so I did.  I have no idea whether it will be listened to.  I realise that when you are teaching a self-defense class, it's very hard to tread the line between encouraging caution and situational awareness and victim blaming, but I don't feel that this line was successfully trodden.  It was also a bit weird, because I'd forgotten how many times over the years I've been in situations where assault was threatened or occurred, and this class brought them back.  I mean, most, though not all, of these incidents were minor, but it's interesting that even though I've never had trouble acknowledging those incidents as assaults, my image of myself is that I've been pretty lucky - and really I have.  Except for those seven times when I was still lucky, but less so.  I can't quite get my head around what I think of this.  And of course it reminded me of all the things that have happened to friends of mine, who have been, by and large, considerably less lucky than me.

And now I'm wondering about that lucky.

Anyway.  It was interesting, but I haven't been able to do much with my wrist since then, and even typing has been painful up until a few days ago (and still is, if I overdo it).

But I have got a little done on the writing front.  Last week, because I couldn't type enough to write a story, I finally got around to making an ebook of Best Served Cold, which is my story about ice cream and vengeful ghosts and a lesbian couple who save each other from the ghosts (but not from the ice cream, because who wants to be saved from ice cream).  It's one of my darker stories, but I promise I didn't refrigerate anyone.  At least, not for long. It's mostly a gift for my Patreon patrons, but it's also available for 99c from Kobo.

And today, I wrote another of my stories about the LeBruns.  This one is called Grave Concerns, and Andrew has to take the blame for the horrible pun.  Or at least, for not stopping me from using the horrible pun as a title, because I asked him to tell me not to, and he refused to do so.  This one also has vengeful ghosts, and just lots of ghosts generally - I seem to be in a ghostly sort of mood at present - but it's very light-hearted and a little bit silly, as my LeBrun stories always are.  They are my favourite characters to write about, I must say.  I like their very understated, bureaucratic approach to dealing with the supernatural.  I had a lot of fun with this one.  I do wonder sometimes what Google makes of the things I search for - diverse political parties, how to make ice cream in the 18th century, whether there are laws against dancing on gravestones, names of ballet jumps...

This might explain some of the weirder ads I get on Facebook, anyway.

I can't think of much more.  I've been re-reading Tanya Huff's Gale Girls books, which tried very hard to leak into the story I was writing, but I think I kept most of it out, and I also red Red Shirts by John Scalzi, which I enjoyed far more than I expected to.  And I'm trying to conscientiously read my way through the mountains of cookbooks that I buy and then pile up all over my room instead of, you know, using them...

Oh, and I did have one nice thing at work this week.  I was asked to write the lay description of the big Program Grant that we just got from the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Society.  It's a tricky one to write a lay description about, because every Project in the Program is working on a different apoptotic protein, all of which have memorable names like Bak, Bax, Bim, Bid, Mcl-1 and Bcl-2.  It took me most of a day to write it, because we had limited space, and I pretty much had to start by explaining not only what apoptosis is and why it's important, but what each of these proteins do within apoptosis, ideally in a way that doesn't make the average reader's head spin.  Pleasingly, my Professors only changed about six words before sending it through, and the LLS wrote back to us congratulating us on explaining a complicated subject so clearly.  So I'm quite proud of that.  I'll link to it here when it goes up. 

I mention this as much for myself as anything else, because between the ridiculousness of fridges and balconies and what not, and some frustrating work politics, I've been feeling thoroughly disheartened at work recently.  Just over the whole thing and a bit depressed.  So it's nice to be reminded that there are things I do understand, and can explain well enough that others understand them too.

Things other than the importance of not stinking up the fridge, that is.

Daily Happiness

Jul. 29th, 2017 01:57 am
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1. Suuuper hectic again today, but at least it makes the day go by fast...

2. Carla grilled tonight and we had delicious tri-tip for dinner.

3. I got Hey! Pikmin in the mail today. It's pretty fun!

4. Jasper!

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For the last week, my happy thing - the thing that's kept me upbeat and taken my mind off of all the stress - has been the Disney Descendants franchise. I've watched the new movie twice, after buying it off Amazon Prime Streaming. I bought the soundtrack on iTunes, and have had it on repeat, an endless loop of Disney teen pop. I've made myself a pinboard for Descendants pictures. I've downloaded pics and started making icons again, like the one accompanying this post. I've bought four dolls on clearance at various stores (and have my first duplicate doll - you can't buy Ben in his king getup singly - he comes in a two-pack with Coronation Mal).

