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I am so ready for huntsman season to be over. [personal profile] lilacsigil has taken two out this morning. ("I'm fine," she said, poking one down from her ankle.)

X-Files is over. )

Agent Carter's season finale:
Is Howard Stark the Jack Harkness of this show? )

No more spiders though. That is enough.
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I said to [personal profile] lilacsigil this morning, "It's so unfair that I feel hungover when I didn't even... oh, wait." Which makes it sounds like I went on some booze-soaked bender, when really it was just enough to get pleasantly tipsy. Maybe it's because I'm getting older, but I seem to feel it more.

spider story, no harm comes to spider or to me. No pictures! )

Media consumed:
Mozart in the Jungle )

X-Files 10.02, Founder's Mutation )

I've been listening to podcasts lately, for some reason. (The reason is that I ran out of Rivers of London audiobooks, sigh.) Currently I'm listening to The Black Tapes, which is silly and cheesy paranormal fun, with lots of ~demonic plots. Right now, they're delving into Scriabin's (the composer) ~demonic tendencies and I had to stop the podcast to wiki him, because surely they were making that up. But no, it turns out he was actually pretty spooky.

[personal profile] lilacsigil is playing Lego Marvel Avengers, which just came out this week, and now she will never talk to me again. Goodbye, [personal profile] lilacsigil! See you in a few months. It's actually pretty cute, and it straight-up opened with twincest, which I appreciate. I have to say, I like Lego Age of Ultron much better than movie Age of Ultron. And I can't get over how much fun Cobie Smulders seems to be having, voicing Maria Hill.

I don't know - I want to talk about things like how much I'm enjoying Agent Carter and Supergirl and podcasts and books, which I am! But we've got no internet again (the fun of living rurally - I'm posting this via my phone) and I just feel blah and sad and tired. I think it's more than a hangover. Maybe it's a hangover from life.
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First X-Files episode ever acquired by dubious means - there was no downloading when I watched it air in the nineties.

I don't even know what reaction to put in this cut )

It's so great to see people popping up on my flist who I remember from forever ago. This fandom was the start of the internet for me. I think one of the first things I used a search engine for was X-Files related. (Remember the Noromos and the MSRs and all the amazing fic? I remember.)

FFA's discussion is lovely and nostalgic

[personal profile] lilacsigil and I used to have X-Files dates. (I was like, "You have to watch this show. You will love this show!) When Home first aired, she was living in Japan and I had just gotten my first grown-up job, and I spent some of my first precious salary to telephone her and tell her how horrible and terrifying that episode had been, while I soaked my poor sore feet in a blue plastic basin that we still own.

We were such tiny babies back then. Now look at us, together and well and all grown up. *sheds another tear* I'm so glad.
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Things happening right now:

- X-Files friending meme
(Hi to the new peeps!)

- [community profile] femslashex is open for sign-ups!

That what have you been up to meme:

So what have you been up to?
Um, work, random medical stuff that seems to take an age but never really gets done. I still have a cold. This is the cold that never ends, it goes on and on and on, my friends. It's not even that bad, it's just that every time I think I've kicked it, something stressful happens and it stops in the doorway, turns around, and gets comfy again.

Major life changes? Same old same old?
My grandfather passed away last week. It was sort of expected - he was 94, he had dementia and was quite frail - but it was also kind of a shock. I am weirdly sad, though I wouldn't say we were close, and I'd definitely say we had some conflicts. I don't know, mortality and all that, I guess, and I was sad for my dad who has cared for him. And nobody wants to see their tiny Nonna crying broken heartedly at the door of the hearse. (But she told me she was glad that Dad got him a really fancy coffin with brass bits and so on. I'm glad that made her happy.)

It was deeply weird to be around family members from whom I am estranged. Need to unpack that later with the therapist. But I got to meet my little sister's boyfriend, which was nice. He's from a very conservative background which has been a source of conflict between them - I think we were the first gay people he's ever met - but I think it was really gutsy of him to go to the funeral, and if he's willing to do that to support Nat, then I'm giving him some Brownie points.

