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Agents of SHIELD S2 is looming.

Season Two casting news (Link is made of spoilers, so many spoilers!) This borks the current theory we've been nursing at home, (spoilers):the Skye-ju theory, wherein her parents are obviously Kaiju, since they're horrible monsters that rampaged through a town. But I don't mind, because Kyle MacLachlan. Think of the Twin Peaks crossover potential! (I will enjoy thinking of that.) End Spoilers! As long as there's more Agent May and her awesome mother, I am going to be just fine, thanks.

We started watching Arrow! It's actually really, really fun. I tried the pilot when it started, and didn't click with it, but I kept seeing gifs on tumblr - tumblr the eternal enabler! - and wanted to see this apparently awesome Felicity Smoak. She's pretty cool so far, and so is Laurel, and so is Thea and so is Helena (Lucy from Dracula!) I also like Mr Diggle. I like to say his name. I don't mind Oliver and he remains so far inoffensive to me. You can see where my priorities lie on this.

Great British Bake Off started last night. I haven't seen it yet but I am excite. Mary Berry! Suuuuuuuuue Perkins! And Mel, I love Mel too, but not Paul. He can fuck off. /stress gives me arbitrary hate-boners, apparently.

Oh, hey, do you know what was unexpectedly fun? VAMPIRE ACADEMY. It took me a while to get over the exposition. It went like this: there's this clan and that clan and another clan and some kill you and some are magic and some are FABULOUS SOUL-BONDED BODYGUARDS OKAY I'M INTO THIS. The direction was really peppy. The actress playing Rose - said fabulous soul-bonded bodyguard - was channeling Ellen Page which did not help me grasp any of the heterosexual storylines better, and the actress playing her bodyguard-ee has the cutest totally-not-Australian accent and it was all protecting and eternal love and magic and going to the formal dance. And Gabriel Byrne, gleefully having the best time ever. And lots of throwaway lines that made me giggle, and yeah, I have pitched money at the Indigogo for a possible sequel: Frostbite: A Vampire Academy Film. (I'm so into this idea that we can pay for the movies we want, and they get made. Veronica Mars spoiled me.)

I'm going to give the books another go. I will push past the opening exposition and look for the soul-bonding goodness within.

Ooh, check it out! Quolls are bringing sexy back! I live near there! Quolls near me! The spotty kind!
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Happy Thanksgiving, USians! Hope you are full of good things and nice feelings, or at least not miserable. Enforced family jollity can be the opposite of fun, so hang in there, if you're working hard on that level. *hugs all around*

1. I found an Australian version of Graze, the subscription service that sends you tasty snacks in the mail in a pretty box: Harvest Box. It does have some fairly dodgy "We're nuts about nuts!" blather on their website, but the box is fun and I'm enjoying having a protein-y snack during work. I share a box with [personal profile] lilacsigil, and we have one snack each on Thursday and Friday. We've had two boxes so far, and I think I'll keep going.

Here's last week's box. Can't take a photo of this week's because we et it already. )

It's $7.95 a week. The packaging is recyclable, and the snacks are inventive, so overall, I think I'm going to stick with it for now. I have a code for half-price packs, if anyone wants to try it out. Lemme know!

2. The local pool opened this week for early morning laps, and we've been twice. Which is awesome. The water is EFFING COLD. Which is not so awesome. If, at 7am AEST, your dogs twitch and the windows break, that will be me, failing to embrace my inner penguin.

3. Our Relay For Life team is having a sausage sizzle tomorrow, yay! We will have sausages in bread at work! I was amazingly productive last night, and made chocolate brownies and sesame squares to sell at the adjacent cake stall. This is the first Relay For Life event since the car accident - Shirley was a team-leader - so we're all a bit on tenterhooks but I'm hoping it does well. Also, sausage! Inna piece of bread! Probably with onions!

4. Local birdlife has hatched their babies, and we get to see all the adolescent birds learning how to bird. There's a family of magpies that come to our back yard, and the adolescent magpies are ridic and adorable, and lazy. They do not want to bird! They don't want to hunt for grubs! I know when they've arrived, because they have a whingey kind of EEEEEEE EEEEEEEE EEEEEEE cry, which I can only interpret as "Mum, Mum, why can't you just spew down my throat? I'M HUNGREEE! MUM MUM MUM!" Their parents ignore them, and eventually they start digging for grubs, but there's a lot of EEEEE EEEEE EEEEE and also some faceplanting, because balance is hard.