So, what is Descendants? It's a crazy, fun, energetic, very Disney cheesy story that requires a lot of logic leaps and suspension of disbelief. The first movie is live-action, and focuses on Ben, the son of Beauty and the Beast, deciding to welcome the children of four villains to the kingdom as part of his first forays into governance before he becomes king. The premise is that through some magic, all heroes, villains, and sidekicks were resurrected and ended up contemporaneous with each other in a fantasy 21st century. The heroes, under leadership of King Beast, banished all the villains and their sidekicks to an island away from the kingdom, surrounded by a magical barrier to keep them there and nullify magic (and wi-fi) and called it the Isle of the Lost. The kingdom that Beast currently rules is called the United States of Auradon, and he's essentially the High King, since there are tons of kings and queens, princes and princesses, and there are territories. Kind of like ancient Greek city-states, but they all get along much better.

So, Prince Ben decides that for the initial phase of his experiment, he's going to bring over the children of Cruella de Vil, Jafar, the Evil Queen, and Maleficent. Cue Carlos, Jay, Evie, and Mal (children of the respective villains) on the isle. They aren't thrilled to go, but as they spend time at Auradon Prep, they start to adapt, and have difficulty reconciling their lives there with the mission tasked them by Maleficent before they left: steal Fairy Godmother's wand and remove the barrier around the Isle so the villains can attack and take over. It's a Disney movie, so of course good triumphs over evil, and the VKs, as they're called, stand up to their parents and fight for Auradon. Cue giant dance party.

The sequel picks up six months later, and Mal, Maleficent's daughter, is having a hard time adjusting to her new role as Ben's girlfriend, proper lady, and constant source of news and gossip on TV. Cotillion is approaching, and while her friends have found ways to fit in, Mal is having a crisis of identity. After an argument with Ben, she returns to the Isle, to discover that there are new evil teens in charge: Uma (Ursula's daughter), Harry (Captain Hook's son), and Gil (Gaston's son). She learns the hard way, after Harry shakes down Drizella's daughter Dizzy while Mal is visiting and getting her Isle look back. She goes to her old gang's hideout to plan her takeback. Meanwhile, Ben is torn up about how he reacted to Mal's growing anxiety and discomfort, and determines to go apologize and bring her home. Evie, Carlos, and Jay help him, but he's captured by Uma's faction and held as collateral. Uma wants Fairy Godmother's wand, or else King Ben (he got crowned in the first movie) walks the plank. Again, it's Disney, so there's a happy ending and Ben returns home with the original VKs (and an awesome assist from Mulan's daughter Lonnie), and Mal gets the love and support from her friends that she needs to stay.

Cheesy? Yes. But it's Disney cheesy. I love these movies for so many reasons. In no particular order:

1. Multicultralism - Evie's actress is Latina, from Miami. And Evie keeps that coding in the film (though, sadly, not in her doll). Carlos is light-skinned black, and Cruella herself is black. Jay is brown (played by Booboo Stewart, whose ancestry is very mixed). Audrey, Cinderella's daughter - and the woman who plays her grandmother - are black. Fairy Godmother's daughter, Jane, is partially Latina. Lonnie is Asian. Uma is black. Ursula's voiced by Whoopi Goldberg. There are POC in the background and as principal dancers both in Auradon and on the Isle. And if we count the animated web series, we also get Freddie, daughter of Dr. Facilier and Jordan, daughter of the Genie, as characters of color.

2. Friendships - Mal and Evie's friendship is my favorite. They're like sisters. They're both "evil", but they look out for each other, help each other, and enjoy each other's company. The original four VKs are all super-tight. They act like friends, looking out for each other's best interests. Their friendship, and the experiences in Auradon that made it even stronger, are what eventually defeats Maleficent in the first movie. And the friendships they form with the AKs (Auradon Kids) bring out strengths in them and in the AKs - Jay's actions give Lonnie her chance to prove herself and become part of a team she wouldn't otherwise get to join, Mal helps Jane build her confidence, and Jane in turns helps Mal realize magic isn't always the answer. Jay and Carlos become Ben's best bros after bonding over being on the Tourney team together. Ben helps Carlos get over his fear of dogs, and introduces Carlos to Dude, the campus mutt, who becomes Carlos' constant companion. Even among the new villain kids in the sequel there are strong friendship bonds. Uma and Harry are clearly BFFs, if not unacknowledged crushes. Uma is determined to beat Mal during a sword fight, but when Harry, who's ended up in the water, calls out to her for help, she turns back to help him back onto the docks, even though Mal might get away in those lost moments. Uma takes care of her crew, even when she's annoyed at them.