What fandom are you in/do you spend most of your time in?
- MCU fandom, still working on the Captain America fic. Currently embedded with Howard in WWII.

- Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter, smashing out my [ profile] marvel_bang. I thought I'd missed the deadline but because I'm doing my own art, I get more time, which is supposed to be for actually doing the art, but I'm still finishing the writing, oops. Currently hanging with Peggy Carter in 1946.

- GREAT BRITISH BAKE-OFF omg, but mostly on Tumblr. I love Bake-Off time, yay!

- Sense8 - I've finished, and I really want to write some fic. But I have to Mavel Bang first. And omg, NaNo is looming.

Where do you hang out online?
[personal profile] st_aurafina
[ profile] st_aurafina
[ profile] st_aurafina
[ profile] st_aurafina.
Oh, and [ profile] dansnark, if you want to see a million pins of art journals and crochet scarfs.

What are you reading?
I am having such a crappy time reading right now. My concentration has been busted for months. I read fic, and I'm having iddish fun reading through [ profile] ckingsbridge's novels. She's got the kink and the cuddling, it's all beautiful.

What are you watching?
Hannibal, for the last time. My non-spoilery finale reaction: Omg, Hannibal, you're the worst. No, Hannibal, stop! Stop! What am I watching? Is this fic? THIS IS FIC, ISN'T IT? THIS ONLY HAPPENS IN FIC!!

This show is awesome and almost everything I wanted Firefly to be. Four episodes in, still think it needs moar actual queer. But otherwise so far, I love it. Love Dutch, love her team, love the brotherly relationship, love the zingy UST, love the world building. Love the ship.

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Because we've got access to it via Stan, and the ridiculous luxury of being able to dial up any episode any time is heady. I'm mostly cherry-picking favourite episodes. We just watched Time's Arrow, and I love Guinan.

What are you making?
I'm still crocheting the epic blanket, but I keep taking detours to make other small projects. I'm working up an infinity scarf for me. FOR ME. (I mostly give everything I make away.)

What are you squeeing about today?
Hannibal, but it's a slightly nervous, somewhat confused squee. That scene from the credits, wtf, we will be debating that for years.

If you could rope old fandom friends into a new fandom, it would be...
I don't rope people into things! But there's a lot of new stuff out there. Hey, is anyone watching X Company? It has some damn pretty people, but I don't normally do real life war fandoms. (Only, you know, Winter Soldier, and that one amazing episode of Sanctuary.) Is it really sad? Or just regular sad?

I should really watch/read/dive into _______ and then come talk to you about it!
Come and tell me about anything! I'm nearly all caught up on TV now, I'm going to need more stuff.
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Did you know Kate Beaton drew an X-Files Pride and Prejudice AU?
House Full of Mulders
Darcy!Scully is incredibly hot. *points to icon*

I made this. Because I noticed it and now cannot unsee:

I have become trapped by the kitten game. (The kitten game, but fair warning, it's addictive. Try to hold 2K catnip for each kitten, or tragedy awaits you.)

Wednesday has become cooking day - we make lunches, cook dinner for a few days ahead. Today, in an epic cook fest, we roasted a huge piece of beef, fried up some more zucchini for putting in pasta and salad over the next few days, and toasted a batch of almonds.

Also made Brioche, though to be fair, I started that last night. I'm hoping for nice leftovers to use for French toast over the Easter weekend.

And Chocolate zucchini cake. This made a ginormous bundt cake. Like, it's huuuuge. It's a huge bundt. I love saying 'bundt'.

Hot cross buns this weekend! I'll start the dough tomorrow night. Must put the fruit on to soak tonight.

Agents of SHIELD, 2.15, One Door Closes )

Easter is coming. Work is going to suck, but then it will be done, and I can make hot cross buns and eat an Easter egg.
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Sadly it's not that good. Kind of soapy and purple.

From Monster of the Week (this week's episode is Tunguska, the font from which so many Mulder/Skinner/Krycek fics spring forth): The Russians chasing Mulder and Krycek with horsewhips may seem over the top, but literally the same thing just happened to Pussy Riot.

