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I'm still trying to catch up on posting fic to my Dreamwidth. As I go, I'm trying to post to a comm or two as well, because that's where DW falls down a bit, I think - there aren't as many active comms as there were on LJ. Some really, really active ones! But not as many.

Speaking of which, is there a place I could post my Black Tapes genfic? A general fandom genfic comm? I couldn't find a specific Black Tapes comm, but in searching, I did find that there's an option for DW to add that topic to your interests. (Which is awesome.) And then through that, I found [community profile] addme_fandom, which is like [community profile] addme, but fannish.

Meme with me? (as seen everywhere, probably because it's a good meme!)
Ask me:
1. the character I least understand
2. interactions I enjoyed the most
3. the character who scares me the most
4. the character who is mostly like me
5. hottest looks character
6. one thing I dislike about my fave character
7. one thing I like about my hated character
8. a quote or scene that haunts me
9. a character I wish died but didn’t
10. my ship that never sailed

Also, from [profile] yohijideranged, a music meme!

1. A song you like with a colour in the title.
I have three, because how do you choose these things?
Under this cut: Birdy, Lorde, David Bowie )

Youtube, why do you do that massive gap thing with your embeds? Why?

The rest of the topics )
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Talk to us about how amazing it would be if Alec Hardison was stuck in Sleepy Hollow where he would join forces with Abbie as they had to save the world together (Requested by [ profile] lyssie.)

It would be so amazing.

It would be so not amazing. Because even though there's Abbie (hot! smart! tough! It's like the universe knows Hardison has a type!) and a walking time capsule with this weird, honest humanity that makes you feel like your twenty-first century life is basically built of cynicism and synthetic food, there's also a dead guy living in the sewers who really wants to help but he's tied into this literal contract with the devil, and oh, yeah HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE. Hardison is guiltily relieved that the Horseman has a weird boner for Ichabod, because he knows that if the axemen cometh for Hardison, Hardison's gonna trip over his feet and wind up getting a little more off the top than he asked for. Ichabod seems to roll natural twenties every time he has to face the Horseman down, and Hardison doesn't know why, but he's not going to argue.

On the other hand, Hardison can see a place for him in this team. Jenny (is this the most awesome spook squad family ever, or what?) has got the historical stuff down - she's been all over the world tracking down myths and artifacts. Ichabod was there, way back when, so he's got first hand knowledge you can't find in library archives, even if some of the things he says about Jefferson and Paul Revere blow Hardison's mind. You get used to that, though. And then there's Abbie, with beautiful, clean, legal access to so many things, better than Hardison can fake. But Hardison? He's the one who can pull it all together - chemistry and history and logic and heart. It was all about pattern recognition. Honestly, he's kind of relieved that even in the realm of the supernatural, (The realm of the supernatural? Does he have the coolest job or what?) there are predictable models of behaviour. Demons want stuff, the way greedy humans want stuff. Just, bigger. And with more brimstone. (Speaking of which, how weird is it that sulfur looks like blood when it melts? Freakish.)

So, on the whole, fighting the undead is pretty damn awesome, when you have a team like this. Hardison could do worse than Sleepy Hollow, and maybe he'll be the difference between peace on Earth or a big sucky apocalypse.
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The whole point of updating more regularly was supposed to be so that I didn't have to do these massive posts all the time.

*sighs and keeps trying*

Holiday was brief but fun. We saw a pair of brolgas in a paddock with cows. (A brolga is a kind of crane. The ones we saw looked like this.) They were almost as tall as the cows, but had very droll faces. I think they're less frightening than ibis. Ibis scare me - birds shouldn't have proboscises. And things with proboscises shouldn't swarm.

Catching up on TV before the next round of episodes comes along:

Covert Affairs 1.01 )

Leverage 3.06: The Studio Job )

Rizzoli and Isles )

What else? *ponders*

Fringe 2.13 - spoiler-free thoughts.

I have refined my theory on the science of Fringe. In first season, I had to tell myself that it was set in a universe without gloves, where it was okay to touch the gooey, infectious stuff with your fingers, and spread it all over your lab. *shudders*

Today I realised that Fringe is actually asking us for the kind of suspension of disbelief that you see on the stage - a foil-covered crown is really gold and jewels, a row of spear-carriers is an army. I love the show dearly, and even more for its fifties-inspired cardboard and paint colour-coded science. "Ladies and gentlemen, if this swab turns purple, then the fly DNA has merged with the muskrat. Behold!"

Science. It works, bitches. Walter Bishop told me so.


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