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Ugh, New South Wales is catching on fire. Be safe, my NSWelshfriends.

We are not currently on fire. Fingers crossed that we remain so - the hot weather has abated, for Victoria, anyway.

Things I have watched, most of which are Netflix while I crocheted approximate 1,000 hats:

Legion 1.01
Well, that was certainly something. It was beautiful. It was weird. It flipped genres right at the end. I generally like mental landscapes and time jumps and playing around with perception, and I liked the way the show handled it, so I think I'd watch another episode at least. I hope that Aubrey Plaza continues to be in it (I just checked - she's down for at least four episodes.) I'd like to know more about all the characters we met at the end of the ep.

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (almost all of it, I'm saving the finale for later):
This grew on me! I wasn't going to like it as much as I did - the pilot started with a lot of really violent stuff happening to women, especially a woman of colour - but then I fell pretty hard for Bart (the holistic assassin, she's played by Brad Dourif's daughter who is, I have learned, awesome), Farah (the bodyguard) and Amanda (Elijah Wood's character's sister), and by then, the weird twisty plot had me hooked as well. It's fun, and the soundtrack is super. And I hardcore ship Amanda/Farah. Amanda has such a crush on her!! Me too, actually!!


I bounced hard off the pilot - I think I'm sensitised to the standard pitch of 'non-neurotypical but brilliant man somehow does all the things while treating people like crap and yet is inexplicably lauded', after I ditched House MD in later seasons. But his partner, Stevie was too amazing not to go back for. Even if she's dead. (Which you find out very quickly into the first episode.) I did not know I was in love with Nicola Walker but I am. Totally. *adds her to the list of women who should play the Doctor*

Anyway, the reason River worked for me, besides Nicola Walker, is that the title character is non-neurotypical and it doesn't give him an automatic win in life. Actually, it sucks, and he has to tread a careful line to keep his job, and it's really fucking hard. I empathise. It also helps that Stellan SkarsgÄrd imbues River with compassion and makes him a really likeable character. IDK, I don't usually go for that character.

Stevie, his partner (my new crush, Nicola Walker) is amazing and complicated and full of joy and sorrow and I love Stevie, why does she have to be dead? (You know from the start. It makes things very sad sometimes. I'm trying not to be spoilery because I'm rewatching with [personal profile] lilacsigil who hasn't seen past the pilot yet.)

And the way River's new partner, Ira, integrates himself into River's system of thinking is brilliant. All the characters in this are brilliant and nuanced. It makes me both sad and happy that there's only six episodes, because I both want more, and doubt that this level of storytelling and character development would be sustainable.

Anyway. Tl;dr: Good show. Sobbed at the end. Nicola Walker = new crush, I love her.


Five minutes into the pilot, I said to myself "This ship is totally still on Earth, isn't it?" and it was. It was still a good watch, and they played with the concept in ways I didn't predict: like framing the story as a whodunnit, when they've never had a murder on their spaceship. And hiring someone to solve the crime from the outside without any contact with the crew of the ship, like solving a murder inside an ant farm from the other side of the glass.

I would have liked more insight into the weird way that their society diverged from the actual 1950s that they had attempted to preserve on board the ship, like their creepy-as-fuck fertility ceremony, and this psychological milestone they all pass in adolescence when they realise they're going to live and die on the ship while it travels to their new planet. I was more interested in that stuff than I was in the psychic/teleporter evolutionary bottleneck storyline.

Also, kudos for having a lesbian character as the external investigator, but she still ended up dead, IJS. *takes back kudos*

But Tricia Helfer was amazing. *gives back kudos*
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