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Visitors, man. VISITORS

I have never had so many visitors ever and it is weird. Weird-good and weird-exhausting. They are visitors I like quite a lot, and they are visitors who say "No, let me wash that" or "How about we cook dinner for you tonight?" which is great, but they are also seven more voices in the house than I have ever experienced. Weird and tiring in that sense.

The cats have handled it in different ways - Chewie hid in my underpants drawer for two days, and has just started following [personal profile] lilacsigil out into the living room when she tells him to come. (We have discovered that walking him on a leash means that he also heels. It's very cute.) He yells and sidles up to people to have his head scratched.

Baggins had a bit of a nervous collapse - he hid in my bed for so long that he peed in my bed, poor baby. (I assumed he had snuck out while we were all asleep to use his tray but this was not the case.) Now we've got a secondary cat station set up in the ensuite bedroom, where he can eat and use the spare tray, and when he's done, go back to hiding in my bed. He's chirpy and chatty and snuggly, as long as he doesn't have to go out of my room.

So, it's hard and it's weird to have people in the house, even people that I like. I think it's getting easier? I have to remember that this is why we wanted to move to a bigger house, though, and this is part of me trying to be a more social entity. I can be social! Kind of.

They're all off seeing a movie right now, so I'm taking this chance to post. And to blow off a bit of steam. Being social! It's haaaaaard.

I haven't had time to post about Yuletide! (I haven't had time to open my computer! I read in my last post, where I drunkenly said that none of the buttons are working - turns out my trackpad is kind of busted, and I can only mouse on the right hand side.)

I had an awesomse Yuletide! I got ALL the presents!

your hands can heal (3245 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Stigmata (1999)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Andrew Kiernan/Frankie Paige
Characters: Frankie Paige, Andrew Kiernan

Frankie and Andrew travel to Egypt to on a mission from God (and to look at some old Bibles.)

Pretty much the perfect sequel story to the movie for me - Andrew and Frankie going around the world doing good things and being themselves. There's a real sense of location here, and I always love a story that does clever things with ~special abilities


cause a hundred veils to fall (2747 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Ms. Marvel (Comics)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Kamala Khan, Nakia Bahadir, The Inventor, Bruno (Ms. Marvel), Lockjaw (Marvel)
Additional Tags: Female Friendship, Secret Identity Fail, Slice of Life

Best friend troubles, wild deceptions, and mad scientists: or, Kamala Khan, this is your life now.

This is like someone took a big icecream scoop of the comic and put it on my Christmas plate - it is ADORABLE, and perfect, and exactly what you think an awkward teenage superhero's like would be like. I particularly love Nakia and her part in the story - she gets to be awesome and cool and find a place in Kamala's life in a way that is really in character.


Feel The Earth Move When You Speak (9630 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Lynes and Mathey Series - Amy Griswold & Melissa Scott
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Julian Lynes/Ned Mathey
Characters: Julian Lynes, Ned Mathey
Additional Tags: Case Fic, Victoriana, Magic, Ghosts, Oxford

"Lynes. Do you believe in ghosts?"

(He doesn't. But Ned might be losing any choice in the matter.)

Ugh, this is gorgeous. Long and gorgeous and magical and wow. It's case fic set in Oxford, which would be awesome enough as a story, but the person who wrote this (and I am pretty sure you're on my flist, btw) has gotten hold of the magical system from the book and used it in a way that is clever and timey-wimey and exactly how I like magic to be used (and that would be awesome enough too) but also heart-rending and hopeful at the same time. And there are kitties. (If this isn't written by someone I know, I will be very surprised. And very delighted, because hey, there's person out there who thinks about things in a way that I think about things, yay!)


Devil's Trap (100 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Orphan Black (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Helena (Orphan Black), Grace Johanssen
Additional Tags: Yuletide Madness Drabble Invitational, Misses Clause Challenge, Past Abuse

Helena and Grace have a lot in common.

And one Yuletide treat - and it's a drabble, and it's 100 words, which makes this old fan very happy because a drabble should be 100 words, no arguments brooked. This is Helena, looking after Grace and getting her out and away from her family. Lovely and perfectly in character.


So, such a good Yuletide. Thank you to my mystery authors! And now, hopefully I'll have another spare moment to put up some recs. *crosses fingers*
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([personal profile] kaffyr said it was okay. She's a wise woman.)