There's a family of wood ducks that live in the creek behind work, and they're much more polite. Soft quacky noises only, and everyone, even the teenagers, busily grubbing away.

5. Loving TV right now! Sleepy Hollow, SHIELD, Elementary. We're giving Almost Human a go even though I'm not sure yet if it's meant to be a dystopian story of the rights of the individual, or a massive bro-yay party. (Or ro-yay, as [personal profile] lilacsigil calls it.)

Hey, can someone give me a vertigo report on Catching Fire? Is it as bad as the first movie? (Which I would give a 9.5 on the Blair Witch Scale.) I'd like to see it with [personal profile] lilacsigil, but Hunger Games was pretty much unwatchable for her. I'm hoping a different director will be good.
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1. It was a beautiful spring day today - all warm breezes, daisies coming up in the lawn, and green, green grass. We pottered in the garden and planted some garlic chives. Our non-garlic chives have come back from their winter holiday, and I had some with my lunch snipped over goat's cheese on the bread I made last night. It was very civilised, even if I will be complaining about the heat in what feels like no time.

2. I faced my fear of dealing with the crocheted afghan today, largely because [personal profile] lilacsigil practically frogmarched me through it. I am a chronic non-finisher of craft projects, and the urge to stuff this thing in a dark corner and forget about it was strong, but the steely eyes at the other end of the craft table kept me soldiering on. Now it's blocked and drying on a big towel, and hopefully the wonky corner will vanish and a nice rectangle will emerge ready for trimming.

Behold, the quadrangle )


Actually, watching the fish and shrimp and tube worms going up the vacuum was hilarious, and I would watch that every day. They were so surprised! You just don't expect that kind of thing on the sea floor!

4. While I'm waiting for my perfect rectangle to form, and for more yarn to finish my pom-pom hat, I'm making a coffee sweater, which is more of a coffee cardigan, really. I just liked the buttons! I like crocheting rib - it's easier than I thought it would be, and it looks really good.

5. Closing tabs. A good feeling.
From tumblr:
- [ profile] a-dinosaur-a-day. Keeps the... Time Lords away?

- Vintage Stamp Designs. I feel, like, some left-over gen-x guilt at how nice the stamps are from the former Communist countries. I remember they were very desirable at stamp club. Oh, god, I went to stamp club. I had forgotten that.

This weirdly makes a lot of sense to me, but I can't explain why:
- What Do London Underground Stops Taste Like? - London Underground, from a synaesthetic point of view.

Things to make in Skillets:
- One Hour Skillet Focaccia sounds good.

- Emergency Small Batch Brownies. Emergency! Somebody make me a brownie!
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Really enjoyed the opening ceremony - Prospero and Newton and Stephen Hawking, and nobody used the word inspiring once. (I think Channel 4 might have issued a blanket ban on the word, which is good thinking. I wish I could say the same for the Australian commentary.) I loved the inclusion of the phrase "For those who are able" in the request for people to stand for the National anthem. That's something that I hope becomes a standard thing.

Sir Ian McKellan was brilliant in his button coat. Miranda with her punky blue hair was just fantastic. (Get her on TV now, someone! I would pay good money to see her as the next companion in Doctor Who.) The two of them were awesome together, and Sir Ian's incredibly dorky dancing made me grin. I loved the umbrella theme, the physics ballet, the book seagulls and how much fun everyone was having. On a more serious note, Channel 4 had a Canadian paralympian athlete commentating on the show. He had a lot to say about the inequality of access to equipment and training between nations, and how that's the next thing the Paralympics should be working on, which. Yeah.

The Lexi system they're using to explain the classification system for the categories is really straight forward. They explain what the physical abilities of the athletes are, and what that means for that particular sport. It's enhanced the way we understand the strategies the athletes are using in their events. I think I love the Paralympics for the chance to see all the adaptive technology in use - the pool has adjustable starting blocks, for example, that's something new. But the most awesome thing is that there are more and more athletes that have competed in the able-bodied Olympics first. I hope that one day the two events can be fully integrated. They had a go at Sydney, with a couple of demonstration events but it doesn't seem to have caught on.

But the sports are fantastic - there's an easy-going, friendly atmosphere about each event, all the athletes seem to be good friends, and I love all the hugging at the end of each race or game. It's great to see new world records popping up again and again - part of this being a relatively young event, and one in which adaptive technology and training are making big and rapid changes in the way the events play out.

