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I got my 50K fic off to my second beta/ameripicker. I feel weird. I, uh, finished something. It's due to be posted on the 15th. What even?

Interesting things I didn't realise until I had to edit 50K of my own writing:
- I have people pressing kisses all the time, as in "John pressed a kiss to Harold's temple." Apparently I press kisses everywhere, like they come in sticker sheets. That would be a nice thing, I guess? It's not an unpleasant image but when you're seeing it for the fourth or fifth time, you want someone to slip someone the tongue just for a change. I am a bit scared to go back to old fics now. I've already seen it once in another thing I've written.
- I have Shaw shaking her head in disbelief at everything Root tells her to do. Every time, it's like, "Shaw shook her head but did the thing." Like she just can't believe Root talked her into this thing. It's funny but repetitive. I think it's because I hate eye-rolling in descriptions. I am always wary of descriptions with eyes, ever since I figured out what was wrong with 'His eyes slid down her dress'. Ew.
- I can't spell mnemonic. My Sentinels use mnemonic prompts to sort data, and I can't spell mnemonic. I don't know how many times I used the word, but I still can't spell it. Or say it. I say 'nen-nomic', which is not right. (The same goes for anemone, but that is not the fic I am writing. That would be an interesting and possibly tentacular fic, but no. But I say 'a-nen-o-me' when I think it's actually 'a-nem-o-me'?)
- From the number of times I used it, 'crawling with agitation' is apparently how I feel when I'm all creeped out.
- I have a bunch of words I know to watch out whenever I write - look, back, though, going, doing, like, something - they're all the words I use for lazy description, and getting rid of them tightens up my words. This fic has a whole other range of bad words: hand, face, sense, mind, felt, enough.
- If you're going to have a mind-bond type fic, you have to keep creating non-repetitive ways to describe what's going on inside heads without it becoming isolating to the reader. More of a challenge than I expected.
- I worry a lot that my writing is dry and unemotional, because I like to write plot and plot needs description, and I think I tend to under-pitch my emotional moments because I'm an introvert. This fic had a lot of touching, and, like writing porn, it's hard not to feel like you're hitting every cliché when you do it. I had to make myself not look at what I was writing until later, because I would get all squirmy with embarrassment for the characters. (And this fic is not even explicit - there's nothing more than kissing, though sex is implied.) I don't know what I make of this thought, but I'm glad it's up at the front of my mind.
- I really love writing mindscapes. You can tell my first fandom was X-Men. I like telepathy.

I definitely feel weird to be winding this fic up. My soft-face-touching fic, don't leave me! (I'm low-key planning a sequel, so it won't be gone forever. It just needs a bit of a rest in my mind.)

Next up, I'm going to write a plot chart for my 35K POI finale fixit wip, with a view to finishing that over the next NaNo. I thought maybe I can set myself a deadline and get it posted? I apparently love deadlines, they make me get stuff done. So this year's NaNo will hopefully finish up that fic, help me get started on the Shaw-is-a-cavalry-officer fic that I'm not going to get finished in time for [community profile] unconventionalcourtship. (Though maybe for next year?) I have 4 finished [community profile] 15kisses fics that I need to post; the only thing holding me back is, like, actually posting them. And writing summaries and finding titles, ugh. I have five Harold competence porn ficlets that need betaing.

I have actually written a lot of things this year!

Tinee Linkspam:
- via [personal profile] musesfool, OPI summer challenge
Leave prompts! (Please leave some more POI prompts!)
- From Facebook, Clydesdale foal leaves the stable for the first time - tinee leggy baby, big world, what do? How do you even horse?
- Also from Facebook, this terrible curse upon some burglars. CW: creepy doll faces
- From my local paper, big news in this part of the world: Giant puzzle solved. (The puzzle is literally a puzzle.)
- From McSweeney's via [personal profile] kalloway, I’m a Google Manufacturing Robot and I Believe Humans Are Biologically Unfit to Have Jobs in Tech. (Rolling my eyes right out of my head at that google dude.)
- From My Modern Met, What Happens When a Bird’s Wings Sync Up Perfectly with a Camera’s Frame Rate. (I have dreams where stuff like this happens, like where the laws of physics are apparently broken)
- Free crochet pattern: Stingray purse or pal (I'm not sure why not both? I could be pals with a purse.)

Root/Shaw things from my endless tumblr wanderings while I was writing 50k of fic:
- Silver Lining - a Root/Shaw doujinshi. Pls pls [personal profile] lilacsigil, read this to me?
- POI OST You Are Being Watched - this is brilliant. Gifs from the final scene over the score for the theme.
- Winter Soldier!Shaw is kinda… Swol - I am all over this idea as an AU.
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