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Look at me, surviving Easter Thursday retail with only minimal crankiness and snark! *snarls at tourists*

Me Things
Breaking up (with prednisolone) is hard to do )

Livejournal Things
[staff profile] denise said, in a [site community profile] dw_maintenance post, here: "Seriously, though, we're thrilled to have all y'all who are moving in this week, whether as a "I'm just gonna use my DW account to back up the contents of my LJ account in the event of future disaster" all the way along the spectrum to to I AM THELMA AND LOUISE'ING MY LIVEJOURNAL STRAIGHT OFF THE CLIFF, SEE YOU ON DW ONCE THE DEBRIS CLEARS."

I like that there's a spectrum for this. I can see myself sliding closer to the Thelma/Louise end, but I'm not there yet.

Speaking of which, the origin of the name Dreamwidth.

- Via [personal profile] sandrine, Tutorial: Using Flexible Squares at Dreamwidth (Smooth Sailing, Mixit, Nebula) (How to carry your LJ layout across to Dreamwidth, basically.)

- Via [personal profile] forests_of_fire, how to convert your open ID comments to your DW ID (at facebook, but links to Dreamwidth support.)

- via everywhere, but it's an excellent link by [personal profile] promethia_tenk, How to Move to Dreamwidth and Like It
(very sensible step-wise method of easing yourself into DW from LJ. Takeaway message: don't go cold turkey!!)

- by [personal profile] blackmare, How to Get Images into your DW Posts
Dreamwidth has image hosting, I didn't realise! I'm going to try it out. RIGHT NOW!
She took a photo of a ridiculously photogenic cat - you won't believe what happened next! )

- from [personal profile] rahirah, A work-around for spoiler cuts on Dreamwidth

- from [personal profile] bisharp, a Dreamwidth Starter Kit (A list of tutorials to help with all kinds of DW stuff.)

- from [personal profile] rosefox at [community profile] 2017revival, Helpful tips for voyagers from LJ-land

- from lots of people, but I saw it first at [personal profile] jo, Russian-Owned LiveJournal Bans Political Talk, Adds Risk Of Spying (a brief rundown of what this all means, at Gizmodo)

A Palate Cleanser of Fun Links
- via [personal profile] anandrine, Sherlock Holmes Is Now A Housewife In Latest Korean Export, Mystery Queen
(It sounds awesome!)

- via [personal profile] spikedluv, Riverdale First Look: Molly Ringwald Debuts as Archie's Mom Mary
For all your eighties flashback feels. (How great is the casting of this weird show? With the parents, it's like, a mega former teen show super-crossover, and I unexpectedly love it to bits.)

- via my facebook addiction to Dance Academy links, The Cast Of "Dance Academy" Then Vs Now
(Because I'm never going to stop talking about Dance Academy. Also, I can't believe it's been seven years between the end of the series and the movie. HOW?)

- I think I found a tiny Yuletide fandom for 2017, Coexisting With The Fair Folk Who Have Taken Up Residence In/Around/Beneath Your University: A How-To Guide.
(I don't know where I saw this, but it was definitely on my flist, so thank you, person!)

- the best live action Beauty and the Beast
Let me give you a hint - it's from the eighties.
I'm into this image hosting thing now )


One more photo of Baggins, because he is a hero cat who survived a snake bite.
Doctors hate him! You won't believe why! )
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State of cat:
BAGGINS IS A FREE ELF! He's off sub-q fluids, he's got, as far as vets could tell while he was fully perfused, good renal function and low CK, and seems fit to make a full recovery from the snake bite. We are very lucky. So very lucky. Now we need to build him up and get him well, but he's doing a lot of that work himself, as cats do (MOSTLY BY JUMPING ON THE KITCHEN BENCH TO LOOK FOR HUMAN FOOD GRRR.) We think we found the site of the original bite - back right leg - because the skin got pink and raw there, but it's healing up. And as the vets said he would, he's doing his own physio, working on those damaged muscles in his wheel and playing with his brother. He's the best of cats. Champion of cats. Most cat of cats. <3

State of me:
Prednisolone is a beast, and it's slowly frying my brain, so I'm currently resorting to pink wine in the early afternoon. I'm not at work or anything, so I feel like that's a valid decision.

My concentration window has been appalling so I've barely read any Yuletide, beyond my wonderful gift fics, which has been sad-making because I love the process of reading and reccing and commenting. I'm hopeful that as the pred dose drops, my ability to get my eyes to stick to the screen will improve. I've got a doctor's appointment upcoming where we can review the rate of decrease and make some kind of long term plan. In the meantime, I'm average four-five hours of sleep a night, getting up at 5:30 with a weird unfocused mania that has me running around the house ~doing things and ~making plans. And crochet. Crochet is a life-saver at the moment. I still have knees, though right knee is making a whispered reappearance on the pain scale, possibly because I'm doing as much movement while I still can.