Medical stuff went okay. She's tucked up in bed, and I'm sozzled up to the eyebrows and watching old Criminal Minds episodes. Life is... something not awful.

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We spent yesterday doing some medical stuff - [personal profile] lilacsigil is having a day procedure next week and there's pre-op check-ups and so on to be done this week. It's super exhausting, even though it shouldn't be. Mostly I think because we both instinctively do this massive, massive girding of loins, getting ready to deal with big scary stuff that isn't there. We charge up our nuclear reactors for generating cope just to power a light bulb, if you know what I mean. You probably don't. I don't think I know what I mean, but today at work I cried, because I was so tired I just wanted to lie on the floor. Now I'm chilling out with a drink, watching [personal profile] lilacsigil make Lego Tony Stark ride a lion.

I didn't read a lot this week - mostly I inhaled the whole first season of Masters of Sex. Lizzy Caplan is amazing - actually, all the women were amazing. All the men were frustrating in that way that the male characters of Mad Men drove me berserk.

Just finished reading:

India Black: Madam of Espionage by Carol K Carr

Well, that was fun all the way down. India's love interest (or so I presume) kept a large number of guns and knives in his trousers. There was an unexpected journey across the Channel. Lots of food and wine and luxury furs. Will definitely read more, especially while I'm feeling stressed.

Currently reading:

Hild by Nicola Griffith

Lots of people on my flist were reading this a few weeks ago. I've only just started but I like it so far.

Planning to read: *scans list* Scorpio Boys? More India Black?

You know what I did that I probably shouldn't have did? I signed up for things:

[ profile] wipbigbang - to finish off my Sanctuary AU where Imogen doesn't die. Victoriana, yay!

[ profile] xmenbigbang - to finish off my Valdemar/XMFC fusion where Charles is the Companion. Sparkly pony mindbonding, yay!

Ugh, the people in the holiday house across the road are back, with their throbbing bass and their barking dogs. I AM NOT IN THE MOOD FOR THEIR BULLSHIT! I've put up with it all through Christmas. They're supposed to go home after Australia Day!

*cranky and not quite drunk enough*

Hopefully Recipe Friday tomorrow.
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I would love to hear about the part of Australia where you live, if that doesn't feel too RL-revelatory. ([personal profile] kass)

Answered with pictures )
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1. It's raining like the dickens out here. Sideways rain. Sheets of water on the road. Bluster and wuthering and thunder and hail. All the cracks in the lawn are gone, where it had shrunk away from the curb has all filled in again. I look forward to a month or two of mud, and farmers finally complaining that the rain had better stop.

2. I'm limping because my knee injury flared up this morning, to the point of needing maximum OTC painkillers, and not being able to walk without a limp. Not sure why - weather? Overdoing it with the personal trainer? But I'm looking after it in a much better way than when I originally injured it - I have a tendency to freeze up and protect the part that hurts, which leads to more tension and stiffness and pain. This time, I'm icing it, and keeping moving even if I'm awkward and clumsy, and I'm stretching. Stretching is honestly the best thing I learned from the original injury. It's so important for me!

3. We made bread for lunch tomorrow, an awesome recipe that has become a favourite: Honey Sunflower Bread. Thanks, [personal profile] vass, for putting me onto this blog - so many good recipes there.

4. It's going to be a king tide at our house this weekend. Our cycles aren't in sync, so it doesn't happen very often, but when it does, we cook lots of meat! We're slow cooking a leg of lamb this weekend, which we will then fall upon like savages and devour.

5. Speaking of carnivores, our Hannibal rewatch reached the second last episodes tonight. Ack, so tense. So nearly there, and then I can talk about it with [personal profile] lilacsigil who is seeing it for the first time. *clutches self*
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The telephone exchange that handles internet, landlines, cell phones, emergency services, and pretty much everything in my area burned down this morning. It's been fun.

We're sharing a mobile broadband kit at the moment. That's more fun. At least now I can sync my dropbox, and check my mail, and update my facebook so that my family who can't call me know that there's no zombie apocalypse. I'm not going to be online much until it all comes back. We're not sure when that will be. Maybe tomorrow? Maybe next week? Things move slow in the country.

