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Ours so far has been cool and occasionally rainy, which is lovely after Thursday's swelter.

I had three fics for Yuletide, which I've posted to my journal. I'm trying to do that more. The Archive might not be there forever, and it's a good idea to have a back-up. And besides, I'm trying to post more to comms on Dreamwidth, because that's somewhere where DW could do with more activity. I miss the days of busy comms on Livejournal.

This was my fic round-up:
A Beautiful Lie, (Killjoys, Johnny and Lucy)
Four things that didn't happen to Laurent, and one that could have changed everything, (Captive Prince, 5 AUs. SO MUCH FUN TO WRITE!)
Very Special Guest Star (The Muppets/Indiana Jones crossover. I never knew how much I would love writing Piggy. Wow.)

I finally get to rec the fics I betaed, too:

For [personal profile] lilacsigil
Five Ridiculous Things That Never Happened to Nancy Whitehead (and one awesome thing that did) (Unbeatable Squirrel Girl)
I love AUs, and I love Squirrel Girl, so this was awesome.

The Uncanny X-Gwen (Gwen Variants comics covers)
Fic for this Spider-Gwen cover - the one where she's all the X-Men, or at least, Cyclops, Storm, Nightcrawler and Colossus. So. Many Gwens.

Jus Tertii (Daredevil comics)
Kirsten McDuffie (before she's dating Matt Murdock), who just wants to be a regular ADA, but can't because superheroes. I love that Stephen Strange consults for the District Attorney's Office. He so would!

No More Dominion (Spider-Gwen comics, Matt/Elektra, Foggy Nelson)
In this universe, Matt Murdock is evil, and he spends a lot of time considering his own evil. And his roommate at college is so unrelentingly nice, it's unbearable.

And one for [personal profile] monanotlisa:
Nobody Move (And Nobody Gets Hurt) (Killjoys, Dutch/Johnny, Dutch/D'Avin)
Set immediately after the last episode, a lovely friends-to-lovers rescue fic. Such awesome Killjoys fic this year!!

It was a really great Yuletide this year. (I say that every year, but it's true.)
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Ugh, my concentration is so messed up at the moment. I can't read! Nothing more than a page or two at a time, anyway, which is boring and depressing. I know why I'm stressed but for some reason, even when you know what's stressing you out, it still stresses you out. Seems unfair.

I am crocheting a whole damn lot, though, and intend to continue until my brain comes back or my wrist gives out. I started a ginormous blanket, as part of Project Cover Every Bed With Handicrafts, and it's very satisfying. (I'm following the As We Go pattern here: As We Go Stripey Blanket.)

Crochet pics )

Recipe Friday (because it is Friday here):

Yoghurt Pot Cake
I love the sound of those pot cake recipes where the quantities are based on the size of the yoghurt pot you buy, which is fine, except that I buy really big pots of yoghurt which would (presumably) result in a giant cake. This recipe has quantities in grams and ml. And it works. And it's a bit fussy because it has egg whites whipped separately but the texture is really nice. But it needs a lot more lemon - I'd add zest and juice to this, for a really lemony flavour.

Coconut Macaroons
Made these again. SO GOOD. And they keep for ages. I bet they'd keep for years, but they never last long.

New York Cheesecake
I have been craving lemon lately. And of course, cheesecake is an excellent way to get more lemon into me. Right? I actually made this as a slice rather than in the springform pan, so I could cut it into bars and portion it out through the week. I needed more biscuit for the base - for the Aussies, this was a pack and a half of Marie and 125g of butter - but it worked really well.

Soft Pretzel Buns
I am so glad I conquered my fear of the soda bath, because pretzel buns are the bomb. So good.

[community profile] femslashficlets has a prompt table challenge going. You can make a claim here: Prompt Table Challenge. I am going to try!