Just finished reading:

The Silence of the Lambs, by Thomas Harris.

A re-read in celebration of Hannibal S2 starting tomorrow. I haven't read this for years and years! I noticed two things - firstly that I'm much more au fait with American places and culture than I was in... *calculates* 1989? 1990? And secondly, that I now know the term Mary Sue and can apply it to bookverse!Hannibal and his maroon eyes and his extra special, more special than special polydactyly.

Also this:

“He gutted Will with a linoleum knife when Will caught up with him. It's a wonder Will didn't die. Remember the Red Dragon? Lecter turned Francis Dolarhyde onto Will and his family. Will's face looks like damn Picasso drew him, thanks to Lecter."


Soon it will be time to close my tumblr tab and huddle and wait for the new episode to air! So excited!

Currently reading:

Still reading India Black and the Widow of Windsor. Still liking the shenanigans at Balmoral.

Five-Twelfths of Heaven by Melissa Scott. Liking it a lot! So far, there is space travel via harmonics using what I presume are giant space travel organs (since the pilot had to pull out the stops!) and a poly marriage of convenience. Which are awesome things.

Planning to read:

I might re-read Red Dragon, since Silence of the Lambs was so much fun. In as far as that kind of story is fun.

I am having all sorts of anxiety about the new house, which is disappointing, because there's not a lot to be anxious about at this stage - we're financially okay, we're under no pressure to move quickly, and the house came through the inspection really well. (The builder, or Builder-Inspector, said that he'd be happy living there, which I take as a ringing endorsement.) I think it's stress about new things, maybe? Or that there are complex social cues when you buy a house in a small town - I know the family we're buying from very well, they know us, and though the agent has been scrupulously confidential about everything, I can see the rumour starting to spread through town. Not that it even matters who knows these things. Just that I don't know how to read the cues and what to do about them.

And then there's Dad, who had a really good go at taking down my self-confidence when I called for advice on finance. He doesn't know we've actually bought the house. I'm not telling him until I give him a change of address card.

I refuse to doubt myself. We have done an awesome job and found the right house at a price that suits us. And man, are we going to have to get rid of some junk before we move. Fifteen years in one small house equals lots of clutter.
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Tonight's Monster of the Week X-Files rewatch is Teliko, aka the one with the melanin vampire. It is dire.

I bought some ginger cordial to mix with vodka tonight. Genius. That's not a recipe, as such. More like life advice.

Something I cooked recently:

Chargrilled zucchini (and some meat, in case that's something you don't want to look at) )

We brushed it with olive oil and grilled it until it was soft in the middle. It was very tasty!

Panini bread

Honestly, I didn't see much difference in this to my regular pizza recipe, despite it being a long and complex recipe involving a starter sponge and a whole lot of mess. I was anticipating something with a more open texture, like a ciabatta. I wouldn't bother with all the mess of the very sticky dough again, for what I got out of it. It tasted okay, though. But my pizza recipe would have worked just as well.

Mergatrude's Super Easy Butter Cake

[Disclaimer: the recipe is good. The baker suffers under a curse.]

I followed the recipe faithfully, and it all looked good when I put it in the oven. After the alloted twenty five minutes, it felt suspiciously liquid, so I left it for another ten. By then, it had cooked on the outside, and smelled amazing, but still felt a bit... sloshy. I used a skewer, which came out clean (OH TREACHEROUS SKEWER!!), and it was getting very brown on top, so I took it out. I let it cool in the pan, then I turned it out, and like the Titanic, it broke in half. Unlike the Titanic, it oozed raw cake batter. Oh, the humanity. It was a terrible caketastrophe. No, actually, the bits that cooked were really freaking tasty. But my shame and disappointment left a bitter aftertaste.

I think that either my oven is misbehaving (in which case, I've got a thermometer to check what the actual temperature is) OR I had it on the wrong temperature. The markings on the dial are getting smaller and smaller as time goes by. (Solution: get [personal profile] lilacsigil to check the setting, because according to the optometrist, she has the eyes of a ten year old.)

