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I'm still trying to catch up on posting fic to my Dreamwidth. As I go, I'm trying to post to a comm or two as well, because that's where DW falls down a bit, I think - there aren't as many active comms as there were on LJ. Some really, really active ones! But not as many.

Speaking of which, is there a place I could post my Black Tapes genfic? A general fandom genfic comm? I couldn't find a specific Black Tapes comm, but in searching, I did find that there's an option for DW to add that topic to your interests. (Which is awesome.) And then through that, I found [community profile] addme_fandom, which is like [community profile] addme, but fannish.

Meme with me? (as seen everywhere, probably because it's a good meme!)
Ask me:
1. the character I least understand
2. interactions I enjoyed the most
3. the character who scares me the most
4. the character who is mostly like me
5. hottest looks character
6. one thing I dislike about my fave character
7. one thing I like about my hated character
8. a quote or scene that haunts me
9. a character I wish died but didn’t
10. my ship that never sailed

Also, from [profile] yohijideranged, a music meme!

1. A song you like with a colour in the title.
I have three, because how do you choose these things?
Under this cut: Birdy, Lorde, David Bowie )

Youtube, why do you do that massive gap thing with your embeds? Why?

The rest of the topics )
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Ours so far has been cool and occasionally rainy, which is lovely after Thursday's swelter.

I had three fics for Yuletide, which I've posted to my journal. I'm trying to do that more. The Archive might not be there forever, and it's a good idea to have a back-up. And besides, I'm trying to post more to comms on Dreamwidth, because that's somewhere where DW could do with more activity. I miss the days of busy comms on Livejournal.

This was my fic round-up:
A Beautiful Lie, (Killjoys, Johnny and Lucy)
Four things that didn't happen to Laurent, and one that could have changed everything, (Captive Prince, 5 AUs. SO MUCH FUN TO WRITE!)
Very Special Guest Star (The Muppets/Indiana Jones crossover. I never knew how much I would love writing Piggy. Wow.)

I finally get to rec the fics I betaed, too:

For [personal profile] lilacsigil
Five Ridiculous Things That Never Happened to Nancy Whitehead (and one awesome thing that did) (Unbeatable Squirrel Girl)
I love AUs, and I love Squirrel Girl, so this was awesome.

The Uncanny X-Gwen (Gwen Variants comics covers)
Fic for this Spider-Gwen cover - the one where she's all the X-Men, or at least, Cyclops, Storm, Nightcrawler and Colossus. So. Many Gwens.

Jus Tertii (Daredevil comics)
Kirsten McDuffie (before she's dating Matt Murdock), who just wants to be a regular ADA, but can't because superheroes. I love that Stephen Strange consults for the District Attorney's Office. He so would!

No More Dominion (Spider-Gwen comics, Matt/Elektra, Foggy Nelson)
In this universe, Matt Murdock is evil, and he spends a lot of time considering his own evil. And his roommate at college is so unrelentingly nice, it's unbearable.

And one for [personal profile] monanotlisa:
Nobody Move (And Nobody Gets Hurt) (Killjoys, Dutch/Johnny, Dutch/D'Avin)
Set immediately after the last episode, a lovely friends-to-lovers rescue fic. Such awesome Killjoys fic this year!!

It was a really great Yuletide this year. (I say that every year, but it's true.)
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Title: Ride a White Horse
Fandom: X-Men First Class/Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar books
Rating: PG
Words: 34K
Characters/Pairings: Charles/Erik mindbond (Charles is a Companion), Alex/Darwin mindbond (Darwin is a Companion), Raven/Angel, Raven/Irene
Warnings/Content: Implied X-Men:First Class levels of torture for Erik, not graphically described

Summary: With Mindspeaking as powerful as his, the safest place for Xavier was Companion's Field, where he's lived all his life alongside his only friend, Raven the Changechild. Erik is determined to stop Schmidt, Ancar's mage, from ever harming another child; he has no time to nurse a shaky Mindbond with a Companion of Valdemar. And Raven wants Xavier to find his Chosen, but cannot allow him to face danger alone.

Notes: In Valdemar's timeline, this fic is set in the aftermath of the war with Ancar.

Written for the 2014 [ profile] xmenbigbang.

Fanmix by [ profile] afrocurl, find it here.

A first small part of this was originally posted at [ profile] xmen_firstkink in 2011, here.

