st_aurafina: Natasha Romanova, looking down, against a rainbow background (Marvel: Natasha)
Title: Aftershock
Fandom: Agents of SHIELD
Rating: G
Words: 100
Characters/Pairings: Leo Fitz/Framework!Grant
Warnings/Content: Angst, drinking, forgiveness
Notes: For [community profile] multifandomdrabble 2017.

Summary: Fitz can't leave Grant standing on the doorstep in the rain. (Set post S4 finale, but before that future scene in the diner.)

Also at the Archive

Aftershock )

Title: Date Night
Fandom: Captain America
Rating: G
Words: 100
Characters/Pairings: Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson
Warnings/Content: Flirting, Sam showing off, Steve's notebook of modern facts
Notes: For [community profile] multifandomdrabble 2017.

Summary: Sam knows he's being ogled.

Also at the Archive

Date Night )

Title: Air Show
Fandom: MCU
Rating: Teen
Words: 100
Characters/Pairings: Steve/Bucky/Sam/Natasha
Notes: For [community profile] multifandomdrabble 2017.

Summary: After they've found Bucky, they need some time to hide out and recover. (Set after Winter Soldier, on the road trip that should have been.)

Also at the Archive

Air Show )
st_aurafina: Natasha Romanova, looking down, against a rainbow background (Marvel: Natasha)
Title: Coming Up on Your Radar
Fandom: Agents of SHIELD/MCU
Rating: Teen
Words: 5334
Characters/Pairings: Melinda May/Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Phil Coulson
Warnings/Content: Some sex, some show-level violence, some blood.
Notes: Written in 2016 for [community profile] femslashex

Summary: May found it grossly offensive that the KGB would spend all that time training up an elite agent – an obviously talented agent – to throw her life away on a shitty Baintronics thumb drive.

Also at the Archive

May ran through the darkness, elbows tucked in and knees pumping despite the unsteady ground )
st_aurafina: Supergirl from behind, looking over her shoulder (Supergirl: looking over shoulder)
Title: Lights Will Guide You Home
Fandom: Supergirl/Agents of SHIELD
Rating: G
Words: 2036
Characters/Pairings: Daisy Johnson/Kara Danvers
Warnings/Content: Canon injuries, sadness and despair, hurt/comfort, cuddling, soft sweaters, fluff
Notes: A loose sequel to No Fear of Falling.
I wrote this the night of the election, when I just wanted someone to tell someone else it was all going to be okay. I think we all needed a bit of that. Thank you to [personal profile] lilacsigil for the beta.

Summary: Kara's already seen the end of one world, and she knows the worst you can do is nothing.

Also at the Archive

For a person with super hearing, Kara could be pretty oblivious. )
st_aurafina: Supergirl from behind, looking over her shoulder (Supergirl: looking over shoulder)
Title: No Fear of Falling
Fandom: Agents of SHIELD/Supergirl
Rating: PG
Words: 2373
Characters/Pairings: Daisy Johnson/Kara Danvers, Cat Grant
Warnings/Content: None
Notes: Written for [community profile] femslash_kink, for the prompt "Daisy/Kara, after a hard day of saving the world sometimes superhero girlfriends just want to Netflix and chill."

Summary: Daisy's not afraid to let go and fall.

Read at the Archive: No Fear of Falling.

It was a weird place for a meet-cute )

Oof, done.

Nov. 30th, 2015 11:59 am
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Final breakdown:
W13 femslash for (belated) trope bingo: 5041 (finished)
Killjoys fic for for (belated) trope bingo: 1873 (not finished)
Sanctuary fic for (belated) trope bingo: 1237 (finished)
[Redacted fandom for Yuletide treat]: 7868 (finished)
Sequel to You Can Never Go Home Again (my Tenth Doctor & Sirius fic): 11182 (finished but damn, I want to write more.)
Person of Interest fic for no reason other than it pleases me: 14740 (and not finished, will never be finished, omg had to take a break from it)
Supergirl/Daisy femslash for [community profile] femslash_kink: 2301 (finished and awaiting editing, to post soon)
NBC's Dracula which seems to be feudal lord/handmaiden Lucy/Mina with some Grayson in there, maybe Lucy/Mina/Grayson IDK: 5981 (so unfinished)
Total: 50,367

And didn't break my duolingo streak: 108 days.

And will get to comments soon, so soon.

