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Insta Rec
I wrote a Supergirl fic of necessary hugs: Lights Will Guide You Home (Kara Danvers/Daisy Johnson, General) and guess what, [personal profile] monanotlisa wrote a beautiful and adorable coda for it: Hide Away in Daylight (Kara Danvers/Daisy Johnson, General) Everything is squishy hugs and nothing hurts.

The State of Me
Oh, man, I don't know if it's the prednisolone taper, but I'm so woozy and full of fogs. It might be that my GI tract got so inflamed that I couldn't absord oral meds, so now I'm basically re-establishing my Pristiq and other meds all at once? I'm foggy and I have a concentration window of about two minutes, and my balance is kind of fucked. Not very me at all. To be fair, my suffering is not great. But I feel like a balloon animal. Maybe a dachshund. Maybe a giraffe?

Oh, but [personal profile] lilacsigil has just come back from the street to tell me that the cafe that makes the great salt and pepper squid has it on their specials board today, so I am getting squiddy with my lunch. I have such fish cravings since I've been sick. Fish and nuts. All the oils. Get in my body, oils. And squids.

NaNo Round-up
I'm picking through the scattered debris of my NaNo adventure to see what actually happened in that weird month.

- Finished the POI Five Things fic, though one of the parts is decidedly odd with only some good bits. The good bits might sprout something better, though, so I shall see. Total word count: 31,767.
- Finished the POI Sentinel/Guide fic, though I think it needs some fleshing out in parts. I quite like this one, actually? It's iddy as all get out and has lots of hugging and touching and bonding. I think, once I've got my Yuletide sorted, I'll work on this one. Total word count: 16,229
- Wrote one chapter of the Bucky fic. It was a weird but necessary chapter. 7266 words, taking that fic to a total of 62,044, holy shit.
- The Supergirl fic of necessary hugs, which I've already posted. (2032 words)
- The POI fixit fic is where it got weird and throw-words-at-the-wall-ish. I'm a little scared to look. I had a fever. 13,828 words, some of which may not be consecutive or legible.
- Last minute desperation words, Harold Finch competence porn. 2602 words. I want to finish this, because it's fun, and because I like exploring Harold's hidden skillsets.

Activist Links
From [personal profile] china_shop:
Here’s What I’m Telling My Brown Son About Trump’s America
A sad but also hopeful essay, and this got me:
But listen, love, because I need to remind you of something and I need you to remember it extra well over the next four years: This is our street. It is our street. So when you feel that rumbling pushing up through your palms, I want you to press them flat against it, and do not be afraid to hear everything.

From [community profile] thisfinecrew:
Boycott These Companies: boycotting companies that support Trump

From [personal profile] newredshoes:
Speak Up & Stay Safe(r): A Guide to Protecting Yourself From Online Harassment

Self-care and soothing
- This twitter thread about a comicbook store helper and a tiny new Supergirl baby gay made me cry with happiness and wish there'd been this kind of visibility for me in the eighties. It's so important. (Please don't kill Maggie, please don't kill Alex, please.)

- From Buzzfeed, Ocean's Eight is looking like the best movie thing that's ever happened omg: Based On Set Photos It Looks Like “Ocean’s Eight” Will Be The Greatest Movie In The History Of Movies

- Journaling Practice - Peony and Parakeet is a art-journalling blog I'm fond of, and she posted about being an introvert and an artist, which is something that I clicked with. Her blog is a good, thoughtful, mindful kind of place for art stuff.

- From [personal profile] umadoshi, (Almost) Every SFF Adaptation Coming to Television and Movie Theaters!
This is a weird and amazing list of things. And oh, wow that Camelot procedural series. It will surely be terrible and I will watch the crap out of it.

- Chocolate Box is running again this year! Schedule at [community profile] chocolateboxcomm.

- [community profile] fandom_stocking too, has sign-ups going: Sign-up Post

Squid ETA: It was delicious but a Pharmacy Board inspector showed up, which seems like an odd coincidence. Will investigate further tomorrow.
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I something something made it to 50K in NaNo. I don't know why I didn't quit, and I don't know what I actually wrote, and what are words anyway? In the last desperate hours, I wrote some fic about Harold Finch feeding a kitten with an eyedropper.