If you're an Aussie or if you use a proxy, you can see the Aussie coverage on the ABC iView. It's pretty good - occasional maudlin moments, but on the whole it's a thousand times better than Channel Nine's commentary for the able-bodied Olympics.

My Nonna is doing well! She had surgery the day after she fell, to put a plate in her hip where she fractured it. On Saturday she moved to a rehab centre, she's started sitting up in a chair for most of the day, and today she took a few steps in physio. The family has settled somewhat, I think? My Auntie flew out from Canada last week, and she's been co-ordinating care and hospital transfers and so on. But nobody is talking about the big issue, which is making the house safe for Nonna and Poppy or investigating alternative safe housing. I am staying out of it now - just keeping in touch with Nonna. I sent her a postcard from Mount Gambier, and I'm hoping to make it down to Melbourne again before my Auntie goes back to Canada.

I learned a new word from my therapist, about a thing I do: when I get all doom-laden, I'm catastrophising. That is EXACTLY what I do. I guess knowing is a good start on the way to heading that tendency off. (But the last couple of weeks, with Nonna, and family stuff, has meant a lot of catastrophising.)

Things that exist that seem too awesome to exist:

Sue Perkins is writing a TV show where she plays a forty year old gay vet who hasn't come out to her parents yet.



Gillian Anderson and Archie Panjabi! Together they solve crime!
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I posted about BBC Maestro a few months ago; I had been slowly tracking it down in dribs and drabs on Youtube, primarily to gaze at Sue Perkins in a dreamy haze. [personal profile] lilacsigil finally acquired a source so I can watch it properly.

Guys, it is fantastic.

Guys, I have all the feelings about this show.


Image heavy! Full of sousaphones and double basses! )
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It snowed! In my profile, anyway. Thank you everyone for the snowflake cookies - I think I had as much fun sending them as receiving them. It was quite the flurry on LJ yesterday.

It's actually deliciously cold today, and we're lounging around, eating the remains of [personal profile] lilacsigil's birthday pavlova, and playing Mario Kart. (We weren't supposed to open it until we'd finished our NaNo, but since we're both now over 56K and still going, it seemed fair to get our reward. We're saving the new Super Mario Bros for when we actually type "The End".)

I'm reading the Luxe series by Anna Godbersen, and it's made me think about why I can't engage with Gossip Girl, when basically both stories have the same premise, setting, and character archtypes. Luxe and its three sequels are set about a hundred years before Gossip Girl, though, and this apparently makes the difference for me. With Gossip Girl (the TV series, not the books), I keep trying to connect with the characters, but end up frustrated with their terrible ennui, and shout at the characters a lot. ("If your life is so unfulfilling, go, volunteer in Sierra Leone or something!") But with the Luxe series, even though the characters are just as privileged and pointless, I am engaged and interested in them. [personal profile] lilacsigil gruesomely suggests that it's because they could all die of cholera or polio at any minute. I would like to think that I'm not that morbid. Maybe the historical setting gives me something else to focus on besides the terrible, dreary ordeal of being rich and white in New York? Or perhaps it's the elaborate descriptions of corsetry.

Or maybe it's the fact that Gossip Girl apparently has early 80's Debbie Harry in the cast and this scares me:

My Debbie Harry is pastede on yay! (Do we still say that?) )

On the other hand, I'm still really enjoying Mercy. It seems that the best thing for me to watch while riding the exercise bike is medical dramas, and there's well and truly enough to keep me going through the week: House, Mercy, Three Rivers, and I'm catching up on Nurse Jackie which is hilarious but not quite long enough to see me through one workout. Is Hawthorne any good? Are there any others I'm missing? (The soapier shows like Grey's Anatomy are too slow for exercise.)

Considering that I had zero expectations, Three Rivers is surprisingly watchable. It would be better if it were the Doctor Zero (from Wolverine) and Doctor Shane (from The L Word) show, but it works for me. It's incredibly self-indulgent and syrupy with its issue of the week - this week, racism!, next week - healthcare funding for refugees! And it does have unintentionally hilarious moments (the sight of the dewy ER intern sobbing as she washed the blood from her young patient's sneakers, or the heart-transplant Leader of the Pack storyline) but at least it entertains. And the medicine isn't too bad.