But first cake. And sleep.
st_aurafina: Bobbi Morse with a wing on her shoulder (Agents of SHIELD: Mockingbird)
Title: Right Here, Right Now
Fandom: Agents of SHIELD/Agent Carter/Captain America
Rating: PG
Words: 16300
Characters/Pairings: Bobbi Morse/Jemma Simmons, Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers, Angie Martinelli, Dottie Underwood, Skye|Daisy Johnson, Alphonso (Mack) Mackenzie, Lance Hunter, Leo Fitz, Melinda May, Natasha Romanoff
Warnings/Content: No warnings
Notes: Set immediately after the events of the S2 finale and going AU from there. (This was entirely written before the new season of Agents of SHIELD premiered, so please forgive discrepancies, like Daisy still being Skye.) Thank you to [personal profile] lilacsigil, a very patient beta.

Summary: Trapped in 1946 after being swallowed by the monolith, Jemma Simmons knows she must protect the timeline and get a message back to her team (and Bobbi.) The enemies of the SSR have other plans, and home seems a long way distant. In the present day, though, Peggy Carter is discovering that it's never too late to go to the rescue.

Read at the Archive: Right Here, Right Now

Fic and art under the cut )
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I'm im-ing with [personal profile] lilacsigil at work. She's inputting catalogue data which is all caps, and so her messages are all caps too.

[personal profile] lilacsigil: JUST READ MY MESSAGES IN BRIAN BLESSED'S VOICE

Also I think the cafe lady made me a babycino. It's all milky froth and no coffee. I feel foamy and undercaffeinated.

[ profile] marvel_bang is done and in editing. I've done the art. I based mine on a vintage condom tin.

This is the tin. It has a brief cameo in the fic, so I feel like it's basically relevant. )

I'm going to have a push at finishing a line for [community profile] trope_bingo before the deadline. I have one whole fic, and two halves of fics. I think it's worth the effort, anyway.

Then it will be NaNo, and I haven't decided if I'll do original fic or if I'll pants it with fic. Fic is easier, but I'm still sitting on 50K of Winter Soldier fic from 2014 which I'll probably post around, I don't know, 2020. I don't like having unposted backlog.

I have vague ideas on how to finish up The Victorian Boarding House of Together We Solve Crime. And if that's not enough to fill 50K, I could segue into the sequel, The Victorian Seaside Holiday of Together We Solve Crime. (My catchy titles!)

(This is me at

My little sister sends me links to a facebook group that posts stuff from tumblr. It's weirdly recursive. Sometimes I send her stuff straight from tumblr, but I wonder if that's the internet version of drinking straight from the cordial bottle.

She's so great, though. She's done her final exam. (Please let it be her final exam, please let her decide not to go on to other things.) She asked if she could come down here for Christmas, which is lovely and wonderful, but it gives me faint quakes of terror regarding what the hell my family is doing if she is already planning her escape.

- Flowers for Memories was a crochet art installation at Yarndale 2015. I sent some flowers for their giant garden, and there are photos here. I can see mine!

- How difficult it is to shoot a lock off? Spoilers: pretty difficult

- Altoid tin watercolour palette. We don't have altoids or that brand of gum, but I think I could improvise. (Or you know, use a vintage condom tin!) And how great are those waterbrushes, with the water stored in the barrel? Pretty effing great, let me tell you.

- [ profile] antarctic_sue is posting again! Daily photos from McMurdo. Some seals. Some weather balloons. Some science corridors. I like it.

- From [personal profile] conuly, Australia in British sign language. Etymology and sign language, differences between countries. The British signs for Australia are really interesting to me: one references convict transportation, the other our slouch hats (from contact with WWI Diggers, presumably?)

- From tumblr: Things I love about the Villain Turns Good trope. I love all of these things. I love that when you write, this is the payoff you get for building nuanced villains. I think about how often we see this in fic, and how rarely we see it in fiction. Right now, I'm thinking of comicsverse!Magneto and Zuko. Maybe it's the babycino speaking, but those two are the only ones I can think of. Oh, and Root. Yeah, Root, though I don't think she has the vulnerability and self-doubt that this talks about, not that either of those are a deal-breaker for me.

I'm pretty excited that I will be watching the next season of POI with all of you guys. Even if it's the last one - I got in on time.
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The internet is out at work, which is bad because I can't order more yarn have ready access to important medical information that could potentially save a life.