I finished some stuff. I wrote some crack. I need to get onto Yuletide now.

state of the meatsack: )

omg I just found a post I wrote in the first week:
talk of pee, weight-loss, generally a bit deluded )
Wow, I am so much less off my face now. I was really sick. :O

Activist Links
- Rec: [personal profile] rydra_wong is doing stellar work collecting and compiling links.

- And as always, [community profile] thisfinecrew is a great resource.

- How to call your reps when you have social anxiety
(This one has done the rounds everywhere, but I liked how clear and simple the plan was.)

- Revenge
(I really liked this poem, especially:
And of course it’s not fair but rest assured,
anxious America, you brought your fists to a glitter fight.

Links to Distract
- The Cast of Criminal Minds Like You've Never Seen Before
I WOULD FREAKING WATCH THE SHIT OUT THIS SHOW, with all the ladies running heists and shacking up together and why can't this be on tv why.

- Captive Prince opening titles
Oldie but a goodie, and the casting makes me laugh. Also, really skillful, you know? It pleases me.

- FringeMusic107 is a youtube channel that makes mixes of TV themes, and I found them to be really good writing/studying music, especially the Person of Interest themes. I played Harold's Theme a lot through NaNo.

Anyway. I am not dead. The world goes on. We are a great team. I love youse guys. <3
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So, anyway, I got sick. Something bit me, I don't know what, but I woke up with a leg the colour and shape of a hotdog and a fever that made me get lost in my own bedroom. I mean, it obviously wasn't deadly. But it sure was germy because I'm infected.

I hate being so sick that all you can do is sit and cry in bewilderment. I am really bad at being that sick.

Then there was interesting investigations with the doctor, and pen marks all over the biggest and reddest part of my leg, and I'm on antibiotics, but wow, I feel terrible. I can feel every lymph node in my body right now, istg. And yet, I'm still at work because people in my trade are notoriously lousy at taking days off. (It's hard to justify the cost, plus my locum has her childcare all sorted out, and I mean, it's not like I'm stuck in bed or anything. Ugh, self-care, why is it so hard?)

ETA: since I left this post hanging, my leg blew up even more, and I've been in hospital on IV antibiotics. They're not admitting me, yet, but it's possible if I don't show a vast improvement. At the moment, they've sent me home to stay 'in bed with toilet privileges'. Some hours later, I am disappoint that (a) I am not instantly better and (b) staying in bed when you have to is a whole other extremely tedious thing.

At least I am very lucky to have [personal profile] lilacsigil to brain some sense into me and to bring me meds and coffee and a muffin and to remind me that it's okay not to be at work.

Activist Links:

New comms:
- [community profile] thisfinecrew - a place to gather links to resources and step-by-step actions to take to be more involved in various efforts in the wake of Donald Trump's election to the Presidency.
(Is helpful at breaking tasks down into little steps, and has links to things like phone scripts.)

- [community profile] spoonlessactivists - for anyone who wants to do something about this world we're in, something to make it a better, more humane place - but is short on resources.

Cheering links:
Oldie but a goodie:
- Shelter dogs feel lonely and abandoned, so children practice reading books to them - an old link, but one that I find continually revivifying.

News about Phryne Fisher:
- Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Movie, Prequel TV Show Details
- ABC's Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries set to become an action movie trilogy

Sea life, squee life:
EVNautilus - this youtube channel is soothing and delightful, for me, anyway. It's a bunch of science nerds of various flavours watching the feeds from the Exploration Vessel Nautilus as it explores the ocean floor off Vancouver Island's west coast. The scientists geek out in delightful ways over cute octopi and pooping sea pigs and this one time a sperm whale came to check out the submersible. I find it very cheering. Nautilus Live is the home for the project if you want to read more about it.
Some of my favourite videos:
Rare Sperm Whale Encounter (They're so excited!)
Shy Octopus Hides Inside Its Own Tentacles

Ugh, I have to go back to the hospital at 8:30 tonight to get more ABs, and again tomorrow and it's very tedious. And I thought I'd get so much NaNo done, but strangely enough, when you're sick and uncomfortable, your concentration is not great, and I am probably never going to catch my word debt from being sick all week and. I mean. Honestly, I'm really bad at this shit. My leg seems to be less swollen, though? Still really red, but instead of a red shiny hotdog, it's more like an old shrivelled wrinkly hotdog.

