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My little sister gives me life - she asked me about the acceptance ring, which is put out by AirBnB in support of marriage equality in Australia. I said I thought it was a good idea (apart from AirBnB being a super sketchy company) but that the debate was starting to hurt me when it used to energise me.

Me: Honestly, I've kind of given up hope on it going through.
Her: Don't worry. I'll buy one and carry your hope for you.
Her: I'll buy a few and wear them on my fingers and toes
Her: And nipples.

I'm taking her up on it, though. The debate is ugly and unnecessary and so fucking stressful at this point that I just don't read about it anymore. But she will carry my hope. On her nipples. Lovely girl. Best sister.

The temperature got into the negatives last night. (Negative 2C is 24 F, for you Fahrenheit types.) That doesn't happen! Also, the oak tree finally dropped all its leaves, like, FOOMP! It always goes last, and I always wonder if it's actually going to happen, because I don't get deciduous trees. It's so weird to have bare, wintry looking branches in the middle of all this green.

We're in that bit of winter where it's too cold to sow anything or start seeds, and nothing that technically can grow through cold weather is actually growing very much. My baby lettuces are chugging along in the greenhouse but at a rate of millimetres/week which makes salads a long-distant prospect. I miss summer salads! I miss 'throw a whole cucumber on that' salads. I still eat winter cucumbers, but they're nothing like summer.

Not that I miss the heat. Not one bit. Neither do the cats. They are so very loving right now. It's definitely our strong family bond and nothing to do with draining our body heat.

Tiny linkspam:
- [community profile] multifandomdrabble is open for writing treats: Request summary. It's for 100 word ficlets - yay for the proper use of the term 'drabble'! (I will fight you over this, btw), and they're due on Tuesday.
ETA: I should have mentioned that treats go in the treats collection, not the main collection. So, here: Multifandomdrabble treats 2017

- [community profile] equinox_exchange is open for nominations until the 8th: Fall Equinox 2017 begins July 2nd!

I messaged the person responsible for the floral dinosaurs made by the neural network to ask if they were okay with their designs being used for tattoos and got the okay. So, that's the first step, omg. I really, really want a dinosaur tattoo designed by a neural network. I didn't know until now. Now I have to decide if I want floral dinosaur, a sailing ship one, or one of the Escher-esque ones made of stairs. Chris, the person who runs (cares for?) the neural network offered to try some other designs - I wonder what would work? I wonder if using text would work? (This was the link in question from my last post: A Neural Network Turned A Book Of Flowers Into Shockingly Lovely Dinosaur Art There's fruit, flowers, ships and staircases)

- Free crochet pattern: Ragdoll Fox crochet pattern.
I shouldn't like foxes - they're an introduced species and they're eating all the bilbies, but this is pretty darn cute.

- more neural network fun: Harry Potter and the Neural Network fan fiction. Neural network learns about ships! Neural network learns ALL ABOUT CAPSLOCK HARRY! Neural network generates strangely plausible user names, like desire_at_the_malfoy or siriusly_harry. BelladonnaLeek! I think this is my favourite neural network thing yet. It invented the word 'hugulate' and now I want to hugulate the world.

- 'Parks And Rec' Star Natalie Morales Comes Out As Queer. My Little Pony, Dubby! (I'm sad it doesn't say "Middleman Star Natalie Morales" but then, why would it?)

- Things I Found Out: What A Swell Party This Isn’t. Thanks Pia Zadora. (I literally just figured out that Pickfair is a smooshname like Bennifer or Brangelina. Only from the olden days.)

Now I have to go home from this very weird day at work and write drabbles.
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Oh, lordy, tonight's X-Files rewatch is 'The Field Where I Died'. It's, like, 75% a good episode, and 25% stubbing your toe repeatedly against a brick wall. Mulder's past life regression hypnosis scene is so painful and embarrassing I had to stick my fingers in my ears.

Gosh, when you miss a week, the recipes actually pile up.

Something I cooked recently:

Mango Cream Cheese Ice-Cream, based off this: Strawberry Ice-Cream

This was the actual recipe:
3 mangoes, which gives about 2.5 cups of pulp
2 blocks of cream cheese
3/4 cup of sugar (I'm still playing around with the quantities, and I think I could have used less.)
2 teaspoons of vanilla extract
1.5 cups of skim milk
A good squeeze of lemon juice

Blend the mango pulp. Add all the other ingredients. Blend more. Freeze in machine. I use the kitchenaid ice-cream maker attachment, and this pretty much perfectly fitted in the bowl. It made about 1.5 litres of ice-cream. And it's super, super tasty. I wasn't sure that the vanilla was a good idea, but it really was.

I'm always surprised at how little cream cheese taste this recipe has - it really doesn't taste like cheesecake to me. And my particular lactose intolerance handles this recipe a lot more gracefully than ice-cream made with cream or custard.

Coffee Jelly Or Jello, if you prefer.

I love this - it's an extremely dignified way to absorb caffeine on a really hot day. We ate it with a really nice vanilla yoghurt.

Zucchini Herb Bread

This is a bread machine recipe, and I don't have a bread machine so I make it by hand.