3. They're musicals - Are the musical numbers sometimes shoe-horned in? Yes. But I forgive the lack of flow, because the songs themselves are infectious and fun, and the choreography is amazing. It's Disney, musical cues are always going to interrupt story flow at times. But the world also seems self-aware of this, like it's part of daily life. None of the backgrounders on the Isle bat an eye at the VKs singing, dancing, and strutting through the streets. Auradon has musical interludes on a regular basis. It's fun and wonderful. The songs that are added to the soundtracks are inevitably positive, focusing on friendship, or the difference between good and evil. They're infectious in the best way. I love musicals, so more song and dance breaks only enhance a story for me.

4. Show don't tell - This works best for Ben and Mal's relationship. From their first meeting, they realized they had a similar sense of humor. They were intrigued by each other, and both actors used their full range to get that across. Ben was halfway smitten before Mal fed him a love-potion-cookie. Mal, though, is uncomfortable with physical displays of affection. Ben, bespelled or not, sees and respects this. He leans in to kiss her several times, but pulls back each time she turns her head. Mal doesn't quite understand love, but she shows she cares for Ben on some level during their first date, when he dives into a lake and she doesn't see him resurface. She jumps into the water and tries to swim to look for him, thinking he's in trouble - and she can't swim herself. He ends up rescuing her, and is touched by her actions. He doesn't get upset at her over the cookie - he reacts with kindness and understanding, and explains to her that the spell wore off in the lake - but not until his coronation days, if not weeks later. She asked why he pretended to like her still, and he tells her he wasn't pretending. He offers her his ring. He wants her by his side. When they fight in the second movie over Mal hiding the fact that she's still using magic to get by, he seems to realize as she runs off that he's stepped over the line, and tries to call after her, complimenting her on the peanut butter and jelly sandwich that serves as the basis for the food spell that caught her out. When he's learned of her departure for the island, his first reaction is to go to the Isle and apologize. Not to bring her home, not to be upset that she's run - to apologize for making her feel that was her only option. Mal's flight to the Isle is the crown on the tower of her anxiety. We see her increasingly upset when people mention Cotillion or becoming a lady of the court. She has no outlet for her stress, and when she tries to talk to her friends from the Isle, they don't quite see things the same way she does, and the frustration in her eyes is palpable. It isn't that she wants to return to the Isle, as she claims, but that she feels no one in Auradon is watching out for her, and there's too much pressure. She's running away to clear her head.

I could go on. There's a lot to unpack in the movies. And that's just the movies. There are also novels by Melissa de la Cruz, novelizations, and animated webisodes - each of which nominally tie into the movie canon, but end up veering in different directions with the characters and story. Maybe I'll write about different Descendants related topics in the lead-up to my surgery. It'd be more fun to write. And I haven't had a good fandom squee in ages.
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Friday night and stressed out for No Particular Reason? More likely than you think. :V

Ugh, this sucks. ...Maybe I just need sleep? I almost dozed off even though it's hardly past eight. Again. (This happens every Friday.)

Maybe I'm getting old, oh no.

Hnrrrrrh there are raspberries out in the garden, and I don't want to pick them because I'm exhausted and it's hot out and also there are mosquitoes and spiders out there. But it needs to be done either tonight or tomorrow. ...It would be nice to have raspberries with breakfast tomorrow. Which means I'd have to do it tonight. But I don't want to.

And that means I should just suck it up and do it anyway and reward myself with game-time or something.


Okay, okay, fine, I'll just finish this cup of coffee and then GO DO IT and then I can stop whining about it. (Gonna have to haul out the heavy-duty bugspray, yuck.)

[Edit] OKAY, never mind, abort mission, that bush is COVERED in spiders.... I, uh, I think I might need to consider an alternate course of action. ("Hey, little brother, wanna pick some berries for me? I'll give you ten bucks." ...Okay maybe I won't call my brother to save me from these cursed arachnids but, um. I'll just. Have to think of something.)