People are coming into town, discovering they can't buy groceries or get cash or pay bills or do any of the things people who only come into town once a week do. They've mostly been wandering the main street in an aimless way looking a bit lost. They're going to be talking about this for WEEKS.

It's not a disaster. Nobody has died. As [personal profile] lilacsigil says, if we're not out digging long drop toilets in the yard, it's a pretty good situation. It's just really, really annoying, and I hadn't realised how much I depended on the internet for a sheer sanity break in between customers.


I'm just saying.
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To avoid writing my NaNo, I took a pinch hit for [ profile] dw_femslash. Yes, to avoid writing, I volunteered to write. I'm two days in the hole for NaNo but I'm going to catch up this weekend. Yeppers.

Meanwhile, let me procrastinate further with a Project Wasteland update! Project Wasteland is a story of the transformation of my back yard, and it spans a full decade, in so far as the first nine years of that decade involve me taking photos of the massive jungle to procrastinate over doing anything about it.

If you have me on Facebook, you'll have seen some of these already. Whatevs, look again, because my back yard is made of awesome now.

Let us take a journey BACK IN TIME )
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Really enjoyed the opening ceremony - Prospero and Newton and Stephen Hawking, and nobody used the word inspiring once. (I think Channel 4 might have issued a blanket ban on the word, which is good thinking. I wish I could say the same for the Australian commentary.) I loved the inclusion of the phrase "For those who are able" in the request for people to stand for the National anthem. That's something that I hope becomes a standard thing.

Sir Ian McKellan was brilliant in his button coat. Miranda with her punky blue hair was just fantastic. (Get her on TV now, someone! I would pay good money to see her as the next companion in Doctor Who.) The two of them were awesome together, and Sir Ian's incredibly dorky dancing made me grin. I loved the umbrella theme, the physics ballet, the book seagulls and how much fun everyone was having. On a more serious note, Channel 4 had a Canadian paralympian athlete commentating on the show. He had a lot to say about the inequality of access to equipment and training between nations, and how that's the next thing the Paralympics should be working on, which. Yeah.

The Lexi system they're using to explain the classification system for the categories is really straight forward. They explain what the physical abilities of the athletes are, and what that means for that particular sport. It's enhanced the way we understand the strategies the athletes are using in their events. I think I love the Paralympics for the chance to see all the adaptive technology in use - the pool has adjustable starting blocks, for example, that's something new. But the most awesome thing is that there are more and more athletes that have competed in the able-bodied Olympics first. I hope that one day the two events can be fully integrated. They had a go at Sydney, with a couple of demonstration events but it doesn't seem to have caught on.

But the sports are fantastic - there's an easy-going, friendly atmosphere about each event, all the athletes seem to be good friends, and I love all the hugging at the end of each race or game. It's great to see new world records popping up again and again - part of this being a relatively young event, and one in which adaptive technology and training are making big and rapid changes in the way the events play out.

If you're an Aussie or if you use a proxy, you can see the Aussie coverage on the ABC iView. It's pretty good - occasional maudlin moments, but on the whole it's a thousand times better than Channel Nine's commentary for the able-bodied Olympics.

My Nonna is doing well! She had surgery the day after she fell, to put a plate in her hip where she fractured it. On Saturday she moved to a rehab centre, she's started sitting up in a chair for most of the day, and today she took a few steps in physio. The family has settled somewhat, I think? My Auntie flew out from Canada last week, and she's been co-ordinating care and hospital transfers and so on. But nobody is talking about the big issue, which is making the house safe for Nonna and Poppy or investigating alternative safe housing. I am staying out of it now - just keeping in touch with Nonna. I sent her a postcard from Mount Gambier, and I'm hoping to make it down to Melbourne again before my Auntie goes back to Canada.

I learned a new word from my therapist, about a thing I do: when I get all doom-laden, I'm catastrophising. That is EXACTLY what I do. I guess knowing is a good start on the way to heading that tendency off. (But the last couple of weeks, with Nonna, and family stuff, has meant a lot of catastrophising.)

Things that exist that seem too awesome to exist:

Sue Perkins is writing a TV show where she plays a forty year old gay vet who hasn't come out to her parents yet.