Something I have solid plans to cook soon:


Strawberry Cream Cheese Ice-Cream, only with mangoes. Because I walked into the greengrocer this week, and the mangoes smelled amazing. I think it should work well? All of the ingredients taste good on their own, and that's usually a good sign.

Something I'm idly thinking about cooking in the future:

The zucchinis are coming. I think we're going to get four or five this week. Big ones. Hence:

Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

Zucchini Bread, which is more like a spice bread than a bread bread. It makes a good teacake.

We're going out to dinner on Sunday night with my brother and sister in law, and our two nephews. I am trying to be less socially anxious about things. I wish I knew how to go about being less socially anxious about things.
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1. Tonight's X-Files was Hell Money, which I tend to skip in my constant rolling rewatch because it's kind of shitty. But we're keeping up with Monster of the Week which means no skipping. (Last week was Teso Dos Bichos, with the amazing fake kitties.) Anyway, this episode had surprise!Lucy Liu! And surprise!B. D. Wong! So the rewatch was definitely worth it.

2. This week is Freezer Food Week! (Which comes around whenever we've filled up the freezer.) It's a surprise with every meal. Except breakfast.Tonight was lasagna! And this weekend, I'm cooking a giant batch of curried sausages - lovely Nana food, especially when it's cold.

3. I had a really, really good swim on Tuesday, for the first time in five weeks. The Warrnambool pool has been so crowded, but they just opened the outdoor pool for early morning laps, and it seems to have eased the pressure on the mid-morning lap swimmers like me, yay. And they're filling the local outdoor pool now, so hopefully soon we'll be swimming laps closer to home.

4. The green zebra tomato seedlings are ready to go out in the main beds. The cherry tomatoes aren't far behind. I planted some Lebanese cucumbers, but most of them didn't come up, so I shoved in some cantaloupe seeds. And then some things came up but I'm not sure if they're cucumbers or cantaloupes. I guess we'll find out.

5. Crochet!

Pics of crocheted things, mostly hats )

Sadly, as a result of all this handcraft, I have amped up the tenosynovitis in my right wrist, but I've got a doctor's appointment on Tuesday, and hopefully there will be a cortisone shot. Hopefully. Because I'm sad about rationing my crochet time.
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1. Had a much better run through work days than last week. Phew! Just as many interactions with the people who were stressing me out last week, but because I felt better, I dealt better.

2. I read a book - a whole book, end to end. This is noteworthy because for the last few months, my concentration has been so wobbly that I've only been able to read short paragraphs. I am proud. The book was A Trifle Dead by Livia Day. It's a murder mystery set in Hobart, and recced by [personal profile] coffeeandink. The ebook had no DRM, so the two people in this household could both have it on their devices - something I consider very civilised and the way ebooks should operate.

I liked the book - it wasn't difficult to read (thankfully!), the mystery was satisfying, and the way Livia Day writes Hobart as a small country town where everyone knows everyone was something I really enjoyed. I took a little while to warm up to Tabitha, the protagonist, but there were lovely descriptions of cakes while I was warming up, and I came to like her very much in the end. I'm looking forward to the sequel. And the author's tumblr, [ profile] tabithadarlingsbedroomfloor, is lots of fun, too.

3. Today's Monster of the Week cracked me up: Nisei:
I’m sorry I didn’t have room for the dialogue at the end, where Scully is all MULDER DON’T GET ON THAT TRAIN and Mulder is like NO I AM GETTING ON THAT TRAIN IT IS AWESOME AND HAS ALIENS IN IT and Scully is all NOOOOO and Mulder hangs up on her.


And because of our great synchronicity, we watched the episode tonight. Pendrell! Mulder's amaaaaazing adventures on boats and rooftops and traintops! Skinner just lurking in the dark in Mulder's trashed apartment! Seriously, though, that moment when all the MUFON women hold up their jars and canisters that held their implants? So creepy, the first time around.