Thank you to [personal profile] lorax for an initial and early read-through, and to [personal profile] lilacsigil for beta reading. Thank you also to [ profile] afrocurl, who was fantastic fun to work with, and a great mod to boot.

Ride a White Horse
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We're home from seeing X-Men: Days of Future Past, and all you can hear in the house is the tappity tap of keys. We stepped in the door, and I said "To the internet!" Actually, I took a nap. But [personal profile] lilacsigil was sitting in the dark tapping away when I got up.

I am having all kinds of nostalgia for the years I've been in this fandom, the movies that have come and gone, the friends I've made as the canon expanded and expanded, and it's really lovely. Sloppy and emotional hugs for everyone, okay?

(Extremely) Scattered Thoughts )

For future reference, and because the release of the movie is all over the place, I've collected a bunch of review posts here:

[personal profile] lilacsigil: here.

[personal profile] andraste: here.

[personal profile] selenak: here.

[personal profile] sineala: here.

OMG, I can use my X-Men icons again. And my X-Men tag. And there's an uptick in kudos, because people are reading more X-Men fic. [ profile] comicstore_news is full and plump like a happy chicken. And, and, and!
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We spent yesterday doing some medical stuff - [personal profile] lilacsigil is having a day procedure next week and there's pre-op check-ups and so on to be done this week. It's super exhausting, even though it shouldn't be. Mostly I think because we both instinctively do this massive, massive girding of loins, getting ready to deal with big scary stuff that isn't there. We charge up our nuclear reactors for generating cope just to power a light bulb, if you know what I mean. You probably don't. I don't think I know what I mean, but today at work I cried, because I was so tired I just wanted to lie on the floor. Now I'm chilling out with a drink, watching [personal profile] lilacsigil make Lego Tony Stark ride a lion.

I didn't read a lot this week - mostly I inhaled the whole first season of Masters of Sex. Lizzy Caplan is amazing - actually, all the women were amazing. All the men were frustrating in that way that the male characters of Mad Men drove me berserk.

Just finished reading:

India Black: Madam of Espionage by Carol K Carr

Well, that was fun all the way down. India's love interest (or so I presume) kept a large number of guns and knives in his trousers. There was an unexpected journey across the Channel. Lots of food and wine and luxury furs. Will definitely read more, especially while I'm feeling stressed.

Currently reading:

Hild by Nicola Griffith

Lots of people on my flist were reading this a few weeks ago. I've only just started but I like it so far.

Planning to read: *scans list* Scorpio Boys? More India Black?

You know what I did that I probably shouldn't have did? I signed up for things:

[ profile] wipbigbang - to finish off my Sanctuary AU where Imogen doesn't die. Victoriana, yay!

[ profile] xmenbigbang - to finish off my Valdemar/XMFC fusion where Charles is the Companion. Sparkly pony mindbonding, yay!

Ugh, the people in the holiday house across the road are back, with their throbbing bass and their barking dogs. I AM NOT IN THE MOOD FOR THEIR BULLSHIT! I've put up with it all through Christmas. They're supposed to go home after Australia Day!

*cranky and not quite drunk enough*

Hopefully Recipe Friday tomorrow.
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Ack, life is oddly frantic!

- Planted our tomato seeds today, along with some Lebanese cucumbers and some coriander. I planted another thyme plant out in the back garden, where most of our herbs seem to be accumulating. And [personal profile] lilacsigil bought a bay tree, which she transplanted into a pot to sit down with the veggie beds. Peas and lettuces are growing!

- Finished my baby afghan. I still need to wash it and reblock it, but it's done, and I really like the way the trim came out. I had a lot of yarn left over, so I made a little pixie bonnet, and I've started a pair of booties:

Booty and bonnet sounds surprisingly rude, actually. )
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Compiled for Je vois ma vie en rose, by [personal profile] lilacsigil:

"Je vois la vie en rose" is a full-cast gender change. Canon male characters become female, and canon female characters become male or genderqueer. The only exceptions are real people and background military/government characters.

The CIA's Marcus MacTaggert attempts to recruit Doctor Charlotte Xavier and her sibling Raven to assist in the capture of suspected Communist Sabrina Shaw and her unusual associates. Thrilled at the thought finding of more mutants, Charlotte and Raven agree, but are soon put off by the CIA's misogynist attitude and decide to track down these other mutants by themselves. They do find more mutants, but not the ones they were expecting.