Oh, oh! Do you know what? We may actually have succeeded in our pathetic attempts at horticulture! We have tiny tomatoes on our tomato plant! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? They're only the size of a fingernail, but they're there. On the vine. We may even get to eat them. And Project Eggplant 2.0 is going quite well so far - the plants are as big now as last year's were in February. I am hopeful that these skills we are nurturing will serve us well in the grim apocalypse times. (Because three fingernail sized tomatoes will surely feed us for weeks!)
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I'm not even spoiler-cutting this, it's so stupid. We watched the first episode of New Zealand's Next Top Model, with some hope that it would be funky and local and interesting, but instead, they whittled the group down to 12 Nordic blondes and a one (breathtakingly gorgeous)Sudanese girl. One girl was eliminated for being too "creme brulee" for the judges' tastes. I know I'm stupid to have expectations of such a trashy show, but it was disappointing. New Zealand, I expected better! They eliminated all the interesting faces and all the Maori girls in one fell swoop and it made me really sad. So, take that, TV3 NZ. I won't be stealing any of your programs ever again.

*le sigh*

I'm reading Death Note. It's a bit awesome. Light is a psychopath, but he's L's psychopath, dammit!

I think I like manga. I want to read more. What's good, guys? What's m/m and good?
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AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Which is to say, we just watched Sarah Connor Chronicles.

spoiler cuts are shiny )

And in other news, the Large Hadron Collider has failed to blow us up again. The world gets a stay of execution for another month. Then the giant krill will come seeping through the wormhole. And I, for one, welcome our crustacean overlords. I think it's time for an apocalypse tag.
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What is wrong with me that I am drunk on two glasses of wine? I have to type very slowly right now, because I AM SPELLING OUT IN MY HEAD! I hope I can make my spoiler cuts work because otherwise I will make the internet angry.

[ profile] wizefics, I promise to be sober before I look at that thing you sent me. I promises.

Spoiler cut hopefully here for Middleman: The Clotharian Contamination Protocol *crosses fingers* )

I have to go back to work tomorrow after two weeks off. This may be the reason I have hit the bottle TWO TIMES tonight.

This is (hopefully) spoiler space for Victory of Eagles )

Do you think the womens Olympic trampolining finalists are really an international band of superheroes? I can't not think this.

I really don't want to go back to work. I wish something could be arranged. *sighs* And now I'll have to go with a tiny hangover.

ETA: Alcohol is a funny word to type when you're drunk. It's hard to stop. Alchohohohol.
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How awesome is The Middleman? How smart, how funny, how sexy is Wendy Watson? How can this possibly be a kid's show? And most importantly, how long can it last without being axed for all the reasons listed above?

In other news, my knee made a ferocious click, and now I can't straighten my leg. *limps like a pirate*
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I have a weird feeling of coming back to earth - the last two weeks have been a bit insane. Today at work is the first time for a while that I've felt like I can catch my breath and do some normal stuff, like reading fic and catching up with people.

Our cat with renal failure had a relapse - every time we took her to the vet we thought it would be the last time. But she's on a second medication, and her blood urea and nitrates are back to where they were before: not normal, but manageable, and it looks like she's stable again, for a while. She was really unhappy and clingy, she lost weight she couldn't afford to lose because her gums were so swollen she couldn't eat her kidney-safe kibble but we couldn't give her tinned food, because of her BUN levels, and it was all just bloody scary and distressing for everyone. But she's okay now, and she's stable, and we'll have her happy and healthy for a bit longer.

I'm not used to having cats grow old and sick. We lived on a busy road as a kid; our cats would just go out and not come back. (This makes no sense, looking back. Why didn't we keep our cats inside? Stupid parents.)

On a more cheerful note, in that time I also managed to defeat my writers block (thank you, thank you, thank you, wonderful people who helped with this!), and go to an art retreat, and spent a couple of days in Melbourne, and though I'm tired, I feel like stuff got done.

Other things:
[ profile] trollprincess is loving on awesome female characters here. Drop by, sing the praises of Donna Noble, Dana Scully, Emma Frost and every other woman character you've ever loved.

Spoilers for FreakAngels )

Spoilers for the SPN finale )

Spoilers for Bones )

Spoilers for the House finale )
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*cues twangy guitars*

Cry, Sam Tyler, cry!

Oh, Colm Meaney! You're the best. *dies* It might even be awesome!*

*It might just be possible that I have fried my on brain on Baileys and my [ profile] xmenfirstclass fic.
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I'm trying to write my [ profile] yuletide requests, and it's hard! I don't want to sound like a twat. *sigh* Requests are the hardest part.

We watched the second episode of Journeyman tonight, and [ profile] lilacsigil said here why the show is working really hard to make us not like it, in spite of an awesome cast, and an interesting premise. But House! House is awesome, funny, and right back on form. And Heroes is just a bunch of fun.