State of the Yuletide:
I wrote this for The Black Tape podcast - when my brain is up to it, I'll post it here properly. And answer comments, oh, gosh.
A Child's Path to Clarity (4672 words) by st_aurafina
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Black Tapes Podcast
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Richard Strand, Alex Reagan, Nic Silver
Additional Tags: Bookstores, Conversations

"Almost certainly," said Alex. "Is most definitely not certain."

State of Livejournal:
I'm lucky/sheltered/Australian enough not to feel too threatened by the move of servers to Russia, so I'm not going to delete or stop cross-posting at the moment. I've got a permanent account over there, so I won't be giving them more money in the future, and basically Dreamwidth has been my homebase for a long time now, so I'm going to sit tight and see what changes. If you guys want to defriend over there, though, go for it. I totally understand, and I want people to feel safe.

More information about LJ and Russia:
From [ profile] mamculuna: CONFIRMED: LJ Servers moving to Russia, now with all kinds of links and shit
From [personal profile] umadoshi: Sooooo...about Russia and LJ (unrelated links, related links, and personal notes)


Dec. 24th, 2016 04:27 pm
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On the drive to one of the bigger rural centres we can shop at, there's a wetland where black swans nest. The last couple of times we've been past there's been this massive, and I mean, MASSIVE swan standing on a nest. Like, amazingly huge, you can see it from much further back than you'd expect. Swans' nests are reedy piles of grass floating in the water, so it looks like the swan is standing on a pedestal, like a mighty statue to honor the swan gods.

Anyway, the other day, we drove past and instead of one giant swan, there were five swans on the nest, standing in this weird pentagonal arrangement facing each other. Theory: giant swan? Five swans put together into one mighty swan. Possibly for great justice, but I don't know enough about Voltron to justify this part of my theory.

State of me
I had to slow my prednisolone wean - the shakiness and early morning mania and other weirdness was getting too much, so I slowed to 5mg per week, per what the doctors said if I was feeling the 10mg weekly drop too much. I'm not sure if I'm starting to get the moon face or if it's just that I had my hair all cropped off and I have a round face anyway. But wow, I'm bruising up a treat. Also wow, it's nice to have knees. I haven't taken any NSAIDs in December at all. I put them back in the cupboard.

I got my Yuletide fic to the place where I want it, which is a big relief. I didn't get time to write any treats, for which I feel bad, but it has been the worst of Novembers and Decembers. I'm planning to dive into [community profile] fandom_stocking as soon as I'm through the retail Christmas panic times. Which aren't too bad today - I'm actually writing this at work. (ETA: Finishing at home, though! It got busier.)

State of the cat
He's doing great! His CK levels are still high, so we're doing sub-q fluids twice a day until next Wednesday, and he's getting to a stage of wellness where he's pretty much done with our stupid medical stuff and puts up a decent fight. We are up to this, though! And he forgives very fast. Hopefully the blood test on Wednesday will show a reduction in CK which means the snake venom is no longer breaking down muscle tissue and then we can get onto finding out what his renal situation is, and if there was damage. Hopefully not. He's lost so much weight, poor darling, both from not eating and from the muscle waste, but he's working hard on rectifying it. He is a cat who lunches! He demands it! And his fur is growing back in all the places where he got clipped to have cannulae, so he's got all these cute fuzzy patches on him. I took a video of him walking meditatively in his wheel to show the vets, because they've only seen him sick and miserable and immobile. I wish I could figure out how to post the video here! But image hosting is so complicated now. I miss photobucket. Here's a photo, anyway:

Here is his slightly haggard self, getting some fresh air )

Tineee linkspam
A thing I think is pretty awesome and also gorgeous:
World’s first Maori emoji app launches with unique Polynesian expressions

From [personal profile] umadoshi, something I found useful for myself, and for helping [personal profile] lilacsigil when I'm having a meltdown:
When Your Partner Has Anxiety: A Meltdown Guide

From the Guardian, not that I agree with all/most of their choices, but I'm always cruising for something new to listen to, and you might be too:
The 50 best podcasts of 2016

A thing I learned recently and I feel I should share:
Why do wombats do cube-shaped poo?