It's a paradox: on the one hand, I have no distractions and can write this post, but on the other hand, I don't know how I can post it. [ETA: Answer: briefly tethered to phone, and wow, is this novelty wearing off fast.] But I have four fairly long fics open in tabs which was pretty clever of me. And not at all because I hoard tabs.

In other news, Australia launched a satellite this morning to improve internet access to rural areas. Climb, little satellite, climb! (Actually, we are apparently in an area that's going to get the cable, so it probably won't help us much. But still! Internet from the sky!)

Five things about Blindspot 1.01 )

Agents of SHIELD is back, and my [ profile] marvel_bang fic was both jossed and kripked, which was interesting and a little bizarre.

Five things about Agents of SHIELD 3.01 )

It's such a beautiful day. Too beautiful to have no internet. I have linkspams, but they are lost, lost to me. /maximum dramaz. Oh, man, the dispense computer is down now. I will have to handwrite the labels for a while. *cracks knuckles*
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No Frills Multi-Fandom Friending Meme, thanks to [personal profile] snickfic.

Hello to the new people! I have a sticky post with all the basics and an 'All About Where I Live' post

Hey, Aussie fats - does anyone want to try We Love Colors tights? I bought a pair in fuck-off neon yellow, and fuck-off stop-sign red, and the colours are amazing, but they don't bloody fit me around the thighs. They're fantastic around the calves, and they fit me around the waist, but they don't go comfortably over my thighs. Frustrating! They're so nice and colour-dense, and vivid and so exactly what people tell fat women they shouldn't wear, so I'm really sad. They're size EE. Free to a good home inside Australia - I'll cover the postage.

[ profile] marvel_bang goes along and along. I really wanted to have old!Peggy take a part in my mystery, and I'm writing her now, but gosh, I worry I'm not going to do okay by her. I know the things I don't want in old!Peggy fic: a cure, Peggy suddenly doing things she's really not physically or mentally capable of, sweet old lady things (because she's never been sweet and I doubt she found it in old age.) It's a matter of working out what I want her to do, what she's plausibly able to do, how she can be awesome, without her sections becoming deus ex machina or overly sickly. It's a very interesting line and I'm glad I have [personal profile] lilacsigil to bounce my draft off as I write it. And I really need to get going on the art, for both of us.

In the garden, there's finally been a bit of spare time to plant the seeds, so yesterday we put tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, cucumber (all heirloom mixes, so who knows what we'll get? So exciting!), mesclun mix, rocket, and basil. They're all in the hothouse which is nice and humid at the moment. Tomatoes need to be ready to go into the beds by Cup Day (which is the first Tuesday in November.) There's tons of bok choy in the beds right now, so I'm making ramen tomorrow to use it up. (There's stock cooking up now while I'm typing this. And I can totally soft-boil eggs now, it's brilliant.)

I finally got 8tracks to work on my laptop and now I can listen to fanmixes again. (I miss megaupload!) I really liked this mix of French rap and pop:
Player embedded behind here because the art was cute too )
Being able to interact with 8tracks makes me want to re-upload all my old fanmixes that I lost when megaupload went down.

A recipe: Lemon buttermilk donuts. (CN: some diet/'clean eating' talk in the link.) Recipe has quantities in grams as well as cups (important for me, because Australian cups are bigger) and it makes a nice small batch. I had a donut pan that I'd never used but really wanted to, enough that I held onto through the giant kitchen purge before we moved to the new house. I'm glad I tried it because it cooked these little sweeties really perfectly. Definitely going to mess around with that recipe some more in the future.

This is how ours came out )

I found something to nominate as a microfandom for this year's Yuletide: Find the girls on the negatives. I love the photos - so beautiful, so mysterious - and I think there's lots of potential there for fic. Like, femslash (since it seems possible that each woman photographed the other, right?) Or mermaid femslash - they're going home together at last! Or, really, anything.

Other random things:

- 51 facts you probably didn't know about the Great British Bake-Off. The audition process sounds intense.

- Via [personal profile] conuly, The Disastrous Australian Emu War. I should add that emus don't tweet, they make a thumping drum noise. BOOM BOOM BOOM.
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[personal profile] jadelennox is hosting a friending meme, here. I've added a bunch of people - hello! I have a sticky post with most of my details, and this post specifically about where I live.