Gillian Anderson and Archie Panjabi! Together they solve crime!
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I have that weird dreamlike state that comes from a visit to the emergency department. At work this afternoon, [personal profile] lilacsigil's face swelled up dramatically, to the point where I was worried her airway would be compromised, so I checked there was a doctor attending at our hospital, shoved the keys in her hand and sent her up. A minute later, I realised that of course, I should just shut the shop and go with her but she was already gone.

Then things got really distressing - we go to work in the same car, so of course I now had no car to drive myself to the hospital. I was worried she might not be able to make it to the hospital, so I called the hospital a lot to find out if she had made the (literally) two minute drive.

I called a cab to come and pick me up, and ran around bundling the shop into close mode. Millions of people (literally three people) came in, and I had to more or less push them out of the shop. I cried in front of one customer, who was also unfortunately one of our doctors. I made scary snap decisions: "You don't need your cholesterol medication, it can wait a couple of days till we open again!" "You can have ten of your kid's anti-inflammatory tablets, that will see you through the weekend, here's a slide of tablets, no time for a label." All the time wondering if [personal profile] lilacsigil was dead, or what the hell was going on in Emergency, and if she was scared all by herself and what the hell.

She was fine, but worried when I got to Emergency. Her parotid gland on the right side had suddenly swelled up - literally in front of my eyes, before I sent her to hospital - and the doctor prescribed her some antibiotics in case it was an infection. I could take her home after about half an hour, emergency over. She's been using a heat pack on the area, and that has helped with the swelling and pain. The doctor doesn't think it's related to the radiation from last year or the scan a couple of months ago. (I asked, because that caused some swelling in her salivary glands)

Doctor Google tells us that it could be an infection. It could be a tiny calcification, like a kidney stone. It might be related to the staph infection in her finger from the cat bite she got last week. It might be a mucus plug. It's on the side where the surgeon took lymph nodes during the thyroid surgery, so that might affect drainage? I don't know. She has to have an ultrasound next week to find out what's happening.

She's fine. She's in a bit of pain, there's still some residual swelling, enough that she's not comfortable wearing headphones. Her neck is a bit stiff, and she's got some pins and needles similar to a dental anaesthetic but that's fading too.

I'm a bit of a mess. I'm telling myself that it's okay to go to pieces a little bit, and that I wouldn't even be able to do this unless she was okay. I am good at coping when it matters. We both are.

cut for illness talk, probably triggery )

I'm still trying to work through how surreal my afternoon was. I have nightmares where there's an emergency on and I'm trapped at work like that. My poor brain keeps trying to do reality checks on me, and I have to keep saying "Yes, brain, this did really happen. Unfortunately it wasn't all a dream."
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Actually, we've been back since Monday. [personal profile] lilacsigil is doing really well, not very radioactive and in less pain each day. She's getting her energy back, too - she can take full length steps, and is already doing half days at work.

I, on the other hand, have fallen into a wobbling heap of pathetic jelly.

Thanks for seeing me through this, folks - comments and internet hugs and virtual flowers and all. I love you all so much.
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Yeah, okay, drinking that much, alone, was just stupid. But I reeled off to bed and slept like a rock for twelve hours, and [personal profile] lilacsigil was perky on the phone when I woke up, and I had a batch of ricotta pancake batter in the fridge and bacon to fry in my cast iron pan. (It's just to season the pan, really. Yeah.)

I haven't washed the pan for a week and a bit! Can you believe it? It's starting to get that glassy surface that people spoke of. Things still stick to it, though. Not sure if that's the lack of seasoning or my poor frying skills.

I feel much better. It's one of those cool, dry autumn Sundays that reminds me of the first couple of months living in the country. Everything smells of eucalyptus and woodsmoke. I feel very calm and peaceful. I wish I could make coffee like [personal profile] lilacsigil - mine tastes like crap. But I have a tiny jug of maple syrup sent in one of last year's candy exchanges for my pancakes, and that offsets the vileness of my own coffee. Yeah.

I'm using up some week-old bakepocalypse remnant cake to make a trifle for [personal profile] lilacsigil's return, and I had to call my mum to get the recipe for custard powder custard, because I had thrown the box with the instructions away. (She said "There's a recipe on the box? I've never noticed that." This does explain the haphazard consistency of her custards. Though they are always tasty.) I love making trifle. It's like LEGO with cakes.