Son of ETA: I forgot that I caught a Diglett at the hospital!! Diglett is so ridiculously cheering.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
[A hospital bed with a Diglett spawned at the end. The Diglett is CP 183]
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1. I switched on cross-posting to Tumblr. I hope it works! (Totally inspired by [personal profile] muccamukk who is getting [community profile] femslashex organised for this year.) I already have cross-posting set up for [livejournal.com profile] comicstore_news but I want to be more integrated here.

2. [community profile] femslashex, a femslash exchange that is lots of fun! The new schedule is up, and nominations will open soon.

3. I did Camp NaNo. I wrote 30K of Person of Interest fixit fic. Now I must finish it. I'm starting to think I'm a serial non-finisher of long fics. (Would anyone be interested in Ameripicking?)

4. Imzy is a thing suddenly, and might be the next thing fandom moves to after Tumblr. It seems to have comments that thread, and a generally more friendly atmosphere, though there is some question about whether they'll allow NC-17 art works. (The answer from the creators right now seems to be yes for fanworks, no for pr0n, which might not make for the best fandom environment? But they're talking about it, at least.) My personal comm is here - that's what people seem to be doing, since you can't follow individual profiles just yet.

Some others I've followed:
pokemongo (still very quiet)
misbehaving_muses (This is a place to vent, complain, or brainstorm when your muses refuse to cooperate.)
personofinterest (But I don't know if it's a fannish comm or what.)

And a few I found that other people might be interested in:
tragic_magic_ninjas - Naruto comm

Porn/erotic art policy + feature requests on Imzy - this is more discussion from the creators about the subject, as well as news about features to come.

I have a bunch of invites, if anyone wants. Leave a comment, or PM if you don't want your email visible in a comment. (ETA: I'm out of invites now, but [personal profile] lilacsigil has a heap, so your invite might come from her.)

5. Discharging some linkspam

Meet Fu Yuanhui, The Most Lovable Athlete At The Rio Olympics (Omg, she is adorable and adorkable. There are gifs there.)

Why tourists are flocking to this Australian hotel room Spoilers: because it was in Free! Eternal Summer. I love how accurately the room and the hotel were drawn, though. That's gorgeous and I can understand why fans would want to stay there.

[tumblr.com profile] fuckyeahtarotdecks, because if, like me, you have banned yourself from buying more decks that will just sit on the shelf, you can at least look at some pretty art.

[etsy.com profile] ChrysalisStudios has beautiful jewellery made from actual insects (collected from butterfly sanctuaries. (I really like this: Lime green butterfly wing pendant)

[etsy.com profile] tcustom makes anatomical lockets, which are sort of gruesome and sort of cool. I like the layers on this one: Burgess shale fossil necklace

Oof, done.

Nov. 30th, 2015 11:59 am
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Final breakdown:
W13 femslash for (belated) trope bingo: 5041 (finished)
Killjoys fic for for (belated) trope bingo: 1873 (not finished)
Sanctuary fic for (belated) trope bingo: 1237 (finished)
[Redacted fandom for Yuletide treat]: 7868 (finished)
Sequel to You Can Never Go Home Again (my Tenth Doctor & Sirius fic): 11182 (finished but damn, I want to write more.)
Person of Interest fic for no reason other than it pleases me: 14740 (and not finished, will never be finished, omg had to take a break from it)
Supergirl/Daisy femslash for [community profile] femslash_kink: 2301 (finished and awaiting editing, to post soon)
NBC's Dracula which seems to be feudal lord/handmaiden Lucy/Mina with some Grayson in there, maybe Lucy/Mina/Grayson IDK: 5981 (so unfinished)
Total: 50,367

And didn't break my duolingo streak: 108 days.

And will get to comments soon, so soon.

But first cake. And sleep.
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[personal profile] lilacsigil is at the dentist right now. Let's send her good vibes! So many good vibes that she literally floats up out of the chair with good energy. That will be a surprise for her tiny dentist. (Also, then [personal profile] lilacsigil won't get mad that I'm writing this entry instead of catching up on my NaNo word debt so that we can watch more Jessica Jones tonight. Because we mutually pledged that we wouldn't watch it unless we make our daily word count. And now I'm behind.)