One adorable thing I did read was this Bad Blood/Daredevil crossver. Short but very much in the spirit of the song:
we're so fancy (700 words) by anonymousdaredevils
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Daredevil (TV), Bad Blood - Taylor Swift (Music Video)
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Frostbyte (Bad Blood), Catastrophe (Bad Blood), Matt Murdock, Karen Page, Franklin "Foggy" Nelson
Additional Tags: Crack, how much do i love that bad blood IS A FANDOM, Sort of RPF

Catastrophe and her crew invade Hell's Kitchen.

"And - what - you're jealous because it's not you punching people and destroying property?" Karen asked.

Oh! I started watching Sense8! And [personal profile] such_heights made a bunch of Sense8 icons, so beautiful. And a comm for Sense8 fans, [community profile] thecluster. All here: New Comm and icons.

I've only seen up to the second episode, but I already love this show so much - I love telepathy type stories, and stories where people are mentored through telepathy and soul bonds and all of that stuff. So, telepathy and visible queerness? This is going to be awesome. (Please be awesome!!)
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Holy crap guys, this was awesome. So much the mood and look of the comics around Bendis' run. Do you remember The Black Donnellys? I watched that, and it was all loving with its setting in Hell's Kitchen, and I wished that we could have something like that for Daredevil, and now we do, and this is it.

Cut for spoilers )

I'm not going to marathon the rest of the series - so busy! So very busy!! - but I am going to watch it slowly over the next few weeks. I'm looking forward to meeting all of the other characters. More women please!!

I made pretzels today. THEY WERE AWESOME. The problem I'd been having before (with pretzels and bagels both) was that after I put them in the soda bath, instead of puffing up, they turned into sad, flat, drippy pancakes. The problem seemed to be leaving them to rise for too long after shaping them. This time they had the two rises they're supposed to have: one after the bath, and one after baking. And they were so good! We did half with salt and sesame seeds, half with cinnamon sugar.


In conclusion, nom.
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Title: Fathers' Day
Fandoms: Lord John Grey, Chronicles of Narnia, Twilight , Daredevil, Iron Man, Supernatural
Words: 2200
Rating: PG
Summary: Fathers, children and difficult questions
Notes: Six very loosely connected ficlets written for [ profile] handyhunter, whose six things were from Lord John Grey to Dean Winchester. Thanks to [ profile] lilacsigil for the beta.

1. Lord John Grey, 1736 )

2. Chronicles of Narnia, 1946 )

3. Twilight, 1958 )

4. Daredevil, 1984 )

5. Iron Man 1985 )

6. Supernatural, 2009  )
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Title: Mine is the Morning
Fandom: Daredevil (comics)
Rating: G
Notes: Spoilers up to Daredevil #93. For [ profile] caia_comica, who requested Foggy Nelson, quiet. Thank you to [ profile] lilacsigil for the beta.

Mine is the Morning )


Dec. 23rd, 2006 12:24 am
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If you have ever read Daredevil, or loved the movie even a little a bit, please go and read Never Rained Like It Has Tonight by [ profile] tartanshell. It's a perfect illustration of why Matt and Foggy are friends, and it's wonderful.

[ profile] tartanshell, I offer you this picture of Nekkid Psycho Cat in the hope that it will save your furniture from your new arrival.
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[ profile] ion_bond, this was really fun to write, and they wouldn't shut up, so it went to 200 words.

Title: Three-Legged Men
Words: 200
Prompt: Doctor James Wilson and Foggy Nelson
Fandom: House MD and Daredevil
Notes: [ profile] lilacsigil helped me get this right, and also suggested the title. She's so much ruder than me.

Three-Legged Men )


Jul. 27th, 2006 07:12 pm
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For [ profile] tartanshell
Title: First Impressions
Words: 100
Prompt: Matthew Murdock, non-dairy creamer
Fandom: Daredevil comicsverse, before issue #81

First Impressions )

For [ profile] lilacsigil
Title: Eatin' Round the World
Words: 100
Prompt: Something with an Echidna in it
Fandom: X-Men comicsverse, Wolverine & Jubilee

Eatin' Round the World )

I'm taking requests for drabbles here.


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