Oh, oh, house of [personal profile] sharpest_asp, [personal profile] ilyena_sylph and [personal profile] killing_rose!! I got your AMAZING card - thank you so much for the well wishes, and for the big smile it gave both of us.
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Cat update
Generally good news! Some vet medical stuff )

Snake Update
We found experts! They came up from Geelong on the day that I called them, it was awesome. They were massive nerds like us, loved our nerdy bookshelves and the nerdy names we gave our cats and considering they had to go right through everything in the house, it actually felt much safer and familiar than you would think. Social anxiety and snake anxiety aside, it was about as good as that experience could be. If anyone of my Aussie flist needs a rec for a local snake team, drop me a PM because I'd rec them.

more snake specific than some people might want to read )

Quick Recipe Friday
You'd think I'd had no time to bake, wouldn't you? Ha! Every time I picked up a spatula, drama did happen. It was eerie. (Or I pick up a spatula very frequently.)

Something I cooked recently:
Ottolenghi’s Lemon-Semolina Cake

I made it in muffin form, I made the olive oil variant, and they're really good. But my oven cooked the tops really, really quickly, so next time I'm putting the temp down and the time longer. I will never learn, with my terrible, terrible oven, but I can't stand the idea of having tradies in the house right now to put in a new one, so I have to suck it up. Under the over-brown top though, they're nice and moist, are keeping for longer than muffins would, and the lemon taste is really good. Definitely a good GF option for a small, snacky/tea time cake or muffin thing

ETA: After [personal profile] lilacsigil said that the muffins were a little grittier in texture than she expected, I have discovered that semolina is not polenta. I like the slightly gritty texture, but perhaps next time I'll try actual semolina flour rather than polenta. But I thought they were the same!!

Trail Mix Energy Bites
I made these on Sunday, and Baggins started getting sick right in the middle of it, so I forgot to put the rolled oats in. They actually came out okay - but more of a confection than a snack food, if you know what I mean. They're nice! They're not technically a FODMAP friendly food, because of the honey and the fruit. And the pretzels, of which I had none so I smushed up some Ritz instead, but when we needed something sweet for our shocky little selves after the vet visits, they were awesome. Salty-sweet and satisfying. I will be trying them again with the oats in this time.

Something I have concrete plans to cook soon:
It is gnocchi weekend! It's nice and cool today, so I'm going to be roasting potatoes and making... Omg, I didn't bookmark my gnocchi recipe. *freaking out* It was a roast potato one, it worked really great, omg, I shouldn't even need a recipe! But I am a bad granddaughter and do not know it by heart, ohnoes.

I will use this one from the Guardian: How to make the perfect gnocchi though it be filled with terrible copy.

And I'm going to scoop out some of that potato mash and making this potato focaccia I linked last Friday.

I've got a bottle of passata that I'm going to oomph up with some fresh herbs, and bake the gnocchi in that - eat some, freeze some for Christmas meal time, and hopefully all will be good.

Something I'm idly planning to cook in the future:

Shredded chicken, cucumber and noodle salad

I'm still craving weird things, and single-ingredient foods, like, apparently cucumber. Also this looks nice and summery.

Walnut pesto
I have a bulk bag of walnuts, and I'm still looking for a good sandwich condiment that I can keep the garlic out of.

Yay getting back on track with posting, yay for a better cat, yay for a (probably probably) snake free house.
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State of the Writing:
I posted a bunch of fics, but have a few more that only need a little bit of work. (Sanctuary wing-fic, this one X-Men/Sanctuary fic I've had hanging around, that Warehouse 13 fic that I thought was finished but actually had [put kiss here] in the body of the text, ffs.)

I'm going to try for a finish-a-thon this Nano. I just totted up my works in progress:
- Post-Winter-Soldier Save Bucky fic now jossed by, I think, four MCU movies, 55K
- Person of Interest 5 Things, with 3/5 of the things done, 15K
- Person of Interest post S5 fixit, 36K
- Person of Interest Sentinel/Guide fic I should never have started but it's so addictive, 5K
- Dracula 2013 Lucy/Mina/Grayson fic 6K
- Original fic, Boarding House of Together They Solve Crime, 50K

That's 167K of unfinished business, holy shit. That's not right. Something has to change here. I think I'm staging an intervention on myself.

Yuletide assignments were super early this year, huh? Mine is great - I'm excited about getting started on that, plus the letter reads like I wrote it. We're obviously very in sync, my recipient and I. For myself, I got my letter in right on the buzzer - Dear Author.

And I have a pinch hit for [community profile] femslashex that I absolutely need to get cracking on. Now.

State of the Garden:
- celery going strong
- snow peas starting to take off
- weird crinkly spinach in that stage where the more you pick, the more grows
- broccolini is down to one plant, but it still has... brockles?
- bok choy gone (it was a really good winter crop though.)
- seeds for button squash, butternut pumpkin, green zebra tomato, apple cucumber and leek are tiny but strong
- 2 zucchini seedlings are in and planning their strategic advance on the house
- coriander is going
- we put in some beetroot seedlings, mostly because apparently the greens are nice in salad? IDK.