I'm almost caught up with Person of Interest - I think we have five episodes left? It has been an intense run. Spoilers for the first half of S4 )

Blurg, I have a cold, and I feel like I have a hairball at the back of my throat. I am displeased. I have been consuming copious amounts of tea with lemon. I bought lemons specifically, which makes me wonder how the lemon tree we planted at the old house is going. (We moved last September, for the new people.) It should be getting fruit, and so should the lime tree - ah, well.

[personal profile] lilacsigil planted another tree here at the new house but it will be a few years before we get anything. We've got bok-choy and baby broccoli in the garden beds right now and I've got rocket and spinach seeds coming in the mail, because our mini-greenhouse is all up and ready for baby plants. This is great, because the greens at the greengrocer are dire at the moment. It's going to be a race between seedlings and scurvy at this rate. (Not really, not with all the lemons I just consumed.)

Photos of the not-so-new garden beds )

Since I'm posting photos, this was my day today: rain and cows. So much rain. So many cows.

The oncoming storm... )

I signed up for [ profile] marvel_bang, even though I should be working on my Winter Soldier NaNo project so I can post it some time before the next movie comes out. It's already been horribly jossed by Agents of SHIELD's second season. (I'm tentatively looking for someone I can ask America questions, if there's anyone out there who'd be willing. Like, can you catch a bus from DC to New York if you're pretty sure that people are going to be monitoring airports and train stations? That sort of thing.)

Otherwise, we are both well, apart from sore throats and woolly heads. Hello again to the new people - I'm very glad to be getting to know you.
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Did you know Kate Beaton drew an X-Files Pride and Prejudice AU?
House Full of Mulders
Darcy!Scully is incredibly hot. *points to icon*

I made this. Because I noticed it and now cannot unsee:

I have become trapped by the kitten game. (The kitten game, but fair warning, it's addictive. Try to hold 2K catnip for each kitten, or tragedy awaits you.)

Wednesday has become cooking day - we make lunches, cook dinner for a few days ahead. Today, in an epic cook fest, we roasted a huge piece of beef, fried up some more zucchini for putting in pasta and salad over the next few days, and toasted a batch of almonds.

Also made Brioche, though to be fair, I started that last night. I'm hoping for nice leftovers to use for French toast over the Easter weekend.

And Chocolate zucchini cake. This made a ginormous bundt cake. Like, it's huuuuge. It's a huge bundt. I love saying 'bundt'.

Hot cross buns this weekend! I'll start the dough tomorrow night. Must put the fruit on to soak tonight.

Agents of SHIELD, 2.15, One Door Closes )

Easter is coming. Work is going to suck, but then it will be done, and I can make hot cross buns and eat an Easter egg.
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The weather is bleeeugh. Humid and hot enough to be draining, even if it's not roasting hot. And we have a simultaneous flood and fire warning. Fucken Lolstralia.

I swear a lot. I only really noticed it after the last friending meme, and I realised that I was dropping f-bombs in front of people that I didn't know so well. I'm not going to stop, though, so maybe I should have had a warning or something. I'll remember that for the next meme.

Other things I have to remember:

- make Christmas cards in June, so I can send them out during NaNo.

- note down peoples' fandom_stockings when they're posting them, because it's so much easier than rummaging through the comm.

- pants first, then shoes. Lefty-loosey, Righty-tighty. (I can't do taps. Faucets, or whatever you call them over there.)

[community profile] fandom_stocking: in the end, I got four done!! I surprised myself. Agents of SHIELD:Tony Stark/Leo Fitz, MCU: Clint/Natasha/Bucky, Agents of SHIELD: Fitz/Mac, an Elementary drabble )

I used to do this thing I called Recipe Friday, then I kind of tailed off. But it's Friday, right? And I cooked heaps of things over Christmas, so I'm going to do it.

Something I've cooked recently:

Gluten-Free Shortbread

This is where I learned that not all gluten-free flour blends are the same. The dough looked great but they turned into beautiful lace doilies in the oven. Really tasty lace doilies, but not very presentable. From the comments, I wasn't the only person this happened to. I need to check the brand, or use a recipe that lists single ingredients.

Coconut Macaroons

My fall-back option for my gluten-free guest. I was in the middle of the recipe when suddenly I realised that Nigella makes this into EIGHT macaroons. "Form into clementine-sized domes", it says. I got about twenty regular macaroons shaped with my tablespoon measure. But you need to bake them for a much shorter time - it was lucky I checked the oven when I smelled toasty coconut because they were done. A little overdone, maybe.