4. I was stressing out about how little I've written this year, so I'm trying to remind myself that I'm being creative in other spheres. Crochet, for one thing. Art journalling for another. I shouldn't worry about my creativity drying up, because it's always seeping out in other forms, even when I'm not writing. Proof:

An art journal WIP, and a card I made for my mum's birthday )

5. I'm really enjoying Season 3 of Dance Academy, much more than I was anticipating: while the main message of the show is still "Which boy should I date?", there have been some good arcs for my favourite characters - Ollie, Abigail and Grace. And they've dealt well with the emotional fall-out of the character that departed the show last season.

Hey, Catholics on flist - can you tell me what it means when a child receives their reconciliation? A friend just posted some photos on Facebook, and I'm not sure what her kids have actually taken part in. I'd like to know, because I don't want to say something inappropriate.
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1. I had some vodka tonight. Oh, yeah.

2. Our X-Files rewatch is in sync with Monster of the Week, which makes it kind of fun, especially in the crappier episodes.

(God, I love Scully.)

It's a good rewatch: we open up IMDB so we can see why all these actors are from. For example, this week's episode, The Walk? The one where the quadruple amputee veteran is astral projecting to do murders? That guy is Adam Worth from Sanctuary. His mailman side-kick is Moz from White Collar. And the episode with the invisible elephant and the signing gorilla? The chief vet is Erin Strauss from Criminal Minds.

And the other thing we've learned from IMDB is that almost everyone has been on this one show, Da Vinci's Inquest. I have no idea what it is, except that it obviously functions as a nexus for X-Files extras.

3. Worked out with my personal trainer today, and wow, so tired now. But my knee held up. There was no screaming, and no rolling on the ground.

4. I don't know.

5. i'm gonig to bed now
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1. I was so pleased with how well my knee was going that I got into the pool via the ladder instead of the ramp. Big mistake - my knee gave a massive agonising spasm on the first rung, and I had to decide whether I'd go up or down. I chose down (SHE CHOSE DOWN? /obligatory Labyrinth moment) because at least if I fell, I'd land softly. Fortunately, I had a physio appointment that very afternoon, and unlike usual appointments, was able to give the phsysio very clear explanations on what kind of movements hurt and didn't hurt. (Adductor/abductor okay. Knee rises and leg curls, very not okay.) She put a lot of needles in. It feels better now.

Also, because I was kind of freaking out (OH GOD I BROKE MY KNEE AGAIN OH GOD) she reminded me that it's okay if it catches sometimes, and that it doesn't mean I've set myself back.

But wow, that was a bad day for the pool to have two heaters out of action - just when I wanted soothing warm water.

2. After talking to [personal profile] mossybomb, I've decided to give watermelon a go in the garden this year. I've bought some Sugarbaby seeds - it's a small melon that does better in cooler climates. I hope it goes well! I hope the possums don't steal them, like they did our pumpkins.

3. I'm nearly through the third skein of four for this baby afghan. I quite like it now, I think. Also, apparently you don't have to block crochet, so that's one thing less to worry about. When I'm done, I'm going to try some more hats. And maybe this scarf: Sushi Roll Scarf. When you roll it up, it looks like sushi!

4. An IRL friend who dropped out of contact six months ago reappeared, to announce that she's sold a YA book. I'm kind of surprised, because I never knew she wrote. I wonder if she's fannish? I WONDER IF SHE'S ON MY FLIST? That would be super weird but cool. (If you are, Mandi, drop me a cryptic hint!) I think I'll ask her if she writes fic. And what her feelings are on the matter. I hope her book does well. I don't know much about it, other than what she's got on the Facebook page: Six Steps Down.

5. Some cool tumblrs I followed recently (I keep meaning to save these for a Follow Friday, but I can't get my act together on an actual Friday):

[ profile] scullysface: Scully's face is a good face. And there are so many faces. (face of already forming argumentative counterpoints // face of he’s totally going to ignore every single one of those well-worded warnings i just gave him and do whatever the fuck he wants // face of well this ain’t good)

[ profile] truebluemeandyou: Crafty! And crafty recreations of trendy stuff! I like their round-up posts.

[ profile] ancientart: Found this one via [ profile] maats-asp. Pretty much what it says on the label. I like history. I learned most of mine on the internet.