Links for [personal profile] lilacsigil, when she's back online - all the things about which I would normally say "Hey, did you see that thing?":

Scott Adams shooting his mouth off, or why I'll never read Dilbert again.

The adorable Doctor Who S6 prequel thingy. Part of what was getting us through the lengthy period of hypothyroidism was the fact that Doctor Who would be back in April. (IT'S NEARLY APRIL NOW, GUYS!)

Cleolinda on the Wicked Pretty Things anthology fail, because it's good to know who will put their money where their mouth is on GLBTQ issues.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous Jasika Nicole picspam. Because she is gorgeous. (Please, Fringe! Give Astrid something to do!)

Which reminds me - we haven't seen this week's Fringe, but I know that [personal profile] lilacsigil will want to read people's reviews of the episode. I have [personal profile] newredshoes's here, and [personal profile] musesfool's here - if you have one, can you link it to me here in a non-spoilery way, so that when we're home and have watched the episode, she can find them? So much appreciated.

And now that the trifle is finished and setting in the fridge, I'm making Bounty balls for the nurses. Because good nurses need more chocolate.
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Thanks so much for your comments, folks. [personal profile] lilacsigil is doing much better today - she has a replacement computer, she's over the worst of the nausea and gastritis of the radiation, and she's really looking forward to restarting her medication tomorrow morning.

Me? I got an Absolut giftpack in my Christmas stocking, and I'm taking the opportunity to become further acquainted with my new friends Absolut Kurant, Absolut Citron and Absolute Mandrin. (Lulz, mandrill vodka.) Maybe Absolut Vanilla later. And don't think I'm ignoring you, Absolut Raspberry.

I'm turning comments off, because you've been so awesome and I can barely keep up with your comments as it is. Right now, I'm snuggling into the lilac blanket, watching first season of Criminal Minds (Gideon! Elle!) and opening tiny bottles of vodka. It's going to be okay. And she'll be home on Monday.

Wow, I hope I can do the comments switching off thingy. Things are getting kind of swimmy, thanks to my fruity vodka ffriends.
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The scan showed trace thyroid tissue on the left side of [personal profile] lilacsigil's neck. The tissue itself registered as 'cold', meaning that it's not active in any way, which is great. But there's a chance that her cancer could recur in those cells, so she's being admitted into hospital this afternoon for a three day stay in a lead room. We're leaving in an hour.

I think, at this stage, I could drive to Geelong blindfolded, get there in one piece AND find an awesome parking spot at the hospital.

She's going along fine, although slowly - muscle weakness in her legs means that she can only take tiny, shuffling steps, and she needs to take frequent rest stops to walk across the hospital. But thank goodness for level floors and hand rails and all the accessibility factors of the hospital - it makes navigating so much easier. And once again, though we have been braced for homophobia and fatphobia, the staff at Geelong Hospital have been amazing: compassionate, professional, supportive and kind. I always expect the worst, and they are always fantastic.

I'm coming home in the interim, because she can't have visitors while she's radioactive, and I actually have to go back to work on Saturday. My responsibilities this weekend: put out the YELLOW bin, download (but don't watch) Fringe. I think I'm up to the task. And they've said she can restart her thyroxine on Sunday, which is fantastic. Hopefully by the time I see her on Monday, she'll be feeling much better.

Trying hard not to think about coming home to an empty house, guys. I haven't done that for eleven years.
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[personal profile] lilacsigil's Schedule: (so I have it written down somewhere)

Wednesday 14th of March: Blood test in Warrnambool or Colac to get the right pathology group.

Monday 21st March: Geelong, to administer the low-dose radiation for the scan.

Wednesday 23rd March: Geelong, for the scan, and to find out if we're going ahead with radioactive ablation (AKA the lead room.)

Friday 25th March: Admitted to hospital for lead room time. (Friday, Saturday, Sunday.)

Monday 28th March: Re-scan, check all thyroid tissue is destroyed. Hopefully it is. Go home.

Tuesday 29th March: Normality resumes. I can't even imagine.

Bakepocalypse: (I think it's slowing down!)

