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Title: Mr Saxobeat
Fandom: Young Avengers, Hawkeye, Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Rating: G
Words: 1000
Characters/Pairings: Miss America/Kate Bishop
Warnings/Content: None, unless epic sax solos offend you
Notes: Happy birthday, [personal profile] lilacsigil! I didn't get you a real present so I had to steal your idea and write the connection between Sebastian Stan and Alexandra Stan. Thanks, by the way! (Hi, new people! I write crack for my girlfriend's birthday. It doesn't usually make any sense!)

Summary: Kate has a terrible plan, but America is willing to indulge her.

Mr Saxobeat )
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We Australians are wild about Eurovision! We're all waiting eagerly to watch the SBS broadcast of the final tonight. It's a thing we look forward to every year. We have parties and stuff. We really, really love our Eurovision parties.


ETA: We made it unspoiled! Thank you so much, Europe! Congrats to the winning country!
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This semi was disappointingly low on crack. The fact that I had time to go looking for videos to embed for each act tells you that I actually had little to write about. Everyone was pretty good.

Except for the Netherlands.

And Georgia.

And Turkey.

And Slovenia's virgin sacrifice.

*cheers up*

Serbia, FYR Macedonia, the Netherlands, Malta, Belarus, Portugal, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Coatia, Sweden, Georgia, Estonia, Turkey, Slovakia, Norway, Bosnia and Herzogovina, Lithuania )

I don't know. It was all scarily competent. I miss my flaily, stilt-walking, off-key singing, dress-tearing Eurovision.

Ah well! Finals tomorrow night! I'm reading Mira Grant's third zombie novel, and I find scary similarities between her zombies and Engelbert Humperdinck.
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BAKU, people. I can't even. Baku.

Let us begin with three incredibly awkward and (apparently, according to wiki) hugely over-qualified hosts. Ah, Eurovision hosts. I do not envy you your job.

Montenegro, Iceland, Greece, Latvia, Albania, Romania, Switzerland, Belgium, Finland, Israel, San Marino, Cyprus, Denmark, Russia, Hungary, Austria, Moldova, Ireland )
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I posted this last night, but too far under the influence to cross-post it! I fail. Let's call it a delayed-broadcast.

We've been theorising what Russia can do to top the opening numbers of the last two nights - the Bolshoi? The entire Red Army? Maybe Putin will wrestle a tiger live on stage?

But actually, Russia put up the dosh to get Cirque de Soleil for the finale. And on top of all the trampolines and unicyles, they bring out Dima, last year's winner! And he's running, running towards freedom, bursting through paper barriers, and getting his suspension harness tangled in his coat. But the back stage crew untangle him so he can make it to centre stage and sing his prize-winning song, the one that won Russia the right to host this year's competition.

I'm linking video for the performances you really have to see.

I'll be sad if Putin doesn't show up, though. )
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I'm sticking to red wine tonight. After last night's libations, I woke up with my tongue the size and shape of a savoiardi biscuit. I went to work with my top on inside out, and didn't realise until I got home. (Fortunately, I also wear a white coat, which covers a multitude of sins.) I'm therefore exercising a little moderation.

So, night two begins with the biggest balalaika in the world. I didn't know that there was a bass balalaika, but this is apparently so. This musical performance is a retrospective of past Eurovision winners, including Waterloo performed on rollerskates, and the ever-present cossack dancers. They always put Dana International's song in these medleys, and I think she'd appreciate the performance tonight: by rows and rows of glittering, tall-hatted women.

Now there's a rows of brown and white bears, one of whom is carrying a smoke machine. And you haven't lived until you've seen a row of russians in bear suits do the worm. In case you were worried about us drifting from Russia's cultural roots, the bears then did some Cossack dancing. I can see the slot for the bear-actor's eyes, it's right under the bears' chins, and it's a bit spooky. I can see fear through those slots. They better not mis-step.

When you're tired of Eurovision, you're tired of life. )

Okay, let the weeping and wailing and hair-tearing of those who didn't go through begin! I have eight hours of spoiler-free time on the internet before the final airs in Moscow, then I have to avoid spoilers. Last year, SBS broadcast the name of the winner before they aired the final over here - lame.

What will I post about tomorrow? I've already covered all but five of the competitors. *worries* Maybe just a results round up?
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For people not in the know, the Eurovision Song Contest is an annual competition, it's the most hugely camp thing, the winner is usually determined by a phone-in poll in which you cannot vote for your home country, and the acts are often eyeball-peelingly bad. I'm usually half-plastered by the time I start - my Eurovision drink of choice is schnapps.