State of the Me:
- I hurt my shoulder and the physiotherapist uttered the dread incantation 'rotator cuff'. It's not too bad, just inflamed, definitely not torn, but I'm being extra careful. I feel like I'm in a bad Victorian novel, always checking that my shoulder blades are down and back.
- The plebiscite on same sex marriage went down in flames, thank goodness, but that and world events in general have left me feeling fairly hopeless about the future. I'm still trying to get over the discovery that I live in a world where #nottheonion is a thing we need when reading news.
- I'm feeling generally flat and uncommunicative but I am trying to push out of it. I have NaNo write-ins I want to attend in Geelong. I've scoped out the locale, it looks nice and fairly accessible. I'm still nervous about it. Socialising is nervewracking, even when I want to do it.
- Pokemon Go is giving me life. Even though fewer people are playing, it takes the edge of my anxiety when I go to a new place, because I can scope out the poke-landscape.

State of the Cats:
Spring is here and we opened a window )
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Sneaking in a happy birthday to the three other fangirls who share my birthday: [personal profile] eumelia, [personal profile] lost_spook, and [personal profile] lurkingcat. And to [personal profile] muccamukk, who pipped us all at the post by a day. Mine was yesterday, because of datelines, but it's still the 14th on the other side of the world.

I had a good day, considering that birthday season is a little like duck season in my family. But I baked a plaited fruit bread and a blueberry muffin slice, had an awesome freaking work out with my personal trainer (I mean, one of those ones where she says "And it's time to stretch!" and you don't want to stop because everything feels so good.) [personal profile] lilacsigil bought an electric blanket for my old bones, and I got to snuggle with Baggins who felt so safe he could tuck his nose under his paw. It was adorable.

Hobbit cat is cosy )

We still haven't moved - there's tradies going everywhere, and right now the driveway is being concreted (because the gravel was deep and horrible to walk in.) We had the pleasure of talking to a guy who makes bookshelves, and after much arm waving and showing of pictures on the internet, he is going to build us a bookshelf that has steps on the side so the cats can get to the top and run around. I am not ashamed to be that cat lady.

Popping in

May. 6th, 2014 09:07 pm
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It's probably pretty clear that I've slipped into one of those non-communicative periods that happen when I'm stressed. House stuff, work stuff, family stuff is all tripping up my tongue right now. I'm still around and reading but finding it hard to get words out.

Cut for discussion of ailing pet, now gone )
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It's so much cooler now. The sky is eerily orange from the fires in the Grampians, but there's nothing close to us at the moment. It's nice to be able to open up the house and get some fresh air into it. Now I'm watching [personal profile] lilacsigil play Lego Marvel Super Heroes. She's driving in New York. We couldn't figure out why everyone was on the wrong side of the road. Hopefully, they will just assume that Tony is wasted. It seems reasonable.

We ventured into the garden for the first time this week, and holy cow, the zucchinis are coming. THE ZUCCHINIS ARE COMING! Fortunately I have been stashing zucchini recipes on Pinboard, so I am ready. The basil is looking awesome. There are tomatoes everywhere but all still green. The pumpkins have gone ballistic in the heat - huge leaves, lots of buds. Watermelons are looking a bit sad; I think they were still a bit small when the heat came, and even though we had plastic over them, they've suffered a bit. The cos lettuce has bolted, but the other lettuces are doing well, and so is the spinach. Peas everywhere! So many peas! And beans! And the eggplant tree is looking alive, at least, even if there are no blossoms. We just can't eggplant here, and it's so sad.

Recipe Friday! Let's make it happen!

Something I've cooked recently:

Braised leg of lamb:

Basically, you get a leg of lamb, preferably with the bone in, stud it with garlic and sprigs of rosemary, and rub it with olive oil and sea salt. Then put it in a cast iron pot. Add a brown onion peeled and cut in two. Chop a head of garlic in half and throw that in, with a bunch of rosemary and thyme. (And maybe some peppercorns, maybe a bayleaf, maybe some brown sugar or honey, but this time we didn't bother because we'd left it too late in the day to be fussy.) Pour white wine over the lot, cover and cook it in the oven at 150C for five hours. Check it occasionally to make sure there's still liquid in the pot. Take the lid off for the last hour. It's done when it can be flaked with a fork.

We did this ahead of the heat, knowing we'd be unlikely to cook this week. The lamb, and some pumpkin rolls from the bakery did us for lunches, and with rice and veggies for dinner on a couple of nights when we were really flaked out from work.