Adapted recipe )

Zucchini Sheet Cake

I found out, with a giant bowl of cake batter, that not only have I never made a sheet cake before, I didn't have anything to bake a sheet cake in. (For other Aussies, they're 13 x 18.5 inches, 2 inches deep.) So, I improvised and split the batter between two roasting pans, and it worked out okay.

So, I guess I made a cake, of sorts? It wasn't a real cake, though, it had a very unusual fudgy texture, thanks to the shredded zucchini. I wanted to try a different kind of icing/frosting, since [personal profile] lilacsigil hates buttercream and ganache is out because the cream is not good for me. I like this boiled milk icing in this recipe - it tasted good, and it's extremely convenient to be able to pour it on the hot cake. Will definitely try it again, especially as there is an avalanche of zucchini coming for us.

Something I have solid plans to cook soon:

Kindkit's Four Grain No-Knead Bread

I love no-knead bread cooked in a cast-iron pot! I don't have any rye flour, though, and the supermarket doesn't stock it. I'll try the health food shop in Warrnambool next week, but if I can't wait, I'll just tinker. Maybe substitute wholemeal wheat? Or I've got some spelt.

Baked Zucchini Chips

A ha ha, there are so many zucchinis coming. So very many. I don't have a mandolin - they scare me so much! - but I'm hoping I can cut these fine enough with the chef's knife. (It scares me less.)

Something I'm idly thinking about cooking in the future:

A real cake. One that you cream butter and sugar, add flour, etc. And don't over/under bake. Our plumber dropped by with a bag of plums, so maybe a plum cake? Maybe Gâteau aux Prunes? I have all the ingredients.

Work on a granola bar recipe. I've got a bunch bookmarked, here, and I'm hoping to hit the goldilocks zone of chewy but not gooey, toothy but not crumbly.

Oh, and this actual recipe that a customer gave me today. She wrote it down on the bottom of her prescription. It's for an apple slice. (For those who've heard me talk about my customers before, this is Mrs Lemon. She's a boss.

See actual recipe here! It's large, because you need to see the hand writing. )

Now we're watching the Canadian broadcast of the pairs figure skating short routine. One of the Canadian skaters looks an awful lot like Natale Morales, which has given me a Middleman plotbunny that is not an ice-skating AU so much as it is an ice-skating case fic. *makes note to include the German team's giant cow bell*

Think of us tomorrow. It's going to be a billion degrees. We will surely dry.
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Title: A Succubus Walks Into a Bar (
Fandom: The Middleman/Angel
Rating: PG
Words: 350
Characters/Pairings: Roxy Wasserman, Lorne
Summary: You don't snub Roxy Wasserman
Notes: Written for [ profile] fandom_stocking

The bar was empty and all the ice had melted when Lorne found a little time for a quiet reverie )
st_aurafina: Roxy Wasserman, reformed succubus, headshot (Middleman: Roxy)
Title: The Infernal Celibacy Rededication (Or how Roxy decided she didn't need her groove back after all)
Fandom: The Middleman
Rating: G
Words: 4.8K
Characters/Pairings: Roxy Wasserman, Wendy Watson, the Middleman, two celebrity cameos
Summary: No matter the weather, it's good to be Roxy Wasserman.
Notes: Written for Yuletide 2011. Thank you to my betas: [personal profile] lilacsigil, [personal profile] aphrodite_mine and melodiusb

The Infernal Celibacy Rededication (Or how Roxy decided she didn't need her groove back after all) )
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Title: The Hypothetical Sub-Sublet Pentology (Five Roomies Wendy and Lacey Never Had)
Fandom: Middleman//Firefly/Doctor Who/Daredevil/Supernatural/X-Men
Rating: G
Notes: Six drabbles, 6 x 100 words! Written in a slightly hysterical state for [ profile] lilacsigil's birthday. It's still ten minutes until it's officially your birthday, but you know how bad I am at keeping secrets! Happy birthday! *dances an amusing jig* (Thank you to [ profile] wizefics for the beta!)

The Hypothetical Sub-Sublet Pentology (Five Roomies Wendy and Lacey Never Had) )
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Bram Stoker's widow!

When you see this, post a random quicky Middleman exclamation in your lj.

ETA: I have anomalous morning euphoria, which is all giggles and fun until the inevitable afternoon despair.
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What is wrong with me that I am drunk on two glasses of wine? I have to type very slowly right now, because I AM SPELLING OUT IN MY HEAD! I hope I can make my spoiler cuts work because otherwise I will make the internet angry.

[ profile] wizefics, I promise to be sober before I look at that thing you sent me. I promises.

Spoiler cut hopefully here for Middleman: The Clotharian Contamination Protocol *crosses fingers* )

I have to go back to work tomorrow after two weeks off. This may be the reason I have hit the bottle TWO TIMES tonight.

This is (hopefully) spoiler space for Victory of Eagles )

Do you think the womens Olympic trampolining finalists are really an international band of superheroes? I can't not think this.

I really don't want to go back to work. I wish something could be arranged. *sighs* And now I'll have to go with a tiny hangover.

ETA: Alcohol is a funny word to type when you're drunk. It's hard to stop. Alchohohohol.
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How awesome is The Middleman? How smart, how funny, how sexy is Wendy Watson? How can this possibly be a kid's show? And most importantly, how long can it last without being axed for all the reasons listed above?

In other news, my knee made a ferocious click, and now I can't straighten my leg. *limps like a pirate*


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