Australia is getting to see this a couple of days after the event - you funky, futuristic Europeans who have seen this already, plz to not spoil me, thanks. I need to be surprised when Cyprus gives 12 points to Greece and vice versa.

I'm posting this night by night, because I don't know if my elderly liver can stand up to three nights of hard drinking any more. My apologies for typos - my elderly brain can't really drunk-spell like it used to, either.

Good evening, Moscow calling! )
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I am having a birthday. My sister got me a silicone spatula, it is AWESOME. (And kind of sexy. It has a stainless steel handle and everything.) And weirdofromafar gave me virtual balloons! (Thank you, sweety! *smooches*) And I have cake!

I also have an shiny new iPod touch, and I'm using it as a e-book reader. I've loaded it up with sncross_bigbang fics, and can read late into the night, and it's awesome. I'm using Stanza to manage my files, and it's gorgeous to use, and so freaking intuitive, and I think I love reading on that little gizmo.

I went to my mum's house to show her how to set up google reader, so she can keep up with her friends' art blogs, and blammo! Two days later, she's set up her own blog, and is posting to it. I am both overwhelmed by her awesome leet computer skills, and terrified at sharing the blogosphere with her. She doesn't know about my LJ/DW, yet. Also, I found out she tracked down and installed herself a pirate version of Photoshop. I found this out when she started asking me about vector layers. *boggles*

Aside from my awesome mother, There is even more awesome on the internets right now. (Can you even believe it?)

Supernatural Crossover Big Bang: there is so much amazing fic here. Go, read. So many fandoms, so much good fic.

Marvel Movies Crossover Ficathon is taking sign-ups. Go, sign up. (Especially if you're a Blade or a Ghostrider fan - they are in short supply and would be greatly valued.)

Dead Bro Walking's fen of colour check in. If you're a Sci-fi/Fantasy fan and non-white, this is a place to raise your hand and be counted. (That post is obviously not a place for white fans to make comment, so I'll say here, in my journal, that watching this list grow and grow has made me very happy.)

The Star Trek Reboot Drabble Challenge - so many tiny ficlets celebrating the awesome that is the new Trek movie. Go claim a prompt, write a gem.

Ten Things You Should Probably Know About Star Trek, for newcomers to the fandom, and for people who want to indulge in a lot of nostalgia. ([personal profile] lilacsigil has a wealth of TOS novels on her shelves, and I think they're in a for a good re-read.)

I have posts I keep starting then discarding. I need to:
- squee over Star Trek, and the general awesomeness of the things that were in it
- post about all the manga I've been reading. OMG, all the manga I've been reading
- post some recs for all the awesome fic I've been reading
- specifically, post some recs from the LGBTFest on LJ

I will do these things. After cake. And after this weekend, which will be spent be drinking the liqueurs of various nations and celebrating Eurovision. (Must check that we have enough schnapps!)

This post, at my Livejournal
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The bad thing:
I don't know if I have a sign over my head that says "Please, violate my personal space!", but customers keep touching me. THEY KEEP TOUCHING ME! WITHOUT ASKING! Just don't do that to people. I don't like having to shriek at you, but I can't help myself when you reach across my bench and knuckle me in the shoulder to demonstrate exactly which muscle you have damaged. Or grab my hand and wrap it in your deathly cold hands of questionable hygiene to show me how cold they are. No. No, no, no.

*shivers with horror*

The good things:
Smart Bitches, Trashy Books are having a Purple Prose Anal competition, and the, ahem, entries are a bit amazing. Worth a click, if only to read about the adventures of Lord Taint Bottomwell.

There's a new installment of Bayou up at Zuda.

And, okay, yeah, this other thing I've been waiting the whole year for: the Aussie coverage of EUROVISION starts tonight! Three nights of me hitting the schnapps bottle like the angry sozzled fist of Terry Wogan! *waves random flags of Europe, like Montenegro and Albania*
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A minute ago I was up to my knuckles in delicious greasy meat, stripping lamb shanks of their flesh for a Persian lamb stew that's been cooking for four hours now. It has cinnamon in it, and lemon juice, and roasted tomatoes, and chickpeas, and turmeric (my hands were yellow from it!), and it smells amazing. AMAZING! And there's something gruesomely satisfying about tearing flesh from bones. The only problem is that the biggest pot we own is too small. We need some kind of giant stewing dish, because we're going to cook this again, and we need to be prepared.