Crispy Roasted Chickpeas:

I was totally inspired by the chickpeas in my Harvest Box last week - all the toasted lentils have been really tasty, and we always have a can of chickpeas to throw in curry, so it seemed like a good option. They were terrible! I don't think it's the fault of the recipe - the spices tasted great, but the chickpeas tasted like ass. I think I'll try soaking my own, maybe? Or a different brand of chickpeas? The problem is that the canned ones always smell really bad to me, and I could totally smell that bad smell, even covered in a billion spices and salt. I need to figure this out, because I love chickpeas, and I want to try hummus again soon.

Something I've got concrete plans to cook soon:

Well, we're going to chargrill the first zucchini tomorrow. The Weber barbecue is working out great! We bought outdoor furniture to go with it - I sit there with my iPad, reading fic and grilling like a boss, while [personal profile] lilacsigil potters in the garden. We chat over the balcony. It's really nice.

[personal profile] mergatrude's Super Easy Butter Cake:

Part of my quest for an easy cake - that recipe I linked last week was actually pretty complex, so I abandoned it. I will have cake that is tender and has a nice rise and doesn't taste like dry paste. I will achieve this. I will be precise. As [personal profile] ducened said, "Cake is your finicky English teacher who marks you off for forgetting the Oxford Comma."

Something I'm idly thinking of cooking in the future

Homemade Vanilla Bean Chai Syrup

This could be nice, right? You basically grab a can of sweetened condensed milk and stir in a whole bunch of spices to make a spiced syrup, then when you want chai, you stir some of the syrup into some black tea. It sounds like a good idea on paper, and I've got everything I need to make it on hand, so I'd like to give it a go.

Panini bread

We've got the sandwich press out, and I'd forgotten how nice it is to just squish good things into bread and toast it. I'm going to make some nice panini-style breads to toast. To follow on with [personal profile] ducened's analogy, unlike cake, bread is your mellowed out art teacher who wants you to get your hands dirty and feel for the right texture.

I've been trying to get this into a post but keep backing out of it: our elderly cat is on the decline. Cut for talk of ailing pets )
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1. The talk to the diabetes support group went well. It wasn't the diabetes group, in the end, it was the chronic diseases group, but "We're not called that anymore because it's too negative." Nobody knew what the group is called now, though. Still. It went well, I think? The messages boiled down to "Fish oil is a blood thinner. Those sections on A Current Affair and Today Tonight are actually paid advertisements. Get a Webster Pack; they're full of jelly beans." People seemed happy.

I pushed myself through an educational unit on managing diabetes (since I assumed I was talking to the diabetes group), which involved bracing myself for all kinds of fat-hate, body-shaming, doctor-monster bullshit. But it wasn't too bad, on the whole. The most pervasive thought I came away with was that maybe we should eat more oily fish in this household. Any favourite recipes people would care to share?

This is mine, for tuna patties, which we made yesterday for lunches this week. I've never written this recipe down before - we usually just throw whatever into the mix with the potatoes. But I'm trying to keep a record of things that we make, so that when we come back to them, I can remember what to do.

They're kind of a scratch meal, but nice. )

Give me tuna recipes! We need the oils of the fish.

2. Missy, our elderly cat, started looking poorly on Saturday: fussing with her mouth, off her food and all her fur standing up. [personal profile] lilacsigil took her to the vet yesterday, and she has gingivitis again, with some nasty ulcers at the front of her mouth. (Gingivitis is a complication of her kidney disease.) She's had a shot of antibiotics and a steroid to help with the inflammation, and overnight she's doing a lot better. She lost 200g (relevant when you're a tiny kitty), and the vet suggested that she might have started losing weight last week before she started showing symptoms, so we're going to weigh her weekly. It might give us a chance to get her to the vet earlier, before she loses condition. It's nice to see her perkier and enjoying her dinner so fast though. And now that I think about it, to have only lost 200g at the end of winter is actually a pretty good outcome. We can plump her up again through this summer.

3. Operation Walk the Cat proceeds apace.

Open the door, get on the floor /embarrassing eighties reference )

He really enjoys the walks, but rather than burning off energy, he has the idea at the moment that we'll let him outside at any moment. He gets really excited whenever [personal profile] lilacsigil goes near the place where his harness is kept. I'm hoping he settles down. I don't think I can handle him strutting around the house bellowing at full volume. For hours.

4. The Great British Bake-Off! Buns! Cut for spoilers? Sandwich or toast? )

5. Sleepy Hollow was awesome! This show isn't perfect, but at the same time, it just gallops on and on without looking back, and I have a certain amount of respect for that kind of story telling.