Main project for this weekend is to finish up my Rare Slash fic and post it. Like, the draft is done, it just needs adjustments. And then I'll throw it to a beta or whatever, but for now I just need to edit the thing. Yes indeedy. And then I need to edit the other things. And maybe write a treat or two. And THEN I can think about and hopefully start writing the F/F Slavic Mythology darkfic that's been rolling around in my head recently. ....And something for NorthWord too, I guess. Maybe.

(I was going to backdate this because it's so pointless, but I am trying to Manage My Anxiety, and part of that involves giving myself a kick in the pants, and acknowledging that I am in fact not imposing on anyone by writing trivial nonsense in my journal and allowing it to show up on other people's friends feed.)

[Edit] I might have been thwarted by the garden, but at least I accomplished SOMETHING tonight. Finally caved and decided to attempt to replace the pads on my earphones. I was kind of dreading it, because these are super expensive headphones and I'd never done that sort of repair before; I was worried about damaging them. But I DID IT. HOORAY. And I didn't break anything. I win!


Jul. 28th, 2017 09:11 pm
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Patterns I have bought:

- McCall's M4745 - Civil War Coat and Trousers. I just want a baseline pattern for a military-style coat/jacket for cosplay/shenanigans. (I can already tell that my ambitions mean I will have to figure out how to make alterations. Don't worry, I will start out with straight seam practice and cat bed cushions.)

- Simplicity Pattern 1318 - Misses Kimono Jackets. In all fairness, I could use John Marshall's Make Your Own Japanese Clothes instead; I once used it years back to make a cosplay kimono (badly hand-sewn because I didn't own a machine). But I like the views and I also need to learn to work from a pattern sooner rather than later, and it might as well be an easier pattern to make something fun.

- Butterick 6400 - Misses' Boned, Back-Pleat Jackets. Again, I really like a couple of the views and think this would be fun to modify BECAUSE I'M CRAZY. But, I mean, what is the point of making a pattern EXACTLY AS IT IS? For me the whole point of this learning to sew business is so I can CUSTOMIZE. If I wanted something exactly as someone else designed it, I'd go to off-the-rack.

It's too bad visiting my mom is so expensive. We could talk shop! My mom loves to talk about crafts ANYTHING.

But in the meantime: iron, notions, fabric, thread, STRAIGHT SEAM PILLOWS.
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Joe and I continue Bad Anime Date Night, which in this case might more accurately be termed Frustrating Anime Date Night. Tales of Zestiria the X is an anime/JRPG that has some compelling elements that, in the anime version through episode 11, are largely squandered. I wanted to unpick why.

NOTE: There will be spoilers through episode 11, but not further. Please don't spoil me for the rest of the anime. I haven't played the game (although it's unlikely I will).

Read more... )

40 Day Anime Meme - Day 16

Jul. 28th, 2017 09:48 pm
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16 -- what is your favorite ecchihentai anime?

I double-checked with [personal profile] taichara, who is hanging onto the questions, and there isn't a separate hentai question-- (yes, I know, H, but I've also seen a distinction made between 'ecchi' and 'hentai', so...)

Cool Devices. Hands down the best hentai anthology series out there. With some bonus amazing and wtf plot with the porn. It's largely m/f.

And the runners up--

Sensitive Pornograph, which I sort of adore for some of the plot but it's also hot as fuck. m/m

Romance is in the Flash of the Sword II, which I saw at an event and really should pick up a copy of because it had a good fantasy plot + porn. m/f

and a special mention to all the fanmade parody hentai, like Sailor and the 7 Ballz, Anime Fiction, etc. While they are often more lulzy than anything, I admire the dedication that goes into that kind of work. ^_^
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We tried Aplus and could not ever get our site to upload there so any other hosts you can suggest? I can't spend more than about $150 per year since I get no help at all from anyone paying for the site.
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I finally put up the mixed-stone-fruit jam. It's about half sour cherries, with the rest being shiro plums, donut peaches, and nectarines, with a bit of lemon juice. I had enough left to put up about 3/4 cup in the fridge, so I'll try it tomorrow on waffles or something. I expect it will be nicely tart.

Oh, and yes, today is the 10th of Thermidor -- on this day in 1794, the Reign of Terror ended with the execution of Robespierre.

