Apr. 6th, 2017

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I'm pretty sure I'm not going to delete my LJ. I don't know for sure. I'm still considering and waiting to see what happens. (For people who haven't heard, LJ now has a compulsory agreement statement, which requires users to comply with Russian law. It's deeply problematic, both politically and legally.)

Things I will immediately do:
- upgrade the rating on my LJ, because mentioning anything queer is considered unsuitable for viewing by children.
- do a friends cut, if I have you friended both here and on LJ, to reduce the amount of traffic on my LJ flist.
- re-import my LJ to my DW, so that I've backed up comments left over there.
- make an archive DW for [livejournal.com profile] comicstore_news, and my few fic journals.

Things I might do:
- shut down commenting at my LJ. (I don't want to - I have friends over there who don't use DW, and I like to hear from them.)
- stop cross-posting altogether. (I like having a back-up of my posts, even if I don't use LJ that often these days.)

I have relevant links, because of course I have links:
Facts and analysis
- The original user agreement, in Cyrillic

- From [personal profile] archangelbeth, And the translation of the New User Agreement for Livejournal.

- From [profile] medcat, Once again, a free public service announcement.
Some translation, some analysis, some extrapolation

- From [tumblr.com profile] suricattus, I believe I have found the giant “fuck you” clause.
so, what you’re agreeing to isn’t the translation given, but the original user document. Which is in Russian. And might be exactly the same context as the translation… and might not.

Um. Children, this is the point at which I say “get in the damn car and drive in the direction of Away Very Fast.”

- From [personal profile] mdlbear, PSA: LJBF: Goodbye's too good a word...
More analysis of salient points and plans of action.

- From [personal profile] telophase, Well, they finally did it
OK, so that's pretty much "We're not responsible for data breaches," but it also means that if someone hacks my LJ and posts anti-Russia stuff, they can hold me responsible.

Things you can do
- From [personal profile] rosefox: Even in the Future, Nothing Works
A way to post comments without agreeing to the TOS. You'll still need to click the agreement to do stuff like import or delete your LJ, but it's a way to get to the comment box at least.
ETA: Apparently today there was some kind of code tweak and this isn't working for everyone.

- [personal profile] james points out that if you disable javascript, you can delete your LJ without signing the agreement. (But don't forget to switch it back on again.)

- From [personal profile] rahirah, How to redirect comments on a crosspost.

- [community profile] 2017revival seems to be shaping into a landing platform for new arrivals from LJ. Lots of intro posts if you're looking for new friends.

- from [personal profile] nanila at [community profile] 2017revival, Want to find an old LJ friend? Linking DW and LJ identities

- [community profile] lj_refugees is also poised to receive new Dreamwidth arrivals.

- From me, a friending meme I held a little while ago which still ticks along slowly: Let's Stick Together: A Friending Meme for 2017
Most of you know about this, but just in case this drifts past someone's friendsfriends on LJ for someone who is looking for new DW friends.

On the whole, as always, I love the way community has rallied to provide information, analysis and support. I hope I don't have to delete. I respect people who have, and I empathise with people who have decided to stay. I just don't know what I want to do yet.

ETA 2: I should have read my flist before I posted, because I would have seen this excellent links post by [personal profile] umadoshi:
Mostly linkspam of the "what the fuck NOW, Livejournal???" variety.
Also, this, which pretty much sums up why this is stressful and depressing: But I'm angry, and I'm exhausted with being angry at LJ over and over again, angry in ways that hurt because of how formative the site was for me and how much I loved it once. Yeah, I know how melodramatic it is to say "that was my home, and I don't live there anymore, but it's been slowly and inexorably vandalized and trashed", but hey, that's how I feel.


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