[ profile] heckyeahgrilledcheese: Sometimes I wonder why people make tumblrs of these things, and then I see all the melty, gooey cheese and I understand.

[ profile] wtfbadromancecovers: So hideously hilarious. And features a good number of gay romances, too, which is nice, I think? In a backhanded way, it's good to see representation?

[ profile] paleoillustration: Is actually on break now. But when it's not, there are awesome paleolithic things, like this buck-toothed elephant thing that eats bark. (Warning for pics of spiders on the first page. Paeleolithic spiders, but still.)

I'm really enjoying tumblr again. It's nice.
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1. Unexpectedly sunny weather, which was unexpectedly pleasant, especially because work wasn't too busy. At this time of year, Saturdays alternate between frantic and dead, depending on whether the football game is home or away. I did have to make an ointment, though. I hate compounding, and am delighted by the proliferation of compounding pharmacies so I don't have to, but this one was so basic I was too embarrassed to refer the patient on. But I got it all done, and with minimal suffering, despite the utter grossness of lanolin. Ugh, and it's so hard in winter. Like mashing cold butter, only so much stinkier.

2. I've ordered seeds so I can start this year's tomatoes. I got green zebras, because I was depressed about global warming, and then I thought "Well, if it's going to get warmer and warmer, I'll grow tomatoes that need warmer weather, damn it." Green zebras are tasty, if we can get them to ripen. And if I've now jinxed myself into a cold, wet summer? See what I did there? Ha!

The other variety I ordered was called "Camp Joy Cherry" which sounds absurdly rude for no actual reason. I get my seeds from Forget Me Not Heritage Seeds, and they've never let me down.

3. I haven't said much about the casting for the new Doctor, but I'm pretty happy with Peter Capaldi. Like most people, I'd love a woman, I'd love a POC, but I'm happy postponing that hope for a new showrunner. When I heard what Moffat said about the Queen, I thought he was calling for a succession, and entertained a vague daydream where he gets put in the Tower for treason.

4. I've made the bread for lunch tomorrow. That means I can sleep in a bit more, since I don't have to get up and get it going in time. This also means the loaves will have cooled properly before we slice into them, unlike when I grab them hot from the oven. I can never wait - I hack into them when they're far too hot, and they collapse. (It's Honey Sunflower bread again. It makes the nicest toast.

5. Cool things in fandom:

[ profile] xf_is_love is running the X-Files Love Month: ...a month-long multimedia celebration of X-Files where each participant claims a date and then posts some new X-Files related fanworks (which can be fic, graphics, icons, vids, essays, a memoir of your days in the X-Files fandom, or pretty much anything as long as it's new and original) on that day. You can do as little or as much as you want - the day is yours!

Sign-ups are here, and there are still days free.

[personal profile] havocthecat has a great post on femslash: What do I want from femslash? I'm in it for the characterization.

[ profile] thekimonogallery for beautiful vintage kimono, and other picspams of Japanese culture.
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Title: Early Risers
Fandom: X-Files
Rating: PG
Words: 300
Characters/Pairings: Doggett/Skinner

Summary: The habits of former Marines die hard.

There's little need for words on the mornings they wake up together )
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Ugh, so hot. So hot, people of the north! So hot, I am melting! Stuff is on fire here and there, but nothing horribly out of control and the wind has changed so we're okay for now. Except that it's hot.

*melts not in a nice way like if something romantic happened but more like a sad popsicle*

I am filling [community profile] fandom_stockings! I haven't got as many done as I'd like, but I've got one more day and hopefully it will be cooler.

My big grey cat just walked over my phone, switched it on and butt-dialled the butcher. I am deeply impressed, and also reaching for the sanitary wipes.

Which reminds me, this was my Christmas card from [personal profile] lilacsigil:

We always joke about the sale price being in guineas because of this awesome/terrible pony book where a girl buys a pony at the sale yard, and finds out that the price is in guineas not pounds, and she's short of cash. So, in a disgraceful act, she snipped the buttons off her coat and sold them to make up the difference. This kind of thing happens all the time in pony books.)