NaNo breakdown:
W13 femslash for (belated) trope bingo - 5041
Killjoys fic for for (belated) trope bingo: - 1873
Sanctuary fic for (belated) trope bingo - 1237
[Redacted fandom for Yuletide treat] - 7868
Sequel to You Can Never Go Home Again (my Tenth Doctor & Sirius fic) which also totally necessitated re-reading Prisoner of Azkaban: 11182
Person of Interest fic for no reason other than it pleases me - 11517
Total words as of last night: 38606

In other news, JESSICA JONES OMG. I would be home watching it right now if it wasn't NaNo, and if we didn't have to buy groceries and go to work and have visitors and seriously what is it with November? This always happens.

November has been surprisingly social - we met up with [personal profile] vass which was lovely, we went to a NaNo write-in for our closest region (which isn't all that close, but a bunch of them trucked up to meet us halfway, which was lovely of them.) Socialising is hard work but it's reassuring to know that I can actually do it with reasonable competence. (Reasonable competence being I didn't faceplant into my food, and I could say more than five words in a row. My personal standards are low.)

Omg, JESSICA JONES. It is everything to me, and I've only watched two episodes so far. But wow. And Luke Cage. And wow. And so many women. And I am re-reading the comics (because I have so much free time, right?)

In conclusion, please send good vibes to [personal profile] lilacsigil so I don't get in trouble.

(I won't really get in trouble. Not really really. D:)
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Brief discussion of workout matters, no weight loss talk, some swearing )

Nano goes:

I went with fanfic, because I plain old ran out of time to plan the original fic properly. It's going okay? First week was wobbly, because things kept happening, but I'm on track now. For the time being.

W13 femslash for (belated) trope bingo: 5K
(How much fun is W13!! I love writing it! I had forgotten how much I love it.)
Sanctuary fic for (belated) trope bingo: 1K
Killjoys fic for for (belated) trope bingo: 2K
[Redacted fandom] for Yuletide treat: 8K
POI fic for no reason other than it pleases me: 3K

I didn't make the trope_bingo deadline, but I'll hopefully have something to post during the amnesty. I might even have a line. So that's a good thing.

I'm in the middle of the POI fic, that has somehow come out with Harold POV. Why? Why would I do this to myself? I'm not like Harold, and I know bugger all about computers, so I'm constantly having to look up terminology. This is why I like to write doctors and scientists. I can fake that stuff with some authenticity. Harold is a rod for my own back. (Still love him, though!)

My actual Yuletide prompt is a little intimidating but entirely doable. Just need some canon review. And some time for some canon review.
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I'm im-ing with [personal profile] lilacsigil at work. She's inputting catalogue data which is all caps, and so her messages are all caps too.

[personal profile] lilacsigil: JUST READ MY MESSAGES IN BRIAN BLESSED'S VOICE

Also I think the cafe lady made me a babycino. It's all milky froth and no coffee. I feel foamy and undercaffeinated.

[livejournal.com profile] marvel_bang is done and in editing. I've done the art. I based mine on a vintage condom tin.

This is the tin. It has a brief cameo in the fic, so I feel like it's basically relevant. )

I'm going to have a push at finishing a line for [community profile] trope_bingo before the deadline. I have one whole fic, and two halves of fics. I think it's worth the effort, anyway.

Then it will be NaNo, and I haven't decided if I'll do original fic or if I'll pants it with fic. Fic is easier, but I'm still sitting on 50K of Winter Soldier fic from 2014 which I'll probably post around, I don't know, 2020. I don't like having unposted backlog.

I have vague ideas on how to finish up The Victorian Boarding House of Together We Solve Crime. And if that's not enough to fill 50K, I could segue into the sequel, The Victorian Seaside Holiday of Together We Solve Crime. (My catchy titles!)

(This is me at nanowrimo.org)

My little sister sends me links to a facebook group that posts stuff from tumblr. It's weirdly recursive. Sometimes I send her stuff straight from tumblr, but I wonder if that's the internet version of drinking straight from the cordial bottle.

She's so great, though. She's done her final exam. (Please let it be her final exam, please let her decide not to go on to other things.) She asked if she could come down here for Christmas, which is lovely and wonderful, but it gives me faint quakes of terror regarding what the hell my family is doing if she is already planning her escape.

- Flowers for Memories was a crochet art installation at Yarndale 2015. I sent some flowers for their giant garden, and there are photos here. I can see mine!

- How difficult it is to shoot a lock off? Spoilers: pretty difficult

- Altoid tin watercolour palette. We don't have altoids or that brand of gum, but I think I could improvise. (Or you know, use a vintage condom tin!) And how great are those waterbrushes, with the water stored in the barrel? Pretty effing great, let me tell you.

