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Happy birthday to [personal profile] lost_spook and [personal profile] lurkingcat, and a belated happy birthday to my nearly twin, [personal profile] muccamukk. And happy birthday to me. I had a quiet day: transplanted some lettuce seedlings into the greenhouse, did some crochet, watched the Eurovision final on delay via Youtube. I got an almond milk hot chocolate when we went out for our daily pokestop visit. I made myself a Black Tapes icon:
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It was nice. And less stressful than many other birthdays I have shared.

Hey, people, friending meme here:
Interested in icon-making friends? Join our friending meme!

I've sent my snippets away to [community profile] wipbigbang for the Person of Interest Sentinel/Guide fic. I wrote a summary and chose a title. I've got a W13 fic in second beta right now, so hopefully I can post that next week. I'm nearly caught up on getting my [community profile] fandom_stocking fics posted here. I got something in for [community profile] iconthat's current challenge. I'm doing stuff. It's a good feeling.

And I think I'm ready to close comments at my LJ.
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Title: A Child's Path to Clarity
Fandom: The Black Tapes podcast
Rating: Teen
Words: 4672
Characters/Pairings: Richard Strand, Alex Reagan, Nic Silver
Warnings/Content: None
Notes: Written for Yuletide 2016. Thank you to [personal profile] lilacsigil for the beta

Summary: "Almost certainly," said Alex. "Is most definitely not certain."

Also at the Archive

The apocalypse didn't start right away. )
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Yuletide! It seems like Yuletide comes around faster each year, which I don't mind at all because I FREAKING LOVE this exchange. This is my eleventh, and I've had a great time every year.

So, first up and foremost: I love Yuletide. I will love what you write. I've loved every Yuletide fic I've received. Please don't stress out! Please have fun writing.

Secondly, I write long letters with lots of suggestions, but they really are just suggestions. If you're one of those writers that does not enjoy being fenced in, then fly free, you beautiful wild thing. And if we don't gel on character choice, ODAO is a-okay with me. I like all the characters in these fandoms, I love all these fandoms for the stories and the worldbuilding. If you have to, ODAO like it's a rodeo.

Things that generally tickle my fancy:

People! Gen, slash, femslash, het. Friendship fic, relationship fic, frenemies, enemies, sexy enemies. People putting their differences aside to work with each other. Backstory, AUs (though not so much the mundane kind), crossovers (see [ profile] st_aurafina for fandoms), teamwork.

Plot! Big sweeping plot, small canon-compliant plot, things for the characters to do while they're snarking at each other, things going on around them while they're getting it on. I like stuff to happen.

Competence! I have a huge competence kink. I love seeing people being really, really good at stuff. I love lateral thinkers and characters who follow their instincts and people putting their skills to use in unexpected ways.

Ladies! BAMF female characters who don't have to bring other female characters down to be BAMFs. Mothers and sisters and girlfriends and girlfriends and wives. Women with agency. Women treated with respect.

Representation! People of colour. People outside the gender binary. Queer identities and culture. Non-nuclear families, found families, poly families, family that is family because you get to define it.

Things that I don't like as much (but can handle if the story takes you there):
Sad endings, character death, angst, embarrassment.

Things I'd rather you didn't write:
Cross-gen relationships, incest, teacher/student, employee/employer, non-con.

Requests: The Black Tapes, Picnic at Hanging Rock, Inhuman Condition, Confident - Demi Lovato (Music Video), Wynonna Earp, Stranger Things )


I do not have a preferred fandom. I haven't put them up in any order except how they came to me tonight as I write my letter. I might have written more about one than another, but that doesn't mean I'm fixated on that fandoms over others. I love them all, and I would be equally delighted with fic for any of them.

If we've matched on a large canon, and it's not going to work for you, I've got a few small or easily accessed canons here:

- Inhuman Condition is a short webseries about a psychologist who treats patients with paranormal characteristics. The main character is Michelle, who is played by Torri Higginson from SGA.
- Picnic at Hanging Rock is an Australian movie set in the Victorian era, about the disappearance of three schoolgirls. It's spooky and atmospheric. It's also as old as me, which means you'll probably find it in a bargain bin. (I guess that means I belong in a bargain bin, too. Oh, dear.)
- Confident by Demi Lovato is a music video. It also stars Michelle Rodriguez, there's a lot of fighting, and women having each other's back. It's great. With explosions.
- The Black Tapes is a podcast about a journalist following the career of a paranormal investigator and known sceptic. It's just finished its second season.

For stalking purposes, I'm [ profile] st_aurafina and [ profile] st-aurafina. All my previous Dear Author letters are here: Dear Author. If you have any questions, you're welcome to message my partner, [personal profile] lilacsigil. If you're writing Hanging Rock, and need an Australian beta, she'll do that. I totally volunteer her for it. (No, seriously, she will do that.)

Thank you so much! I hope you have a great Yuletide.
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Title: Someone to Watch Over Me
Fandom: The Black Tapes podcast
Rating: G
Words: 1400
Characters/Pairings: Alex Reagan, Richard Strand
Warnings/Content: Idfic, insomnia, Twilight references
Notes: Thanks to [personal profile] lilacsigil for the beta. I accidentally put my Nonna in this fic - I must really want them to feel better.

Summary: Things wouldn't seem so dire, if only Alex could get some sleep.

Also at the Archive

Alex has been editing for hours when there's a rap on the studio window. )
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I said to [personal profile] lilacsigil this morning, "It's so unfair that I feel hungover when I didn't even... oh, wait." Which makes it sounds like I went on some booze-soaked bender, when really it was just enough to get pleasantly tipsy. Maybe it's because I'm getting older, but I seem to feel it more.

spider story, no harm comes to spider or to me. No pictures! )

Media consumed:
Mozart in the Jungle )

X-Files 10.02, Founder's Mutation )

I've been listening to podcasts lately, for some reason. (The reason is that I ran out of Rivers of London audiobooks, sigh.) Currently I'm listening to The Black Tapes, which is silly and cheesy paranormal fun, with lots of ~demonic plots. Right now, they're delving into Scriabin's (the composer) ~demonic tendencies and I had to stop the podcast to wiki him, because surely they were making that up. But no, it turns out he was actually pretty spooky.

[personal profile] lilacsigil is playing Lego Marvel Avengers, which just came out this week, and now she will never talk to me again. Goodbye, [personal profile] lilacsigil! See you in a few months. It's actually pretty cute, and it straight-up opened with twincest, which I appreciate. I have to say, I like Lego Age of Ultron much better than movie Age of Ultron. And I can't get over how much fun Cobie Smulders seems to be having, voicing Maria Hill.

I don't know - I want to talk about things like how much I'm enjoying Agent Carter and Supergirl and podcasts and books, which I am! But we've got no internet again (the fun of living rurally - I'm posting this via my phone) and I just feel blah and sad and tired. I think it's more than a hangover. Maybe it's a hangover from life.


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