I'm up to the skip 20 page of [ profile] xmmficathon! I read, like, four stories today. *headdesk* I have concentration issues. *wanders away in vague manner*

I want to do a rec post soon. Soon!

This is a totally useless post, really. Mostly I'm wondering whether I'm brave enough to volunteer to write in the Temeraire/Lord John Grey-ish era. I wrote for the 1602 ficathon, but that was a bit different - they have, like, technology and stuff in the 18th century.

ETA: I started doing valsalva maneuvers today, and my tinnitus dropped right away. As did the stabbing pain in my jaw. Remember this, next time, woman! Don't suffer for two weeks.
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Australia's Next Top Model is a clone of the American show - and I am not ashamed to say I watch this show and I love it. It's the only show where I can hear bogans slagging off at each other in broad 'Strine accents. It's completely pointless, brain-dead entertainment.

An essential check-list:
Make-up lord, Napoleon Perdis, still tangerine-orange - check!
Alex Perry still a short and mean little guy kvetching about the height of the models - check!
Completely pointless judgments that are contradicted by the same person five seconds later - check!
Most unique looking girl the first to be eliminated - check!

Best insult of the night: "You're a f***ing ugly derro mole!"

Jodhi Meares is shaping up to be an excellent host - she throws the truth at those girls, hard and cold. "You look like you should be at Byron, playing the bongos." Hee!

Next week: the downstairs makeover! Sweet!
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Ugh, I can't concentrate on anything. It's awful - I want to be reading all the [ profile] femslash07 fic, and loads of other stuff. Brain is faulty, plz to be replacing soon.

I'm going to the dentist so often now that it feels weirdly like we're an old married couple - we carry conversations over till the next appointment, talk about stuff like holiday plans and recipes. I think I've only noticed this because my last appointment was more low-key - having impressions taken for the plate, so no drilling and no pliers. He did say that it was a particularly bad extraction. God, it's 2007 - surely there's a better way to get a tooth out of someone's mouth. We have iPods and the internet and satellites, we shouldn't be having procedures with pliers.

I have much fic to read. But I've started my Remix, and have planned out my [ profile] summers_fling fic, and I think I tend to read less when I'm writing. (That's a pathetic excuse.)

We're torrenting the Tanya Huff pilot (I can't remember the name, because I've been calling it "The Bloodening"), so hopefully we can check it out tonight. And I'm still enjoying The Black Donnellys, but a big part of that is the Daredevil cross-over that keeps spooling out in my head as I watch it. It's Hell's Kitchen! Matt's probably too old to have gone to school with any of the Donnelly boys, but I'm sure he must have know them, and their families, especially with his background. He probably goes to church with them. The change in the balance of power within the Irish community must surely have an impact on him.

Wow! My brain is working now! Yay for fandom.


Apr. 16th, 2005 05:58 pm
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I realised that people like me, with irrational cocooning issues on holidays, are meant to travel in caravans. So I'm going to try harder not to laugh and point at all the Britz campervans that weave and wobble up and down the Great Ocean road. Instead, I will try to empathise and understand them, even when they're rude and say stupid things about country people.

Reading: Summerlands by Michael Chabon
I'm enjoying it a lot, although I'm in a sad part right now and keep putting it down.

Re-reading: Obernewtyn by Isobelle Carmody
Last time I read this, I was in Sea Lake on the Mallee, in 40+ degree heat, so all I could remember about it was that I was annoyed when I'd finished reading it. Looking back, I put that down to being hot and miserable, but as it turns out, the ending is really annoying and the last chapter is short and full of exposition. It's like she wrote the whole story (the other parts of which I haven't yet read) and the editors arbitrarily sliced it into three parts, and she had to write a scrappy little bit at the end of the first book to make it work. I'd like to read the other books, but just like last time, I feel too narked to cough up money for them. Unlike last time, I have an LJ so I can look back on what I thought. Hey, future me! Pick the other books up cheap on eBay or something!

Watching: Girl With a Pearl Earring
Finally, after sitting on the shelf for months and months, we've seen it. It was beautiful, and the light made it seem very cold.

Re-watching: Recently started again with Buffy season 1. Oh, the love! I love it so much more the second time around. I'd also like to watch Firefly again. But it's so hard to find the time to actually watch stuff, and we're trying to catch up on Farscape, and Alias. So many TV shows, so little TV time.


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