For Posterity: A Twitter Tale

Jul. 28th, 2017 07:59 pm
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I wrote this on Twitter earlier (ok, really, in Yikes, which I kept splitting to make the sentences fit).


One day, zombie Hello Kitty was hanging out with her posse of Care Bears. They were considering a raiding party against the communist scourge.

To be fair to the communist scourge, Hello Kitty didn't have a lot of issues with them.

But they did have brains she would like to eat.

Which brought them back full circle, as the Care Bears were all a bit live and let live.

The Care Bears wanted to raid Cookie Monster's stash of Cheetos. Possibly, they had the munchies for non-brain things.

Possibly, they just didn't have a care about politics.

But then again, Care Bears like universal health care for all, since they're into that caring and sharing thing.

Hello Kitty often wondered if being undead was a pre-existing condition. Not that it mattered, any medical establishment would be more likely to supply her with fresh brains than medical care.

Mmm, brains, she thought to herself. So tasty.

The distraction let the argument dissipate into the ether.

The Care Bears wandered off to take a dip in Lake Michigan (which they like to do to shock the locals), and zombie Hello Kitty ended up taking a shamble towards Mequon for tea.

Then she settled down to watch some Leverage and nosh on her newly-acquired brains (they were light on intelligence, but high in protein).

The end.

My name is apparently not no one

Jul. 28th, 2017 08:42 pm
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So, if you will recall, I am still learning Attic Greek.

All the chapters have stories, and the chapter I have just gotten to has the story of Odysseus and the cyclops. And I was excited because, hey, I know where this is going, right? Wily Odysseus is going to tell the cyclops that his name is no one, so that when he stabs him, and the other cyclopses (this just in: I don't know how to pluralize this word) ask him who did it, he says no one did it? Right? Right? It's the sort of story that leaves an impression on you when you are a small child learning about the classical world and you are also a giant language nerd and therefore it sticks with you that he says his name is no one ahahaha so great. Right?

The book had previously taught me possessives. It had previously taught me the word for "name" (onoma). And THIS VERY CHAPTER it taught me how to say "no one." (Apparently not the right word for "no one," Lysimache is telling me, but I didn't know that at the time.)

So I was excited. I thought I knew what was coming. It had given me ALL THE WORDS. I was READY for MY FAVORITE PART OF THIS STORY.

And then it... didn't happen.

The cyclops (and for some reason there is only one cyclops) asks Odysseus who he is and where he's from. He says they're Achaeans sailing home from Troy. He... doesn't give him any kind of name. When he stabs the cyclops, there is no clever dialogue. It's just a fight! The book thought it was important to tell me the gruesome way the cyclops murders some of Odysseus' companions by bashing their heads in, but not this.

(Seriously, I can now say "and the brain flows out and wets the ground" -- ho de engkephalos ekrei kai deuei tên gên -- because apparently that's important (and also ewwww), but not THE ONE LINE ANYONE REMEMBERS FROM THIS MOMENT, the line that THEY HAD ALREADY GIVEN ME THE WORDS FOR.)


(He does still sneak out with the flock; I guess that's something notable.)

(no subject)

Jul. 28th, 2017 04:53 pm
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Today's gratitudes:

Friends. I'm terrified to admit it, but I have an online community I turn to for support, a family that appreciates me, local folks to hang out with - yay! - which is really strange, interests that help me to interact socially, a fair grasp of what I want and need relationshipwise and a good chunk of it already happening, some peers I like at my job, and a chance at not completely sucking at all of that.

Liminal spaces. I walked across a bridge that is currently closed and a construction site because they are rebuilding it. I stood in the exact middle of the closed highway at the high point of the bridge, in the sun and wind and strangeness of it all, and took pictures of the river and the distant Mt. Hood. I saw exposed metal grids and bizarre pipes and joins being installed and slabs of wood and rusty bolts apparently uninstalled. I collected scraps of metal. I mean to send them, at least some, to [personal profile] kyleri to make shiny things out of them! (If you haven't yet, and you like hand crafted jewelry and/or crap free body products, check out [personal profile] kyleri's website, http://thevagabondtabby.com/ and if you want a picture description for anything I will provide...) I went up and down two sidewalk Bridges to Nowhere littered with sad and awful trash to get between diverging lanes as what seemed like the far side of the bridge, but wasn't, as the wide roadway heaved itself up and over the railroad tracks and fell down into the withering industrial southeast riverside under the hot sun.