Charlotte starts to build a community of mutants but Raven finds that many of them can't even accept themselves, let alone someone who doesn't belong within familiar definitions of gender. Erika's determination to kill Shaw, Shaw's quest to recruit more mutants, and world-threatening political brinkmanship collide with deadly consequences: Charlotte, Raven and Erika must decide what kind of world it is that they want to create.

On Dreamwidth or on Livejournal.

Tracklist and zip under the cut )
st_aurafina: Emma Frost as played by January Jones, extreme close up (X-Men: First Class Emma)
Title: The Persistence of Memory
Fandom: X-Men: First Class, X-Men comicsverse
Rating: PG
Words: 19.5K
Characters/Pairings: Emma Frost/Moira MacTaggert, Natasha Romanov, Sage
Warnings: Sixties-era misogyny, James Bond levels of violence
Notes: Thank you to [personal profile] lilacsigil for beta-reading, to [ profile] artmetica for the beautiful art, and to [ profile] chosenfire28 for running [ profile] xmenbigbang.

After Cuba, Moira is left with no memories and a career in tatters. She should know better than to engage with another telepath, but the opportunity to reclaim her life is too great a temptation. When Magneto and his new Brotherhood attack, Moira offers their target, Emma Frost, another option. She is surprised to find that Emma has an agenda of her own: to find and stop the scientists responsible for Shaw's anti-telepathic helmet.

This tentative alliance becomes a frantic dash across Europe with the USSR's best agent on their heels. Car chases, lipstick cameras, midnight journeys to Moscow, brainwashing and fighting on top of trains: can a disgraced spy and a vigilante telepath stop world powers from exploiting mutants again?

small cover

Full sized art, links to fic, art and fanmix  )
st_aurafina: Emma Frost as played by January Jones, extreme close up (X-Men: First Class Emma)

Click image for zip

Sleeper Awake - a fanmix for lady spies, to accompany the story The Persistence of Memory, (PG, Emma Frost/Moira MacTaggert)

The beautiful art is by [ profile] artmetica. (Art post to follow!)

Track listing and individual download links )

Rec post

Oct. 20th, 2011 05:11 pm
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[ profile] xmmficathon has been and gone! I wrote three stories, omg. Also got to write "fine freckled erection". Personally, I feel this to be my finest moment in fanfiction. Also my finest moment was not titling that fic "Spotted Dick". (Actually, my excellent and discerning beta said "Fuck, no!")

The fic written for me:

As Is by [ profile] eva_roisin (Charles, a kind of one-sided Charles/Alex)
This is the year that passes after the events on the beach in Cuba: Charles adapting to life post-spinal injury, building up the school, dealing with the world at large. It's amazing - beautifully written, and so damn real that it hurts. Go read it, it's one of my favourite fics in the fandom.

And the two fics I betaed:
Wednesday by [ profile] a_q (Henry, Raven)
This is set post-X3 but builds on the relationship between Hank and Raven. It's very bittersweet, but hopeful in the right amounts, too. You really get a feeling for the long, long road this particular friendship has been down.

Chase Your Shadow by [personal profile] lilacsigil (Ororo, Jean, Charles/Erik)
Ah ha ha, this is so deliciously timey-wimey that I can hardly bear it. A post-X3 fixit that fixes EVERYTHING, but in a satisfying, time-bending way. Storm POV, some lovely Charles/Erik moments, many cameos, and a wonderful Jean Grey.

And some recs I enjoyed, apparently in alphabetical order:

Laced Up Both My Boots by [ profile] aphrodite_mine (Emma/Moira)
Smoking hot Emma/Moira femslash, very tense and edgy - this should have been in the movie. Or just in a movie by itself.

Stay by [ profile] ion_bond (Mystique/Destiny, Erik/Charles)
I love Destiny fic at any time, but this is really good Destiny fic - beautiful and achy, in the way that things are with Destiny: you can take different paths, but things inevitably come around to the same point, and she knows it. A great feeling of the era, and how it shapes the X-Men and the Brotherhood.

The Heel by [ profile] lonelywalker
Kurt! And Toad! The Munich Circus ventures forth to London, and with it, Kurt starts to look at the world, and also at his family and the role he has within the circus. This stitches the First Class universe to the previous movieverse in a really clever way. (And how much do I love that the first thing most of us older fans do is try to make the canons match?)