This entry is all spoiler cuts. Oh, and some icons. )


- [ profile] antarcticsue posted a troll under a bridge at McMurdo Station

- [community profile] imadeathing has another round of posting for fannish handcrafts. Go and see the fantastic things!

- Sleepy Hollow screencaps for 1.02

- the official Phryne Fisher pinterest board Costumes, locations, props and accessories, behind the scenes photos.

That is all! Have to get up at sparrow's fart tomorrow for the personal trainer. Time for zzzs.
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- Today with my personal trainer, I got down on the ground! Like, on my side, and on my back, and (most miraculous) on my stomach. I normally work either on my fitball or (more and more as my knee recovers) on my feet, but she tentatively suggested it last week as an option, and I said that as long as she didn't mind me flailing inelegantly to my feet, that I'd be willing to give it a try. This is testament to the amount of trust I have in her - I have quite a lot of belly, and lying on it is a weird, uncomfortable experience, but she wasn't phazed, and suggested different ways of arranging all my bits, and how to feel for the right muscles engaging, and it was awesome. Definitely felt it in my abs. Hopefully won't feel it in my back tomorrow.

I did a kind of a pushing up, arching my back move that she said was called "the cobra". Next stage: Namor's nimble-footed flutters )

- Baggins ran in the cat wheel! It's strictly been Chewie's territory up until now, but today Baggins jumped in the wheel, and [personal profile] lilacsigil patted it up high, and Baggins took a flying leap at the carpet and pulled the wheel into action. He got all bug-eyed in amazement as he rolled back and forth in the wheel, then he did it again and again. Chewie is quite put out. He's up on top of the bookshelf, gargoyling at us.

- Yuletide nominations are open. I haven't thought about it very much yet, but I'm thinking Dance Academy, maybe Sleepy Hollow. Death By Silver, because I'd love to read fic set in that universe.

- Not sure if good, but one of my elderly customers invited me to her house to talk crochet. I think that could be fun? I think I'd like a crochet buddy in town. But if I don't come back, you know where I was going, okay?

- One more thing! I can think of one more thing! (There are so many bad things happening in politics right now, here and in the world. I've had to drop so many people off my Facebook since the election.)

Okay. France is moving to ban child beauty pageants. That's a good thing.
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1. I woke up and braced myself for the early morning creak and groan of getting my knee going, but it was okay! It was really, really okay - stiff and a bit tender, but no pinching or stabbing. And it got better and better all day, which is fantastic. I was worried, when the tendon flared up on Saturday, that I'd be in for six months of recovery like last time, but maybe not? I've spent the last year and a bit rehabbing that knee, and maybe the payoff is more strength and a faster recovery time?

I'm going to stick to my plan of resting until the pool again on Monday, and then I'll see how it's going for working out on land.

2. Still raining! They've had to shut a few roads to accommodate the creeks overflowing, and they've opened one of the river mouths down on the coast. Lots of water. Not too much water, not yet, though, as predicted, the farmers are starting to complain about the mud.

3. I started posting on Tumblr again! It was really busy at work, so I used my micro breaks to fill up my queue. I'm [ profile] st-aurafina over there, and I'm mostly posting pretty things I'd like to show to [personal profile] lilacsigil - fandom picspams, history and science trivia. Low stress stuff. Some nature drawings, so if you're phobic about insects or spiders, it might not be for you.

4. Baggins is diligently washing out Chewie's ear. Baggins has a long, aristocratic nose, and Chewie has huge bat ears, so Baggins can get himself in up to the eyes in a spectacularly grotesque way. It's gross and yet I can't look away. It's a bit like a spout going in a funnel. I know it's important for cat society, but I do wonder if I'm going to wake up from a nap one day, and find Baggins making out with my ear canal in the name of uniting us as a family.

5. Man claims to have filmed the rare Australian Night Parrot And DNA confirms elusive night Parrot found

It's pretty exciting when an article gets to use the phrase "holy grail of ornithology". I love it when a species turns out to not be extinct. Not even pining for the fjords.
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Ugh, so hot. So hot, people of the north! So hot, I am melting! Stuff is on fire here and there, but nothing horribly out of control and the wind has changed so we're okay for now. Except that it's hot.

*melts not in a nice way like if something romantic happened but more like a sad popsicle*

I am filling [community profile] fandom_stockings! I haven't got as many done as I'd like, but I've got one more day and hopefully it will be cooler.

My big grey cat just walked over my phone, switched it on and butt-dialled the butcher. I am deeply impressed, and also reaching for the sanitary wipes.

