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Title: Sous Vide
Fandom: Hannibal
Rating: PG
Words: 610
Characters/Pairings: Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter
Warnings/Content: Set after series finale. Implied cannibalism.
Notes: Written for [community profile] fandom_stocking 2016.

Summary: Will's starting to like a lot of things he shouldn't.

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For a while they skip from one sketchy motel to another. )
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I am working an extra day this week and I am sooky about it. But I get to order my lunch today instead of bringing it, which is a nice bribe. I had an amazing burger, so amazing and full of wonders. Like, bacon.

I'd link to my instagram but that's in my meatsack name and only half of you know that /is good at secret identities like Daredevil )

Tentative yay: I started writing again. It's mostly due to the neighbour dude, who is a great neighbour except for those random days when he gets out the chainsaw. (Not in a massacre-y way, just in a endless drone-y way.) So I put on my headphones and opened a file and wrote, and somehow chainsaw neighbour dude helped me over that initial hump of fear. But not in a massacre-y way. I finished the rewrite on Chapter One of the Winter Soldier NaNo project, yay. Thanks, chainsaw neighbour dude.

A question: Where does Sam live? Are there any clues in the movie? Pic to illustrate, if that is helpful.

Someone's knocking at the window )

The crochet world lost an artist this week.
CN: mental illness, suicide )

Here, look at Nomi and Amanita. From Sense8. Precious babies. I love them so much.

[Tall blonde woman holding hands with a black woman who has brightly coloured braids in her hair, standing against a wall of graffiti.]

I just watched Ep 4. (The one with the Four Non-Blondes bit, for people who have already finished watching.) Ugh, I never knew how much I wanted an 8-way mindmeld. At the same time, eight characters is a lot to work with. (This is me thinking ahead to when I will inevitably want to write a Sense8 AU with another fandom. Eight characters? Wow. But so interesting.) I need to know more.

I was listening to Kate Bush's 'Cloudbusting' the other day, and realised that I've been listening to this song for nearly thirty years and never actually looked up what the heck it was about. (It's a good forward-moving song, so I put it on a lot of my writing playlists. And also my housework playlist.) Turns out it's about a lot of stuff. A LOT OF STUFF. Like, wow. Mad science and oppressive governments and orgasmic (I think?) energy and actual cloud seeding.

The video was directed by Terry Gilliam and it stars Donald Sutherland standing on a hill, and Kate Bush standing well below him in a pixie wig. I should google more lyrics from the eighties.

I put the video here behind the cut: )

Things I have found on etsy:

Come window shop with me! )

Ugh, I could shop forever, and my house would be full of tiny useless but pretty stuff. So much better to share here.

Remainder of linkspams:
- Mini fox terrier proves 'working dog' status to council officers
Ahaha, don't fuck with working dogs. And working dog people. I'm just saying. Unless you want to be given the eye and moved into a pen.

- 8 Grand Yet Forgotten Profane Expressions
For maximum Middleman effect, say these out loud, and add "Dubby!" at the end.

- A Glimpse of What Magazines Like Time, Forbes, GQ & More Would Say About Marvel’s New Black Panther
Ugh, can't we have this movie before Ant Man? Seriously.

OMG, it's nearly home time, again! You know, if I got my act together and posted more than twice a month, these things would be a little less epic.
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Holy balls, today was a scorcher. We've just had a thunderstorm and it's down to 33C, from 43C. Blah. On the other hand, we finally got our watering system hooked up to our rainwater tank, so we can give everything a guilt-free soaking. Well, not that we felt that guilty, since our region isn't on water restrictions, but still, it was expensive to water from the mains. And we have our first zucchini, which, in this heat, turned from a tiny todger to a monster practically overnight.

What have you just finished reading?

Inheritance, by Malinda Lo

The sequel to Adaptation - it was clever, and it wrapped up all the plot lines in ways that felt original and not too clever-clever. I love the way she writes contemporary teenagers, and the way she can pull off a plot where said teenagers are saving the world, and yet by the time all the threads are pulling together, it doesn't feel cheesy. Also, yay for canon queer characters.

spoilers )

What are you currently reading?