Soft Pretzels and Soft Pretzel Bites: Pretzels are fun to make, and the dough is really nice to work. The boiling part was much easier and more fun than I expected. I made them once with a soda bath, and once just using boiling water. I think I like the baking soda better - they're kind of chewier, maybe? and the process is nice and involved. As an anxiety buffer, it works really well for me. I really, really like working with yeast doughs.

Mini Mint Cookies:
Supposedly like a Mint Thin Girl Scout cookie type deal? Anyway, I mixed up some mint fondant, and put a little blob of that on before I dipped them in chocolate. They were awesome - just like a mini Mint Slice biscuit. Will definitely make again. (Also, the fondant was NOM NOM delicious, and I could have eaten it with a spoon. Delicious snowy white minty stuff.)

I have to announce the passing of Dean, our sour dough culture. I haven't been using him for bread lately, and I've been enjoying the fun of using instant yeast so much, I decided I'd tip him into the compost. RIP, Dean. You were fun at first, but then you were just too much bother.

Census Meme (I'm sticking with the US cycle. It's shorter and more dramatic.)

1971: I'm about to be born. I'm the first child of two quite young parents. Once I'm born, I'll be living in a cream-coloured bassinet in a flat in Ashburton with one cat.

1981: I'm nearly ten. I'm fat and awkward and desperately unhappy. I am in Grade Five. I live with my parents and two siblings in Mentone. Our house overlooks Port Philip Bay. I'll be here for another five years.

1991: I'm turning twenty. I'm in third year of my Bachelor of Science at Monash University. Things are awesome! I love science, and research. Freed of the school system, I'm doing really well academically for the first time in my life. I'm going to do an honours year next year. I have a boyfriend. I live in a house in Malvern, it's great to be independent. My mum had a baby last year! I am one of four.

2001: I'm nearly thirty?! Wow, that was a rollicking ride. I have another degree, this time in Pharmacy. I co-own a business in a tiny rural town. I have a mortgage and a business loan and I pay salaries and taxes and deal with the NHS. I live in a tiny house on a hill with my girlfriend and some cats. Life is surprising. I read a lot of fanfic. I make a lot of cards.

2011: Soon to be forty. Home is the tiny house on a hill, and I still live there with my girlfriend and cats. I write fanfiction and original fiction, I bake and I craft. Life is good, business is thriving. There are tomatoes on the vine and we will eat them soon.
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My state, Victoria, is undergoing floods now. My area is on flood watch, but the only inconvenience for me personally so far has been road closures. Just wanted to let people know that we're not expecting any trouble: home is on a hill. Work is low-lying and beside a creek that is currently being monitored, but so far things are looking okay.

It's January. It's meant to be blazing hot and crispy dry. I'm grateful that the bush isn't drying out, but I'm boggling at this weather.

Keep safe and dry, everyone.
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I've started noting down things for posts in Evernote on my phone. It's kind of helpful, actually. (Would a post about iphone apps be interesting? I love reading about other people's apps, but then again, I would also make a good trainspotter.)

How was Covert Affairs? Was it very hand-held? Will [personal profile] lilacsigil be able to watch it without falling off the couch? Because I like Anne Dudek very, very much and would like to see her more on my TV screen.

We are off to Daylesford tomorrow! It will be so good to get out of the house for a couple of days. Sleep in. Eat food we didn't cook.

I didn't realise how burned out the two of us are.

*packs explorer socks and twenty jumpers*

(Holy crap, there's going to be an election! I love the internet - we have printed our postal vote forms out already. And now, for your entertainment, I will throttle my little sister who is not enrolled and sees no need to be enrolled.)


May. 7th, 2010 01:07 pm
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Feeling a bit wretched and non-communicative right now.

If you're on [personal profile] lilacsigil's circle as well as mine, then you'll know why. If not, I will sum up:

The cancer isn't back but it was worse than originally thought. She has preventative medical stuff ahead which includes surgery and radiotherapy. She is fine, she is well. She is going to be awesomely cancer free after this.

I am hugely grateful to her endocrinologist who would not stop until he had seen the pathology for himself, even though those scans were ten years old. Yay for diligent professionals. Yay for universal healthcare.

Just wanted to say that I'm not feeling very much like commenting right now, and this is why.