Next time, I'm using an extra egg white for this quantity. And drizzling them with chocolate.

Chocolate Crackle Slice
2 cups of Rice Bubbles
1/2 cup of icing sugar
5 tablespoons of cocoa
1 cup of dessicated coconut
250g coconut oil, melted
100s & 1000's or your choice of sprinkles

Mix all of this. Squash it into a lined slice tray (or small tin or whatever you make your bar cookies or brownies in), sprinkle with 100's and 1000's, stick in the fridge to set. Take it out, slice it how you like it. Store in the fridge.

Something I'm planning on cooking soon:

Feta and Vegetable loaf
As soon as I can get my hands on more spinach. I need iron. You could say I crave that mineral.

Ham and Cheese Puff Pastry Squares

Because I have leftover puff pastry in the freezer. And a ham nugget in the fridge. (It's this cute little off-cut of ham from the Otway free-range pig farm.)

Fruity Irish Soda Bread
Man, soda bread is where it's at when you want bread now, NOW, NOW. I made this a couple of times while I had visitors, because it's quick and it's impressive and it's easy to make with a hangover. It's basically a giant scone you can slice up and butter. I put in more fruit than this recipe calls for, though. I use currents, sultanas and raisins. I don't fuck around when it comes to vine fruit. I want it all.

Something I'm idly thinking of cooking:

Calabrian Walnut Cake
Because (a) gluten-free, and I need to expand my repertoire. And (b) I've got a big bag of walnuts in the pantry. And (c), my Nonna has a Calabrian neighbour at her nursing home, and their intense rivalry cracks me up. (Nonna is Abruzzese, but I am not informed enough to tell what's going on there. She says they're all gangsters, but I'll bet that's what her neighbour would say, too.)

Fruitcake Bar
David Lebovitz's recipes are always reliable, and this looks really nice.
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Agents of SHIELD S2 is looming.

Season Two casting news (Link is made of spoilers, so many spoilers!) This borks the current theory we've been nursing at home, (spoilers):the Skye-ju theory, wherein her parents are obviously Kaiju, since they're horrible monsters that rampaged through a town. But I don't mind, because Kyle MacLachlan. Think of the Twin Peaks crossover potential! (I will enjoy thinking of that.) End Spoilers! As long as there's more Agent May and her awesome mother, I am going to be just fine, thanks.

We started watching Arrow! It's actually really, really fun. I tried the pilot when it started, and didn't click with it, but I kept seeing gifs on tumblr - tumblr the eternal enabler! - and wanted to see this apparently awesome Felicity Smoak. She's pretty cool so far, and so is Laurel, and so is Thea and so is Helena (Lucy from Dracula!) I also like Mr Diggle. I like to say his name. I don't mind Oliver and he remains so far inoffensive to me. You can see where my priorities lie on this.

Great British Bake Off started last night. I haven't seen it yet but I am excite. Mary Berry! Suuuuuuuuue Perkins! And Mel, I love Mel too, but not Paul. He can fuck off. /stress gives me arbitrary hate-boners, apparently.

Oh, hey, do you know what was unexpectedly fun? VAMPIRE ACADEMY. It took me a while to get over the exposition. It went like this: there's this clan and that clan and another clan and some kill you and some are magic and some are FABULOUS SOUL-BONDED BODYGUARDS OKAY I'M INTO THIS. The direction was really peppy. The actress playing Rose - said fabulous soul-bonded bodyguard - was channeling Ellen Page which did not help me grasp any of the heterosexual storylines better, and the actress playing her bodyguard-ee has the cutest totally-not-Australian accent and it was all protecting and eternal love and magic and going to the formal dance. And Gabriel Byrne, gleefully having the best time ever. And lots of throwaway lines that made me giggle, and yeah, I have pitched money at the Indigogo for a possible sequel: Frostbite: A Vampire Academy Film. (I'm so into this idea that we can pay for the movies we want, and they get made. Veronica Mars spoiled me.)

I'm going to give the books another go. I will push past the opening exposition and look for the soul-bonding goodness within.

Ooh, check it out! Quolls are bringing sexy back! I live near there! Quolls near me! The spotty kind!


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