Snapshot Serengeti continues to entertain, especially when I'm feeling brainless. At least I'm contributing by helping them track data, right? I might be melting and brainless but I can count wildebeest, damn it. And I've seen lots of amazing things: ducks of the Serengeti! Dancing man of the Serengeti! Porcupine of the Serengeti! But best of all:


Warning for naked baboon butt )

The actual reason I wanted to post was because Monster of the Week has started again! Monster of the Week is a webcomic recap of the X-Files which I discovered late last year thanks to [personal profile] runpunkrun, just as the artist finished recapping season one. And now, season two!

There's a feed here, so you can have Monster of the Week on your flist: [syndicated profile] monsteroftheweek_feed. You are welcome.
st_aurafina: Agent Dale Cooper and Agent Audrey Horne (Twin Peaks: Dale and Audrey)
Title: The Magician Longs to See
Author(s): [personal profile] st_aurafina
Artist(s): [ profile] aphrodite_mine (fanmix) and [ profile] satavaisa (art)
Fandom(s): X-Files, Twin Peaks
Type: Mostly gen, with a background slash pairing
Rating: PG
Word Count: 33K
Characters/Pairings: Dana Scully, Fox Mulder, Audrey Horne, Johnny Horne, Dale Cooper/Albert Rosenfield, Denise Bryson, Thomas "Hawk" Hill
Spoilers: This contains major spoilers for Twin Peaks.
Warnings: Warnings for mention of past sexual assault of children and adults, suicidal ideation, murder


It's ten years after the murders in Twin Peaks, and ten years since Special Agent Dale Cooper vanished from the Great Northern Hotel. Audrey Horne is an agent in the FBI, trying to understand the events of her past and investigate Cooper's disappearance, despite obstruction by the law enforcement of Twin Peaks. Meanwhile, Agents Scully and Mulder are dealing with a case that bears frightening similarities to the original murders in Twin Peaks.

Beautiful full-size art and fanmix under here )

Author’s Notes:
Special Agent Audrey Horne is entirely [ profile] aphrodite_mine's idea. She wrote a ficlet – also a crossover, this time with The Inside – with Audrey and Rebecca Locke at Quantico, studying to be agents. You can read that here: Circumlocution. All credit, all kudos to [ profile] aphrodite_mine for this brilliant idea that seized me and made me write this story.

Thank you to [personal profile] lilacsigil and [ profile] heartequals, who were betas and cheerleaders and kept me writing when I would have given up long ago. You guys are so awesome, thank you.

ETA 6-7-12: This fic is a series now! You can find all the fics in order at the Archive:
The Magician Longs to See (series).

Otherwise, here's a breakdown:

Say Goodbye (To the World You Thought You Lived In)
10K words
Set immediately after the Twin Peaks finale episode. Spoilery for the mystery in The Magician Longs to See, so read it afterwards.
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Moving Day
Albert/Dale, set between "Say Goodbye (To the World You Thought You Lived In)" and "The Magician Longs to See"
300 words
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Audrey/OFC, set between "Say Goodbye (to the World You Thought You Lived In)" and "Baby Shampoo"
800 words
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Baby Shampoo
Audrey Horne & Rebecca Locke
Twin Peaks/The Inside crossover
800 words
Set between "Home" and "The Magician Longs to See"
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The Magician Longs To See )
st_aurafina: Dale Cooper at the table with coffee and a donut (Twin Peaks: Dale with coffee)
FIREFOX 4 IS KIND OF CRAPPY, GUYS. It signs me out of everything randomly. I have to work too hard to get my add-ons to operate. In version 3, you'd right click and select the second option to open a tab without switching to that tab, but in 4, it's the first option. I'm used to right-clicking and opening a bunch of tabs then reading them, but now I keep flip-flopping from tab to tab. These sound like small things, but they add up over the day. I'm so bad at change.

I just had this conversation on IM, which basically sums up my day:
Me: (at work) *sneezes ten times*
[personal profile] lilacsigil: (at home on lunchbreak) Are you sneezing?
Me: *awed* How did you know that?
[personal profile] lilacsigil: Because your antihistamine is sitting on the bench in front of me. You forgot to take it this morning.
Me: Oh. Hang on, gotta sneeze.