I love our local butchers. They look after us well, they buy from local suppliers, and they have a giant poly-resin bull's head on the front of their shop.

This is a Eurovision '08 spoiler )

This is a spoiler for Doctor Who 4.01 )

We just put the stew into bowls. It was very splashy, and the stovetop is a nightmare, but it looks amazing. I can't wait to eat it. (This will be tomorrow night.)
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Eurovision is my favourite TV event of the year. It's hard to explain to other people why I like it; an incredibly cheesy Eurotrash show with plastic hosts and hideous, glitzy numbers. For those who've never seen it, Eurovision is an annual song competition, where each country nominates an act to represent them, with a televote to determine the winner. The brilliant catch is that you can't vote for the country you're phoning in from, so all kinds of political bloc voting takes place – Cyprus voting for Greece, Norway shunning Finland and so on. Australia, not being in Europe, can't vote at all. But I don't care. The commentary is traditionally given by Terry Wogan, an Irishman who get progressively more drunk as the evening goes on until he's a giggling, snorting wreck.

It's become so big that the competition has been broken into two parts – a semi-final, where countries that didn't get automatic entry into the final compete for ten places, and the final. Big countries: France, UK, Germany, Russia go through to the final automatically. Smaller countries go through if they were in the top ten last year. The rest of the entries fight it out in the semi-final for a position on final night.

Helsinki, for the win! )
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So far, what I've learned from Finland's documentary about preparing to host the Eurovision song contest is that I really, really want to live in Finland: cold weather, sardonic sense of humour, really interesting faces. Finland, Finland, Finland; the country where I want to be.

We're about thirty six hours behind Europe. I hope not to be spoiled, although our papers are notoriously bad at printing the winners before the final is aired. I'm drinking schnapps.

Expectations from Eurovision 2007:

- That someone will have their dress torn off during their number. Possibly twice. (This means starting your performance wearing three costumes, one on top of the other.)

- An explosion of gimmick acts, following Lordi's glam rock win last year. I want to see lots and lots of Weta-style latex make-up, and customised contact lenses. And wings. And robots.

- The use of the word "arockalypse". I've been trying to say it at least once a day. Also, mention of the Day of Rockening.

- Nil points for Britain. Sorry, but it's true - the UK sucks at this competition.

- All the big countries that get automatic entry to suck. I'm drinking schnapps right now, in honour of Germany sucking. Sorry, Dingsi - perhaps you can draw comfort from the fact that Spain, France and Russia will also suck? I look forward to imbibing liquors from these great countries by the way. *checks vodka in freezer, considers buying tequila*

- Sweden to put forward another ABBA-esque entry. Get over ABBA, Sweden! For heaven's sake.

Ooh - Finland is putting forward an Amy Lee style entry this year! Sample lyrics: "Leave me alone, I want to go home!" Oh, Eurovision - I love you! *settles into sofa*
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I don't know when it happened, but one day, a few years ago, like switching on a light, my tastebuds suddenly liked red wine. I really like red wine. I know our palettes are supposed to mature over time, but it's weird to see it in action. Unfortunately [ profile] lilacsigil is a teetotaller, and that leaves me with something of a dilemma, because there's only so much wine you can put into the cooking. That is why I must nobly consume the rest of the bottle. It's not that much, really. We had roast lamb tonight, and it was all kinds of awesome. We roasted a turnip. I've never done that before. Turnip = weird but tasty, like the offspring of a potato and a parsnip. Now I'm full, and mellow, and it's been raining for most of the day (omg! omg!) so my apocalyptic fears are somewhat abated.

I want to write more Harry Potter, so I signed up for [ profile] reversathon, even though the sign-ups were hard work. It's very tricky to write an advertisement for yourself, to entice people to make requests for you to write. I had to think a lot about what I like to write, and I have a dorky fear that because I said I like to write gen, people are going to be turned off. This is a stupid fear, because a lot of the HP authors I love to read write fantastic gen. Gen isn't dorky.