Which reminds me, this was my Christmas card from [personal profile] lilacsigil:

We always joke about the sale price being in guineas because of this awesome/terrible pony book where a girl buys a pony at the sale yard, and finds out that the price is in guineas not pounds, and she's short of cash. So, in a disgraceful act, she snipped the buttons off her coat and sold them to make up the difference. This kind of thing happens all the time in pony books.)

Snapshot Serengeti continues to entertain, especially when I'm feeling brainless. At least I'm contributing by helping them track data, right? I might be melting and brainless but I can count wildebeest, damn it. And I've seen lots of amazing things: ducks of the Serengeti! Dancing man of the Serengeti! Porcupine of the Serengeti! But best of all:


Warning for naked baboon butt )

The actual reason I wanted to post was because Monster of the Week has started again! Monster of the Week is a webcomic recap of the X-Files which I discovered late last year thanks to [personal profile] runpunkrun, just as the artist finished recapping season one. And now, season two!

There's a feed here, so you can have Monster of the Week on your flist: [syndicated profile] monsteroftheweek_feed. You are welcome.
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I keep trying to make an intro post, and real life keeps intervening. Like, tonight, for example, I accidentally murdered the microwave. (Maybe I can plead manslaughter on that?)

But tonight I soldier on!

Hi! Hi friending meme people! Hi, my dear old friends also! This is a belated introduction post. (Here's a similar post from 2009, which is still correct.)

I'm Danielle! I'm 41 and I live in the country. KOALA COUNTRY. My partner is [personal profile] lilacsigil, we've been together for fifteen years. She seduced me with X-Men comics, and it was all comfortably downhill from there. Cis-female, white, bisexual, GAD-sufferer, on the spectrum. Taurus.

I'm a pharmacist, I am the co-owner of a pharmacy in a small country town in a primarily dairy farming region. I've lived here for twelve years, and I love it, despite the occasional gossipy flare-up. We're the only out queer couple here. We're the only out geeky couple here. It's a little bit isolating sometimes.

We have three cats: Aeon (our aging lady), and brothers Baggins and Chewbacca. They are all lovely!

I lead an HAES oriented life. I have recently discovered a love of swimming and a surprising lack of fear in the changing rooms, which means a lot to me. (This time last year, I was trying to pluck up the courage to actually get in the pool. Now I have a season membership, yay!)

What's big in my life right now? We had our back yard landscaped this year, you can see the progression here. We've gone from growing tomatoes in tubs to having a full-on vegetable garden this year, and it's going well.

Baby vegetables under this cut )

Fannishly, I've been a Who fangirl since before I can remember. I love X-Men and X-Files and Twin Peaks and Harry Potter and Sanctuary and Warehouse 13 and Once Upon a Time, and, and, and. I'm very multifannish. Where we live, we get no television reception at all, so I have to download everything.

I co-mod [ profile] comicstore_news with [personal profile] lilacsigil. I've won NaNo the last six years. I write fic and make icons and sometimes fanmixes.

I'm [ profile] st_aurafina and [ profile] st_aurafina. I am not so active at [ profile] st-aurafina and not active at all at [ profile] st_aurafina. My chat IDs are in my Dreamwidth profile, and I'm happy to chat.

Now, because I killed a major electrical appliance the week before Christmas, I really want to do that Yuletide meme. Also, It's like the last possible straw of procrastination I can think of, before I have to finish the final edits on my story.

Ghosts of Yuletide past )

That was a fun retrospective, and completely took away the sting of burning out the microwave. COMPLETELY. *convinces self*
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To avoid writing my NaNo, I took a pinch hit for [ profile] dw_femslash. Yes, to avoid writing, I volunteered to write. I'm two days in the hole for NaNo but I'm going to catch up this weekend. Yeppers.

Meanwhile, let me procrastinate further with a Project Wasteland update! Project Wasteland is a story of the transformation of my back yard, and it spans a full decade, in so far as the first nine years of that decade involve me taking photos of the massive jungle to procrastinate over doing anything about it.

If you have me on Facebook, you'll have seen some of these already. Whatevs, look again, because my back yard is made of awesome now.

Let us take a journey BACK IN TIME )
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Oh, Friday. You broke me, Friday. I am sore and cranky and tired and done with talking reasonably to people. Also, nobody plan to be going overseas right now - there are no Hepatitis A vaccines available in this country. We've even used up the paediatric doses, giving two at a time to adults. *sighs*

But now there's only two more sleeps until the next episode of Doctor Who, I have a happy fat cat on my knee and I am watching [personal profile] lilacsigil play Super Mario Galaxy as Luigi. Luigi falls off stuff a lot. (Ooh, and the new one comes out soon, too. That will be fun!)

Picspam time! Cats. And homecrafts - [personal profile] lilacsigil made me a gorgeous patchwork manga bookmark that deserves to be honoured on the internet.