(*hugs you all*)
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I ain't dead! Have been ill, am recovering. While feverish, I cried in the supermarket. Twice - because they didn't have the kind of tissues I like, and because I had forgotten something. It was too fucking tragic. But I am almost completely recovered now - just the residual problems that come from glue ear and tinnitus to deal with now. And now I have hot cross buns and mini creme eggs and a chocolate bilby, as well as a long weekend, so I'm a happy camper.

The corellas are back. You can hear them coming from miles away, flying over the little valley our town is set in. It sounds like the apocalypse.

I dropped out of [ profile] comicsbigbang - the first time I've dropped out of anything. My Hellblazer plotbunny would not coalesce - it hung just out of sight, smoking and swearing enough that I knew it was there. Bastard.

I've taken an [ profile] lgbtfest prompt. I have to finish my [ profile] au_bigbang first draft ASAP - I am finding it very hard to get a grip on storytelling in 15K - it's much bigger than any fanfic I've ever written, but also much, much smaller than NaNo. I'm all at sea from it, and I think my plot is going to end up all squished into the end in an unpleasant way. But first drafts can be smoothed out. Imaginary plots in my head? Not so much.

Photos from China Fashion week - my knowledge of haute couture comes largely from watching Project Runway, but I really love the shapes and colours of these works of art.

The First Ever Dreamwidth Age of Sail Anonymous Kink Meme

I should be writing my big bang, but I may also have a ficlet open where Jack Harkness hits on Temeraire. *gulps nervously*

War of the Worlds, Warrnambool style: UFOs at Framlingham For the tl;dr crowd, I've bolded the part which most typifies life in rural Australia.

It wouldn't be April 1 without a few playful pranks, but one group of mates in Framlingham outdid themselves by staging an elaborate UFO landing.

Over roughly a month, the jokers constructed the three saucers in Dave Maloney's shed using old communication dishes, some lights and a bit of ingenuity.

Then they dragged them out into a paddock by the Hopkins River yesterday at dusk, fired up the generator and sat back and watched as dozens of onlookers stopped to check out what looked like a scene from a sci-fi movie.

"There's been quite a few cars slow down and people taking photos," Mr Maloney said.

"A few mates rang up to tell me I'm an idiot."

The two biggers saucers measure about three metres in diameter and the smaller one is about 2.4 metres in diameter.

"They're made out of aluminium and fibreglass and they take four blokes to move them," Mr Maloney said.

He said the idea "probably came out of a bottle" and that making the non-flying saucers had been a good time-filler "instead of watching TV".

"I just like doing pranks and stupid things now and again. You've got to have a bit of fun."

The only downer was that some idiots had done doughies and burn-outs around the saucers early this morning, he said.

"I'm spewing about the burn-out marks around them cos they looked really good sitting there in a nice green paddock."

Warrnambool radio stations also broadcast the news of the UFOs, including information about the "landing site" being investigated.

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Things that slightly suck in that annoying way like paper-cuts:

- My little town was in one of those wacky crime of the day situations that ended up with the Channel Nine helicopter landing on the school oval. It wasn't a violent crime or anything, nobody was harmed, but for a little while, people will be saying "Tiny Town? Isn't that the place where that guy got done for [insert salacious crime of choice]?"

ETA from 2015 jfc because I forgot what this crime actually was and I want to remember: .

- All the speed dials got wiped from the phones at work. Bah.

- It got cold (awesome!) but it got so cold that I'm worried the last of our tomatoes won't ripen. I feel vaguely guilty when I put on a cardigan, like I should go out and wrap the poor things in a blanket. I'm sad, because there's a lot of green fruit still out there.

- This sucks quite a lot: SyFy says, of Gwen from Merlin, if there's one thing Gwen might wish for, it's that she could be just a little bit prettier. With her wonky teeth, uncooperative hair and glasses, not even the most charitable person could call her beautiful.

[personal profile] lilacsigil thinks it's a cut and paste error - that they've attached a character description to another character from an entirely different show. I'm... not sure. On the one hand, Gwen doesn't wear glasses (unless she started wearing them in second season, which I haven't seen.) It might be a description of another character appearing on another SyFy show, in which case, it's very creepy that you'd put up such a blandly generic description that we can't identify who that person might be. In any case, it's a pretty damn faily description of anyone, especially with that particularly nasty description of 'uncooperative hair'.