- [livejournal.com profile] antarctic_sue is posting again! Daily photos from McMurdo. Some seals. Some weather balloons. Some science corridors. I like it.

- From [personal profile] conuly, Australia in British sign language. Etymology and sign language, differences between countries. The British signs for Australia are really interesting to me: one references convict transportation, the other our slouch hats (from contact with WWI Diggers, presumably?)

- From tumblr: Things I love about the Villain Turns Good trope. I love all of these things. I love that when you write, this is the payoff you get for building nuanced villains. I think about how often we see this in fic, and how rarely we see it in fiction. Right now, I'm thinking of comicsverse!Magneto and Zuko. Maybe it's the babycino speaking, but those two are the only ones I can think of. Oh, and Root. Yeah, Root, though I don't think she has the vulnerability and self-doubt that this talks about, not that either of those are a deal-breaker for me.

I'm pretty excited that I will be watching the next season of POI with all of you guys. Even if it's the last one - I got in on time.
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Hi new people! I'm excited to see my flist all plumped up like a happy chicken.

I'm a bit scarce at the moment as I try desperately to get through NaNo. Still 3K behind! But was 5K behind! NEVER SURRENDER! MORE FLASHBACKS!!

I still wanted to say hi, and welcome, and to point you to a couple of 'about me' posts that may be helpful:

About Me from 2009, and which I should update a little. Now, sadly, we only have two cats, and we no longer live on a street with alpacas. But we do live on a street with PONIES. It's awesome.

Where I Live, from last year's December meme. Still basically current, except on the locavore part, because this year we scored a saffron farm and (this one is awesome) a producer of escargot. There's snails in them thar hills.

Please allow me to offload linkspam before I die of tabs:

iO9's Top 100 Star Trek episodes. I didn't agree with all of them, but I did have a hell of a lot of fun reading through.

From the classier end of Facebook (that would be the fandom end!) 'Ozten': Pride and Prejudice for Australians
ELIZABETH (about Mr Collins): But he DRIVES A FORD and wears SOCKS WITH SANDALS.

I want a comicbook about these women. I want TV about these women: Meet the 4 Women Who Will Join the FDNY This Year. I am all about the competence porn in this article, and also about big strong women being heroes and saving lives.

The Powers trailer, via iO9 - this looks like it's actually going to be good. I am surprised! I wasn't sure what to make of a show coming out of PlayStation, I guess, but the casting for Deena is awesome, and Imdb says there's going to be Eddie Izzard, Michelle Forbes, and Noah Taylor. That is a kick-ass bunch of people.

American Horror Story’s Mat Fraser won’t star in your “inspiration porn” - I found this a really interesting interview, with lots of stuff about representation in media, and the interaction between actors and writers.

I think that's enough procrastination for now. ONWARD TO VICTORY! VICTORY THROUGH FLASHBACKS!
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Help! I signed up for [community profile] cripbigbang (for characters with canon disabilities) and immediately went blank on what to write. Charles Xavier, I guess, except I haven't been feeling very X-Men-ish lately. Or, maybe Vicki Nelson from Blood Ties? (Kind of tempted to write the alt!universe Middleman, but I think that would be really hard to sustain.)

I've been thinking about it too hard, and now it's become a thing. You know what I mean?

I'm trying to think about the kinds of characters I like to write: scientists, doctors, people with skills.

Would Lord John Grey's degree of shellshock count? I thought Remus Lupin might be an option, but it has to be actualfax disabilities, and lycanthopy isn't.

*sigh* This shouldn't be so hard. I want to do it! I'm all ready to get going, and I want to fill out my [community profile] inkingitout spreadsheet.


In other news, I'm going back to work on my 2012 NaNo this weekend. Just a heads up, for anyone who wants on or off the filter. (For new people - cos there's a bunch of you! - it's a Victorian era paranormal murder mystery type thing, working title: The Victorian Boarding House of Together We Solve Crime.)


In other other news, we are not on fire, and it is actually raining. I have my fingers crossed for the fires up near Ballarat, and that New South Wales comes through the next few days with good winds and no disasters.


Nov. 30th, 2012 11:03 pm
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I haven't finished, but I've hit my 50K.


And the internet came back this morning. The real internet, the kind that is everywhere, even in the bathroom.