The mysterious life cycle of glitter balls )

She made it in a cave! From a box of scraps! )
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Dear cat that vomited partially digested tuna into my bedding, and also up the hallway in little fishy puddles,

I'm having you and your brethren put to sleep.

No love ever again,

From me
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The blood tests are back, and Aeon is fine - she has early renal insufficiency, as the vet suspected, and that's why she's lost weight. Her heart and other organs are healthy, so we've caught it early. She has to eat special kibble (which the young boy cats find fascinating and delicious), and she's going to be taking an ACE inhibitor tablet every day to protect her renal function. Apparently this renal thing is a problem for oriental cats in middle age - she's officially an older lady now.

We're both very relieved. No new development on Baggins' hoon patches. He's still a hoon.

And we have two new doctors in town! This is very exciting! They're both from a formerly-Soviet country which shall remain nameless for the sake of anonymity. This hopefully means we will keep our hospital, and the pharmacy will remain afloat. *wipes brow* Now, if the folk of my tiny country town can get over their xenophobia and insularity, things will be bonny. I mean, seriously. Who freaks out at an accent? I've never seen such a load of garbage. We have doctors, you morons. Good doctors who want to stay in the area! We're so damn lucky.

In other news, Belgium is for sale on eBay. And so is Kirribilli House (where our PM lives).
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Be today Talk Like a Pirate Day, arrr? Ye international dateline has me befuddled in the noggin. Arr.

I think I'm in love with Lisa Cuddy. I want to work in the pharmacy in her hospital, and in between fighting Doctor House for dead patients' medication, I could lean on the counter and swoon as she clicked to and fro in her incredibly glam suits. I'm looking forward to the new season of House MD, BTW. A lot. Even though it will be lame.

[ profile] xmmficathon fic is with my beta reader at the moment. [ profile] lilacsigil is going to mock me for saying this, because she sat through all the tooth-gnashing and wailing, but I really enjoyed writing my fic. This weekend will be fun! I am looking forward to reading good fic that salves the wounds inflicted by X3.

[ profile] lilacsigil took the cats to the vet today - Aeon has lost a lot of weight, and we were worried she might have a gum infection, or that the younger cats are muscling her out of the food. But apparently (and more frighteningly), her kidney function is down, and she's losing muscle mass. So we've got blood tests and a new diet looming, and possible medication.

Baggins, on the other hand, has two weird bald spots on his hind legs, which are not ringworm. The vet calls them "hoon patches". When he's thundering around the house like a lout and corners badly, he slides on his back legs, which gradually wears off the fur. It's more often seen in dogs, because, the vet says, when something hurts a cat, they stop doing it. But not our cat, no. He has to wear out his upholstery. I'm thinking I might knit him some tiny leg-warmers or something, to go with his handsome coat. (And then one day, a little hat.)
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I have the first stage surgery for my dental implant on Monday. I'm not freaking out, because (a) Midazolam! and (b) it can't possibly be worse than having four wisdom teeth hacked out of my jaw. And even that wasn't so bad thanks to (a). I am worried, after all, they're drilling a metal bolt into my jaw. Giant drill. My jawbone. Yuck. But I think I've been through worse, and it should all be okay. I bought a pumpkin, so I can make soup for my tender, incised gums. There's something very satisfying and homely about having an entire pumpkin in one's pantry, even if I didn't grow it and harvest it myself.

This winter we promised we'd buy a coat for Baggins, because his fur is fine and felty, and he really seems to feel the cold, huddling on the heat pad all day with hunched up shoulders.

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In the living room, I saw something on the carpet. I picked it up, and was a little revolted to find that it was something meaty - I assumed the cats had dragged something out of their bowl and brought it into the living room. Never mind that they've never done that before. Then I turned the little meaty chunk over in my hand, (why would I even do that?), and then I was screaming.

cut for nastiness, because I couldn't cut in real life. )

Here's a really awesome meme, from [ profile] mcee:


Write a drabble (100 words exactly) based on your current default icon. No changing it! Just write it as it comes; no beta-reading or mulling over. Any fandom or no fandom at all. Comment or link here

Here's mine:

It coils in and around itself, unfolding only at the moment of replication.

It gives us: telepathy, telekinesis, optic force blasts and healing factor.
It gives us: war based on purity of blood, green eyes, and tousled black hair.
It gives us: Daleks, Time Lords, a million other unnamed races, and chavs.
It gives us: Clone Wars, twinned rebels, and a reason to turn from the Dark Side.
It gives us: two generations of demon-hunters, and a mysterious destiny.

It does not give us: beauty, brains or sexual orientation. These are things that you have to build on your own.


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