A Fatal Thaw, by Diana Stabenow

This is the second Kate Shugak murder mystery - I love the setting (a National Park in Alaska) and I love the people (all sorts, all rugged as fuck) and I love Kate (never wants anyone to see how much she cares about stuff). I'm finding, as with the first book, I'm really not that into the actual murder. I just want to see Kate and her tough as balls friends hanging around and surviving stuff. But you have to read the murder to get the Kate, and so I am.
ETA: Just finished it; the murder got a lot more engrossing about halfway through.

Moon Over Soho, by Ben Aaronovitch

Definitely liking that there are consequences for the characters who were badly injured in the last book, and definitely liking Peter a lot better.

What do you think you'll read next?

After gritty Kate Shugak, I'm thinking I'll give India Black a try. Madam of Espionage Mysteries! It sounds fancy and fun.

Some links:

- This amazing fan art for Hannibal by [personal profile] gnatkip (Warning for animated gifs.) So creepy-beautiful!

- What if Hannibal told cheesy jokes instead of implying cannibalism?. (Also warning for animated gifs) Their faces! Their faces, expressing horror and hopelessness, as he delivers the punchline! Ow, my sides hurt.

- Operation War Diary is the new project at Zooniverse, the people who ran Snapshot Serengeti. They have scanned in unit war diaries from WWI, and need people to tag the scans for dates, location, people etc. It's like the ideal thing for me, since I have extensive training and experience in reading crappy handwriting.

- via [personal profile] vass, a read-along for Arrows of the Queen which I haven't read yet, but looks like fun. Dr Vanyel's Exploding Horse Syndrome!

- Monster of the Week has started Season Four of X-Files, yay! Bees and bee husbandry!
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1. It's raining like the dickens out here. Sideways rain. Sheets of water on the road. Bluster and wuthering and thunder and hail. All the cracks in the lawn are gone, where it had shrunk away from the curb has all filled in again. I look forward to a month or two of mud, and farmers finally complaining that the rain had better stop.

2. I'm limping because my knee injury flared up this morning, to the point of needing maximum OTC painkillers, and not being able to walk without a limp. Not sure why - weather? Overdoing it with the personal trainer? But I'm looking after it in a much better way than when I originally injured it - I have a tendency to freeze up and protect the part that hurts, which leads to more tension and stiffness and pain. This time, I'm icing it, and keeping moving even if I'm awkward and clumsy, and I'm stretching. Stretching is honestly the best thing I learned from the original injury. It's so important for me!

3. We made bread for lunch tomorrow, an awesome recipe that has become a favourite: Honey Sunflower Bread. Thanks, [personal profile] vass, for putting me onto this blog - so many good recipes there.

4. It's going to be a king tide at our house this weekend. Our cycles aren't in sync, so it doesn't happen very often, but when it does, we cook lots of meat! We're slow cooking a leg of lamb this weekend, which we will then fall upon like savages and devour.

5. Speaking of carnivores, our Hannibal rewatch reached the second last episodes tonight. Ack, so tense. So nearly there, and then I can talk about it with [personal profile] lilacsigil who is seeing it for the first time. *clutches self*
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- [personal profile] lilacsigil installed a new printer for our work computers, and now our repeat forms and reports look crisp and new. A pharmacy is hard on a printer, if you can imagine, and things had been getting sooty lately. Not to mention the eerie screaming noise that it made on cold mornings. No more!

- [personal profile] lilacsigil's Charlotte's Web theory of Hannibal, wherein Hannibal sees all people as pigs, but Will as a super-special cute little curly-tail piglet. SOME PIG!

- No fic will come, not yet, but sitting on the sofa with [personal profile] lilacsigil, with a blanket on our knees, piles of cats and a bag of wool is pretty damn nice. I love crochet! So much! Even though you have to be kind of bilingual - a US double crochet is a UK treble, which can get confusing. But I love puzzling it all out.

Speaking of which? This GQMF tea cosy:

GQMF tea cosy )

ETA: The pattern for the tea cosy is free, and very easy to follow: Granny Tea Cozy Tutorial.


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