Imaginary Life Journey by [ profile] renata_kedavra (Raven, Erik, Kurt, Charles)
This one caught my eye because renata had three language betas; I reasoned that had to make for an interesting story. And it did - two different might have beens for Kurt in the First Class universe, and how a variation in ideology can have a vast effect on the outcome of a meeting. Some excellent philosophical conversations in here, as well as a fantastic Erik/Mystique rapport.

Carry That Weight by [ profile] selenak (Jessica Jones, Mystique)
JESSICA JONES omg. This is freaking awesome - if you've read the Alias comics, or come across Jessica Jones in the larger Marvelverse, you'll love it. If you don't know Jessica Jones, this is what you need to know: she's rude and she's brutally honest and she specialises in putting her finger directly on that ouchy place you don't want anyone to touch. She's a PI, she's involved in the superhero world in ways that are sometimes embarrassing and sometimes heartbreaking. Now go and read an awesome fic about her.

Soon to Become by [ profile] sullensiren (Charles/Erik, Raven/Azazel)
Post-movie fic - Charles and Erik build their school - Erik bakes! - but domestic bliss aside, this is a really satisfying look at why the Erik/Charles dynamic eventually breaks down.

So many fics! Such a diversity of characters, too! The master list is here.

ETA: Wow, that's a lot of code. I'm sure to have borked something.
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Title: Human Resources
Fandom: X-Men movieverse, Iron Man movieverse, X-Men comicsverse cameos
Words: 3,700
Characters: Tony Stark, Nick Fury, Agent Coulson, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Forge, JARVIS, Squirrel Girl, Stacy X, Fantomex, Noriko Ashida, Cannonball, Emma Frost, Henry McCoy, Wolverine, (and cameos by Black Cat, Sunspot, Alison Blaire, Warren Worthington III, Storm, Rogue, Iceman and Colossus.)
Rating: PG
Summary: The word is down from the Avengers Initiative: Tony isn't pulling his weight in recruitment.
Notes: Marvel Movieverse has a very fluid continuity, but this is set after the events of X3, Iron Man II and Thor. Thank you to [ profile] lilacsigil for the beta. Written for [ profile] templemarker in the 2011 [ profile] xmmficathon, for the request X-Men Films (any)/Iron Man, Tony Stark visits the School for Gifted Youngsters

The meeting was, as usual, held in a dingy warehouse in a derelict industrial estate. )
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Title: Instant Pleasure
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Rating: NC-17
Words: 1300
Characters/Pairings: Sean Cassidy/Alex Summers, Hank McCoy/Alex Summers
Warnings: None
Summary: Sean embraces the atmosphere of openness at Charles' house, but not everyone there feels the same.
Notes: Written for [ profile] zephyrprince for the 2011 [ profile] xmmficathon. Thank you to [personal profile] lilacsigil for the beta.

Apart from Charles and Erik, Hank was the oldest of them and the best educated, but Sean would put good money on him being the most innocent. )
st_aurafina: First Class Charles in fingerless gloves with one finger to his temple (X-Men: 1st Class Gloves)
Title: Iterations
Summary: "I knew Charles Xavier at Oxford. I used to meet him in a pub now and then. We'd have a drink, we'd flirt. You know, I should have married him. He'd have been a real father to Jason."
Recipient: [ profile] ion_bond
Request Used: In 2000, Charles Xavier travels through time back to 1953. What would he tell his younger self? Magneto/Xavier, please. (Any method of time travel, mechanical or mutant-powered, real or illusory is fine with me, although I like Forge and Bishop and movieverse Jason Stryker WAY better than Cable.)
Rating: R
Warnings: Domestic violence
Notes: Written for [ profile] xmmficathon. Thank you to [personal profile] lilacsigil and [personal profile] d_generate_girl for beta reading. Ion_bond, I, uh, loved your prompt so much I also made a tiny fanmix, which is here.

It's late when the argument turns nasty enough that neither of his parents care if the neighbours can hear. )
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Title: Better Out Than In
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Rating: G
Words: 1000
Characters/Pairings: Charles & Erik
Warnings: Discussion of nausea and sea-sickness. (It made [personal profile] lilacsigil queasy, anyway.)
Summary: Erik's sea-sickness doesn't bother him until after the attack on the Caspartina.
Notes: Written for this prompt, which references Erik's sea-sickness in New Mutants #23.