The big reveal for [ profile] remix_redux is in a few hours. *eyes bottle* I think I'll be asleep by then. I'm looking forward to finding out who remixed Agony Aunt, because they are made of awesome and I love them. (Is that OTT? Probably.) I really enjoyed Remix, both the reading and the writing part. I learned a lot from remixing the story I chose. I loved what I wrote, especially the strange voice of the POV character. I think the pairing scared a lot of people off (or maybe I write summaries of suck), but I loved the original story, and I loved that I had the chance to remix it. I would sign up to do Remix again in a second. I don't know if [ profile] musesfool is going to run it again, but I hope that she does. Or that someone does. It was so much fun.

The bottle is empty now, and I'm swaying slightly on the sofa. *looks shifty* Do you know what? EUROVISION will be on telly in two weeks! OMG! OMG! OMG! Eurovision! In Helsinki OMG! Oh, flist who live in Europe, please to not spoil me, because you get to see it first.

And apparently there was an earthquake in Kent. WTF?
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I love the Eurovision song competition. It's my birthday present every year. Tonight was the semi-final, and on Sunday it's the final.

It all works like this: every country puts up an act. They perform on TV, and then Europe votes. Each country is not allowed to vote for its own artist. There are massive voting bloc controversies, there's drama and tears, and there's incredibly bad music. And some good music. I love Eurovision, it's a big, wonky circus of joy.

The announcer (who is always plastered, so this may not be true) said that the US is working up its own version of Eurovision. I'm not sure that it would work, but you never know.

I love Eurovision, but it's a harsh love. )
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The Eurovision semi-finals are on tonight! OMG yay!

My TMJ is still flared up, and the really weird thing is that this happened last year just before Eurovision. That's strange. That's zany. That's Eurovision.

I can't wait! It's going to be so awful/good!

In other matters, [ profile] thefourthvine recced a Doctor Who story, Leave The Light On by [ profile] cherryice.

I haven't had much luck finding good Doctor Who fic, because it's a very soggy, schmoopy fandom. This one is really good, the best Who fic I've ever read. Go read it, even if Who isn't your fandom.

All you need to know about Doctor Who for the story is this: The Doctor is an alien who travels in time, and at the moment, he's accompanied by Rose from the 21st century, and Jack from the 51st. That's all. The story stands by itself.
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The word for when someone gives you an ear worm, is shpadoinkle.
For example: "Damn you Croatia, you shpadoinkled me with your damn song."
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Oh it was every damn thing I dreamed of and feared.
Hosts: Excruciating!
Commentary: Sarky!
Performers: Eurotrash disco with ethnic drumming and ra-ra skirts!

I both like and dislike the idea of a semifinal. I like it because I get to see more countries performing. I dislike it because I think that the countries that get selected to go through to the finals have kind of spent all their energy getting there. Wigwam, the Norwegian glam rockers were much more sedate on the second night. I don't know, maybe it was me, and I was a bit jaded. I think that next year, I might tape the semi-final and watch it after the final, for comparison.

Memorable moments: )

Ahh. Roll on Eurovision Junior...


May. 20th, 2005 03:27 pm
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I like to watch the newspapers for interesting names. Sometimes it's for the shock-horror value of what some people can come up with given 26 letters and a hyphen or an apostrophe. (See - that's where all the apostrophes went. They move from the you'res and they'res to the Say'anas and Jai'ahs.)
Sometimes there's a tiny little geek baby. I've seen Jadzia Fox, and Beau, brother for Remi. There were a lot of Danas a while back.
So here's a puzzle today:
Vassilika, which is
a) a mysterious something in a Star Wars comic. The Yavin Vassilika
b) an village midway between Perithia and Acharavi on the north coast of Corfu
So, I guess they're either Geeks or Greeks.

Which leads me to the best thing about my birthday is the Eurovision song competition. Yay Eurotrash pop! Last year it was on my birthday, so I had presents, cake and Eurotrash pop. This year I had to wait a few days. Tonight it's the preliminary round, where all but the largest countries (UK, Germany and a few others) and last year's winners compete to qualify for the finals. Then on Sunday, there's the big final. It was suggested that we should have Chicken Kiev, because the event is in the Ukraine, but neither of us like food that seeps. When the Ukraine won last year, we learned that a favourite food of Ukraine is Salo, which is pig fat dipped in chocolate, but sadly, chocolate is now dead to me. Last year's winning performer was Russlana, who is mega-qualified as a musician and ethnic musicologist, with multiple degrees. She goes into the hills to study and record folk music. And she appeared on Eurovision last year wearing animal skins and cracking a big leather whip. Oh yeah, it was primal.

Mmm... primal.


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