Here's a picture of Gwen, for reference. And for pretty. )

Things that do not suck:

- [ profile] sothcweden made podfic for my Narnia story Sea Legs! This is amazing and astounding, and I am thrilled and delighted. Go! Tell sothcweden how awesome they are!.

- [ profile] xenokattz made me a webcomic: Daredevil and Spider-Man shenanigans )

And here are two videos I've had open in tabs to cheer me up. These also do not suck:

- This educational video of Michael Emerson from Lost. It's a prison training video. I just cannot wrap my mind around Ben Linus, with a full head of glossy brown hair, talking down an psychotic prisoner. Or maybe I can.

- What the Earth would look like with rings like Saturn. Very cool scientific visualisations. The rings would be a vertical line viewed from the equator!

Saturn approves! )

Ooh, ooh. This just happened at work:

Customer: I'd like some fish oil capsules.
Me: Sure! This is a good brand, it's purified to remove mercury.
Customer: And are they vegetarian?
Me: Fish oil? No, it comes from fish.
Customer: Oh. Is there a vegetarian alternative?
Me: Not with fish oil in it, no.

Wow. This post is so scatty. This is what it's like inside my brain right now. Maybe I need more fish oil.
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It snowed! In my profile, anyway. Thank you everyone for the snowflake cookies - I think I had as much fun sending them as receiving them. It was quite the flurry on LJ yesterday.

It's actually deliciously cold today, and we're lounging around, eating the remains of [personal profile] lilacsigil's birthday pavlova, and playing Mario Kart. (We weren't supposed to open it until we'd finished our NaNo, but since we're both now over 56K and still going, it seemed fair to get our reward. We're saving the new Super Mario Bros for when we actually type "The End".)

I'm reading the Luxe series by Anna Godbersen, and it's made me think about why I can't engage with Gossip Girl, when basically both stories have the same premise, setting, and character archtypes. Luxe and its three sequels are set about a hundred years before Gossip Girl, though, and this apparently makes the difference for me. With Gossip Girl (the TV series, not the books), I keep trying to connect with the characters, but end up frustrated with their terrible ennui, and shout at the characters a lot. ("If your life is so unfulfilling, go, volunteer in Sierra Leone or something!") But with the Luxe series, even though the characters are just as privileged and pointless, I am engaged and interested in them. [personal profile] lilacsigil gruesomely suggests that it's because they could all die of cholera or polio at any minute. I would like to think that I'm not that morbid. Maybe the historical setting gives me something else to focus on besides the terrible, dreary ordeal of being rich and white in New York? Or perhaps it's the elaborate descriptions of corsetry.

Or maybe it's the fact that Gossip Girl apparently has early 80's Debbie Harry in the cast and this scares me:

My Debbie Harry is pastede on yay! (Do we still say that?) )

On the other hand, I'm still really enjoying Mercy. It seems that the best thing for me to watch while riding the exercise bike is medical dramas, and there's well and truly enough to keep me going through the week: House, Mercy, Three Rivers, and I'm catching up on Nurse Jackie which is hilarious but not quite long enough to see me through one workout. Is Hawthorne any good? Are there any others I'm missing? (The soapier shows like Grey's Anatomy are too slow for exercise.)

Considering that I had zero expectations, Three Rivers is surprisingly watchable. It would be better if it were the Doctor Zero (from Wolverine) and Doctor Shane (from The L Word) show, but it works for me. It's incredibly self-indulgent and syrupy with its issue of the week - this week, racism!, next week - healthcare funding for refugees! And it does have unintentionally hilarious moments (the sight of the dewy ER intern sobbing as she washed the blood from her young patient's sneakers, or the heart-transplant Leader of the Pack storyline) but at least it entertains. And the medicine isn't too bad.

Oh, oh! Do you know what? We may actually have succeeded in our pathetic attempts at horticulture! We have tiny tomatoes on our tomato plant! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? They're only the size of a fingernail, but they're there. On the vine. We may even get to eat them. And Project Eggplant 2.0 is going quite well so far - the plants are as big now as last year's were in February. I am hopeful that these skills we are nurturing will serve us well in the grim apocalypse times. (Because three fingernail sized tomatoes will surely feed us for weeks!)


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