Thanks and more thanks to my filter cheergroup, you guys. I'm still posting. I haven't stopped to answer comments yet, but they kept me going.

*falls over*

*gets up and starts working on [livejournal.com profile] yuletide*
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There's a test post for my NaNoWriMo filter, here on Dreamwidth and on LJ. If you can't see the post, you're not on the filter. If you'd like to be on the filter, let me know and I'll add you.

What can you expect on this filter?
- Me, posting my NaNo wholesale and unedited. It's like raw milk: spurious health benefits, but more likely contaminated with semi-colons.

- Random historical/geographical/medical facts. Watch me do my research on the fly, even though I've had a whole year to do it!

- No obligation to read anything! You are an audience, and your mere existence is enough to keep me posting.

- No obligation to comment, though all comments are welcomed and valued. Possibly clung to and answered lovingly as I procrastinate and deny that there is a word count.

- word counters, banners, magic buttons and picspams.

- possibly some long, scary silences. Perhaps some weeping.

This year, the project has the working title of "Victorian Boarding House of Together We Solve Crime". (Catchy, right? RIGHT??) I have... not planned the ending. I am planning the ending right now. It may yet be a disaster. But it may be a triumph! (Right?)
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It was a fairly relaxed kind of NaNo. I would highly recommend fanwork if you're unsure about original fic in NaNo; I found it a lot of fun to just dive into a fandom and write whatever the hell I wanted to.
My final breakdown:
25K of Sanctuary fic
20K of Valdemar
5K of sequel to my Harry Potter/Doctor Who crossover that I've been meaning to write for many years.

*dusts hands* Now, on to the editing. *tragic sigh*

I post my [livejournal.com profile] xmenbigbang on the 11th, zomg. I have edits for that, I'm betaing another, I've got two fanmixes to put together. And then there's [livejournal.com profile] yuletide coming up.

Which reminds me, [livejournal.com profile] fandom_stocking is a fantastic gift fest run by [personal profile] medie, wherein you create a wishlist here, and the head elf hangs your stocking, then people fill it with goodies. I love writing for this one, it's so much fun to post your fic or graphics or good wishes, and then around the 6th of January, everyone gets to check their stocking.


[livejournal.com profile] fivetimesbb is for writers to create a fic for het, gen, femslash or slash in whatever fandom or crossover they desire. The catch here is that your story will take some form of the "Five Times..." format. Whether that means five chapters, five apocalypses, five hook-ups, five items or any variation on the theme is up to you.

There's three different levels of commitment, 2-5K, 5-10K and 10K plus. It's going to be lots of fun. Go, sign up!

I made the banners! There's more here, and if anyone is willing to promote for their fandom, I'll make a banner for it. Please. Save me from the editing. (Can't sleep, comma splices will eat me.)
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I have my assignment, it's sparking all kinds of ideas, and it's going to be so much fun. I am excite.

A little while ago, there was this gorgeous post on [livejournal.com profile] aiyatheydidnt, with Fan Bingbing dressed as a man, and that's kind of my thing, so I made some icons:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

(If that's your thing, too, you're welcome to take!)

Okay! Time's up! *divebombs back into NaNo pool*
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NaNo is on, and I'm posting at my NaNo filter. If you can see this post here on Dreamwidth and on Livejournal, you're on the filter. If you'd like to be on the filter, let me know.

I'm doing fanfic this year, with the possibility of some original fic creeping in there. I haven't decided if I'll use the filter to post the fic, or just stuff about research and writing in general.

ETA: Does anyone know where the cross-posting box is in the beta testing "create an entry" box? I can't find it... Maybe I need to go rummage in settings again.
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It's done!


It's 86K! I didn't reach 100K, but at this point, I don't actually mind much. I wrote a novel, guys. Like, a whole novel.

Thank you for cheering me on, and reading it and looking at my picspams and just generally being hugely supportive. You made it so much easier.

*falls over*
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Dying of NaNo.

Tipped 50K today. I would post the little doohickey thingummy, but I can't wrap my brain around the code.

Never try to write 100K in a month, people. This is a PSA. I never knew writing could be a mind-altering drug.

*wobbles away*
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It snowed! In my profile, anyway. Thank you everyone for the snowflake cookies - I think I had as much fun sending them as receiving them. It was quite the flurry on LJ yesterday.