Swearing, brainweasel bait: Read more... )

The opportunities I've had of late to geek out, particularly including talking writing with [personal profile] alexseanchai, theology with offline friend ALB, and Magic: the Gathering with my partner S.

Wifi in coffee shops. And iced minty green tea.

going out of town this weekend

Jul. 28th, 2017 07:36 pm
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A cousin filled weekend awaits! I'm both excited to see cousins I haven't seen in a while and I'm already exhausted from the people overload that hasn't happened yet.

The rain today has made my face hurt, so that's probably contributing to my pre-trip tiredness.

I've kind of been checked out the last couple weeks because reality is too much. Seriously the news is insane, and the stunning news that the Cruelty Against Americans bill failed was like expectations whiplash. As was the news that NASA's Earth science budget hasn't been gutted in the Senate. I'm just. I don't know. I think I reached that saturation stage where nothing surprises me except somehow it still manages to be nothing I expected or imagined. The Scaramucci stuff especially is unreal. What did he think a reporter was going to do with that phone call?

Anyway. I know some comments on posts have fallen through the cracks the last couple weeks. I see them on my phone, but I tend to only respond on my laptop, and at home I've mostly been on my ipad reading Dragon Age fic. Nothing of note this week. Just several stories that I read all the way through as much as there was available thinking they were deeply stupid. I'm in that fannish mode of Read All The Things for my ship.

I didn't end up making the breadbook bread last weekend since my sister asked me to babysit. With this weekend's traveling means I won't this weekend either. But I did whip up a pair of loaves of direct method sandwich bread, which I feel like I'm becoming pretty good at as a staple. It's a five hour affair, but no extra days, pre-planning, or extra ingredients needed.

I'm still feeling aimless on the writing front, but I'm determined to keep poking at a couple things to clear them. It's going okay, fits and starts. I'm always searching for that magic bullet of getting shit done, but it's always going to need just plain work in there too, once the shine wears off.

On the Farscape Friday Podcast we posted episode 57, Scratch 'n Sniff today. If anyone needs a pick me up, it's a hilarious episode.

everybody got their something

Jul. 28th, 2017 03:28 pm
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And MY something is Mitch McConnell brokenly repeating "disappointing....disappointing indeed" on the Senate floor deep in the early morning as his attempt to subvert MY COUNTRY'S government and kill off millions of citizens dies instead. Live. In public. On government TV. While the Little Lobbyist moms cheer outside the Capitol.


(yeah they're still evil and we're still all in peril if not outright fucked and they're probably going to try to pull something next week but for right now I am living in the moment via immense willpower)

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(Back to the strategy of posting about single, manageable topics. If "tell friends about Readercon!" feels like too much today, I shall instead share a happy discovery.)

I don't know why any of you would remember this, but hey, anyone remember a year ago spring when I admitted to a 24-hour crush on a long-haired actor in a music video*--one with just the right combination of sexy and scary (+ minor chords) to coincide with That Feeling**?

*"I Found" by Amber Run; warning for abduction plotline

**which at this point I should just call "maybe-aura" or something more articulate

Well, last night I was going through some favorited YouTube videos--which I don't remember to do often enough; it was nice--and watched that one some more. It inspired me to try again to find the actor's name. I hadn't had any luck last year, but this time either I did it right or there was new information out there. Lo: His name is Jon Campling.

Screen shot of man with long, gray hair in front of an RV. Image has a Vevo watermark

Knowing a name means being able to check IMDB, which says he's been in a bunch of indie movies and commercials, so there are more things I can check out to enjoy his face. And, hey--turns out I already have, because he was the Christopher Lee-looking Death Eater who stopped the Hogwarts Express train in Deathly Hallows Pt 1! See also this. And I guess Final Fantasy XV players might know him as King Regis?

It also transpires that he's from my extended family's hometown in Hull, England. ♥

Today I learned that he has a Twitter. A quick scroll revealed that a fringe play he's in is coming to NYC in September! So, uh, I'm quite tempted to go see it, since this 24-hour crush doesn't seem to be 24 hours anymore and tickets are all of, appropriately, $24. It doesn't sound like something I'd normally pick out of a lineup, but Campling does play Satan....

NYC friends, does anyone want to see a random off-Broadway play called TRIPPIN on the evening of Saturday 9/9? There's another interesting-looking one that afternoon called MENGELE.


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