Better Out Than In )
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We went to see the movie again today - that's twice in two weeks, you have no idea how amazing that is. That's how much I love this fandom, people. I will sit in a car for eight hours, for a total of four hours of entertainment.

(And then [personal profile] lilacsigil had lots of fun at the prosthodontist. She went in for a crown, she came out needing dental surgery.I guess they thought we needed a little excitement in our lives again. *sighs*)

But at least we saw the movie!

My thoughts, good and bad but mostly squeeful )

Other X-Men things:

Go sign up for [ profile] xmmficathon! This was my first ficathon ever. Back in the day. By which I mean, 2006. But go sign up - you can write for any movieverse, you have an option to nominate crossovers with other Marvel fandoms, and to bring in comicsverse characters if you want. This is a super fun exchange, and I'm very fond of it. Sign-ups are here.

Did you know there's a newsletter that is relevant to your interests? [ profile] comicstore_news and its dreamwidth feed, [syndicated profile] comicstore_news_feed. I've been editing this newsletter since back in the day. It's for DC and Marvel fandom, and we link fic, meta, graphics, and pretty much anything else.

[personal profile] marina has posted this: Erik Lehnsherr and the Holocaust - I think it's a great post, I think it's also a great resource if you're considering writing this part of Erik's life, and you want to do it respectfully.

And now? I'm going to prowl the kink memes, see if there's something there that sparks off some ideas.
st_aurafina: Doctor Chase in close up, looking serious  (House: Chase thinking)
Title: Rebuild the Bridges in Your Mind
Fandom: House MD/X-Men Movieverse (with comicsverse cameos)
Rating: PG
Warnings: Medical drama levels of violence and injury
Word Count: 25,561
Disclaimer: Not written for profit!

Set towards the end of Season Six for House, and after X3 in X-Men movieverse. Some reference to the Wolverine movie. Mostly gen, with background reference to Chase/Cameron and Chase/Jason Stryker. (See Author's notes for more details and expansive thank yous to my many betas)

Summary: Chase was a student at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Time and personal differences mean that he's estranged from his former friends, the X-Men. Now he moonlights as a doctor for vigilantes and mutants at a clinic in NYC, but he's juggling so many secrets that his past is sure to catch up with him soon

Alternate Sites:
On the Archive

As a downloadable file: pdf // epub // doc

Art post by [personal profile] chosenfire28 here.

Pretty, pretty full sized art behind the cut )

Rebuild the Bridges in Your Mind )

Author's Notes )
st_aurafina: Doctor Chase in close up, looking serious  (House: Chase thinking)
See my lol-drama Chase icon? I'm having lol-drama, of a sort. My posting day for au_bigbang ddderis June 3rd, and the beta-reader who usually helps Ameri-pick when I write American fandoms has had to drop out.

Would anyone be willing or able to do a quick read-through of my big bang and help with my Australian/American disconnect? It's a House/X-Men crossover, it's Chase-centric gen with some slashy Chase/Jason Stryker overtones. It's 25K. You'd be the third of three beta-readers, so hopefully it's in pretty good shape with regard to grammar and plot.

I'm pretty much ready to bribe, at this point. With Tim-Tams.

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Title: The Light Gets Into Your Heart
Author: [personal profile] st_aurafina
Request Used: Emma & Jean: after Xavier takes the kids back to the school at the end of Origins - the adjustment period with so many newcomers in Jean's home.
Recipient: [ profile] scoured
Rating: PG
Summary: After Three Mile Island, Emma and Scott don't let their defences down easily.
Notes: Set just after the Wolverine movie, at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Title from Simple Minds. Thank you to [ profile] lonelywalker and [personal profile] lilacsigil for the beta.

The Light Gets Into Your Heart )
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Title: Where Have All the Flowers Gone?
Rating: PG
Fandom: X-Men/Iron Man
Summary: A protest at Stark Industries proves unexpectedly enlightening for Tony.
Notes: Set before X-Men 2 and the Iron Man movie. Written for [personal profile] librarybat, who requested The X-Men need Tony Stark's support for something. Jean and Pepper bond over Tony being an idiot.
Thanks to [personal profile] lilacsigil and [ profile] wizefics for the beta.

Where Have All the Flowers Gone? )


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