It's actually deliciously cold today, and we're lounging around, eating the remains of [personal profile] lilacsigil's birthday pavlova, and playing Mario Kart. (We weren't supposed to open it until we'd finished our NaNo, but since we're both now over 56K and still going, it seemed fair to get our reward. We're saving the new Super Mario Bros for when we actually type "The End".)

I'm reading the Luxe series by Anna Godbersen, and it's made me think about why I can't engage with Gossip Girl, when basically both stories have the same premise, setting, and character archtypes. Luxe and its three sequels are set about a hundred years before Gossip Girl, though, and this apparently makes the difference for me. With Gossip Girl (the TV series, not the books), I keep trying to connect with the characters, but end up frustrated with their terrible ennui, and shout at the characters a lot. ("If your life is so unfulfilling, go, volunteer in Sierra Leone or something!") But with the Luxe series, even though the characters are just as privileged and pointless, I am engaged and interested in them. [personal profile] lilacsigil gruesomely suggests that it's because they could all die of cholera or polio at any minute. I would like to think that I'm not that morbid. Maybe the historical setting gives me something else to focus on besides the terrible, dreary ordeal of being rich and white in New York? Or perhaps it's the elaborate descriptions of corsetry.

Or maybe it's the fact that Gossip Girl apparently has early 80's Debbie Harry in the cast and this scares me:

My Debbie Harry is pastede on yay! (Do we still say that?) )

On the other hand, I'm still really enjoying Mercy. It seems that the best thing for me to watch while riding the exercise bike is medical dramas, and there's well and truly enough to keep me going through the week: House, Mercy, Three Rivers, and I'm catching up on Nurse Jackie which is hilarious but not quite long enough to see me through one workout. Is Hawthorne any good? Are there any others I'm missing? (The soapier shows like Grey's Anatomy are too slow for exercise.)

Considering that I had zero expectations, Three Rivers is surprisingly watchable. It would be better if it were the Doctor Zero (from Wolverine) and Doctor Shane (from The L Word) show, but it works for me. It's incredibly self-indulgent and syrupy with its issue of the week - this week, racism!, next week - healthcare funding for refugees! And it does have unintentionally hilarious moments (the sight of the dewy ER intern sobbing as she washed the blood from her young patient's sneakers, or the heart-transplant Leader of the Pack storyline) but at least it entertains. And the medicine isn't too bad.

Oh, oh! Do you know what? We may actually have succeeded in our pathetic attempts at horticulture! We have tiny tomatoes on our tomato plant! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? They're only the size of a fingernail, but they're there. On the vine. We may even get to eat them. And Project Eggplant 2.0 is going quite well so far - the plants are as big now as last year's were in February. I am hopeful that these skills we are nurturing will serve us well in the grim apocalypse times. (Because three fingernail sized tomatoes will surely feed us for weeks!)
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First of all:

(I'm not finished, though. I've got one more chapter, and I'm slogging through that now, at the expense of my sanity and the function of my hands.)

The X-Men Movieverse Ficathon has stories posted - go and read some amazing fic, because I feel hugely guilty that I can't right now. (If I don't finish this novel NOW, I will never finish it.)

Two recs:

Among School Children, by [livejournal.com profile] aphrodite_mine, written for me. Haunting Emma fic, it merges movie and comics canon in a seamless way that I love, it's eerie and beautiful and deeply creepy.

Hide a Hundred Girls in Your Hair by [personal profile] lilacsigil. I beta-read this fic, and just like in The Ring, I must make other people read it for my sanity's sake. It's Jean and Mystique, set after X3, it's full of menace and you should read it. Now.
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Happy Thanksgiving to ye who celebrate it.

I have candy! (Sweet, sweet candy!)

[livejournal.com profile] aphrodite_mine, your parcel arrived, and at the most opportune time, too! I got a knife and cut the fudge cup up like pie! It was awesome. Possibly life-saving. Thank you so much! (And then I dropped fudge in my bra, which serves me right for eating fudge while wearing my most rack-tacular top to work)

Did you know you can buy sour dough starter on eBay? For serious! [personal profile] lilacsigil bought a little sachet of yellow paste and they sent it through the mail. Today is a warm day, so we've set it going. You mix flour and water and add the starter. It's already bubbling! We called it Dean. We will feed him again tonight. Microbiology in action, folks! And all through the mail. (It's a little worrying, when you think about it like that.)

NaNo going on.

And on.

And on and on and on.

43396 / 50000

Foreign candy will save me!


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