It's pretty bad when you rock up late to work, and you're the one with the key to the door. And you live two minutes away in the car. And everyone around you knows this. I need to stop these midnight writing binges. I can't write until two and be at work at nine.

This may be why I have no concentration.

This photoshopped image should make me cranky for various reasons (Like, why can't we have a female Doctor? Why can't we have Doctor who isn't a white guy?) but instead I can't stop looking at it. It gives me a funny feeling in my tummy.

Hugh Laurie with a TARDIS. I am so cheap. )

Not long till Who Time! And Game of Thrones this weekend, right? *is excited*

Casestory big bang first draft is due in less than two weeks. I really want to get this done. I have 6.5K, and I'm maybe a third through the story. IDEK.

Things I have had to consider while writing:

spoilers for Twin Peaks. Seriously, if you ever intend watching the show, don't click here. )

*checks LJ cuts carefully*

If you haven't ever watched Twin Peaks, I'd recommend it. Or the first season, at least. The X-Files owes a lot of love to Twin Peaks.

Random: awesome animated fanart of Dana running, link brought to you by [personal profile] newredshoes.

Lastly, casestory big bang is looking for artists:

(sign-up post for artists)

I'm signal-boosting, because X-Files/Twin Peaks is a kind of obscure crossover, and I know I have fans of both friended, and maybe one of you might be interested? Maybe?

ETA: Ugh, cross-posting is doing the dance of fail.
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Title: Click to Look Inside (Five Amazon Deliveries)
Fandom: Scott Pilgrim, Criminal Minds, The Good Wife, X-Files, Law and Order: SVU, Doctor Who
Rating: G
Characters: Ramona Flowers, Penelope Garcia, Kalinda Sharma, Dana Scully, Alex Cabot, River Song
Summary: Five addresses on Ramona's docket. A snippet in the life of a subspace-travelling delivery girl.
Notes: Happy birthday, [personal profile] lilacsigil! I wrote this while I had a fever! But you have a fever too! Obviously this will all make sense.

Warning: Some books pictured in this fic may not reflect actual published products )
st_aurafina: Audrey ftom Twin Peaks listening at a wall (Twin Peaks: Audrey listening)
But I am clambering right back up again.

In a fit of madness, I signed up for [ profile] xf_bigbang - I reasoned that if I have to default, as long as I do it before the artists are assigned, I'm not hurting anyone. (I feel really wretched for dropping out of LGBTfest, even though it wasn't a fic for any one person as such.)

It's a Twin Peaks/X-Files crossover. I've plotted it out. I know who dunnit. I've written oodles and oodles of backstory - 5K of backstory. And there I'm stalled - my actual word count is pathetically low. I think my problem might be that I like the backstory better right now. I'd keep going with that, but the backstory is Twin Peaks-centric, and it's meant to be an X-Files story. *sighs* I will keep pelting words at the screen and maybe it will be okay. And if it isn't, who am I hurting?

Things I am watching and enjoying but haven't had the time to squee over:

The Good Wife - this is dead smart, sexy drama. I love every character on this show (we've just got to the episodes with Alan Cumming stealing every fucking scene he's in), but most of all, I draw sparkly hearts around Kalinda Sharma played by Archie Panjabi.

hopefully there is video embedded under this cut... )

It is so cold tonight, we are huddled under the lilac blanket. And we're going to Daylesford this weekend. IT MIGHT SNOW! I am so excited. We picked the best possible weekend to go up a mountain.
st_aurafina: Rainbow DNA (Twilight: Carlisle)
Title: Contemporaries
Fandom: Twilight, Dracula, Doctor Who (Three, Master), House MD, X-Files, Star Trek: TOS
Words: 2200
Rating: G
Summary: Five extraordinary doctors Carlisle has known.
Notes: Thank you to [ profile] lilacsigil for beta-reading.

There had been a disturbing note of sensationalism hanging about Van Helsing's lecture tour. )


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