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[personal profile] lilacsigil is at the dentist right now. Let's send her good vibes! So many good vibes that she literally floats up out of the chair with good energy. That will be a surprise for her tiny dentist. (Also, then [personal profile] lilacsigil won't get mad that I'm writing this entry instead of catching up on my NaNo word debt so that we can watch more Jessica Jones tonight. Because we mutually pledged that we wouldn't watch it unless we make our daily word count. And now I'm behind.)

NaNo breakdown:
W13 femslash for (belated) trope bingo - 5041
Killjoys fic for for (belated) trope bingo: - 1873
Sanctuary fic for (belated) trope bingo - 1237
[Redacted fandom for Yuletide treat] - 7868
Sequel to You Can Never Go Home Again (my Tenth Doctor & Sirius fic) which also totally necessitated re-reading Prisoner of Azkaban: 11182
Person of Interest fic for no reason other than it pleases me - 11517
Total words as of last night: 38606

In other news, JESSICA JONES OMG. I would be home watching it right now if it wasn't NaNo, and if we didn't have to buy groceries and go to work and have visitors and seriously what is it with November? This always happens.

November has been surprisingly social - we met up with [personal profile] vass which was lovely, we went to a NaNo write-in for our closest region (which isn't all that close, but a bunch of them trucked up to meet us halfway, which was lovely of them.) Socialising is hard work but it's reassuring to know that I can actually do it with reasonable competence. (Reasonable competence being I didn't faceplant into my food, and I could say more than five words in a row. My personal standards are low.)

Omg, JESSICA JONES. It is everything to me, and I've only watched two episodes so far. But wow. And Luke Cage. And wow. And so many women. And I am re-reading the comics (because I have so much free time, right?)

In conclusion, please send good vibes to [personal profile] lilacsigil so I don't get in trouble.

(I won't really get in trouble. Not really really. D:)
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Happy birthday [ profile] dolorous_ett! You are not dolorous in the least, and I hope you have a good day.

I survived the dentist - I think (hope!) most of my anxiety was because I was seeing a new dentist, and you never know how the new guy is going to deal with the fact that I cry uncontrollably in the chair. He was brilliant, though, the nurse had pretty obviously prepped him, and every time he moved or picked up an instrument, he explained very calmly what he was doing. This was very reassuring. I'll need three fillings in upcoming months - this is not so reassuring. There were more things - discussions about how much tooth will be left and whether I will need a crown and there's a new kind of night guard for my TMJ, but I don't remember much of that conversation. The nurse told [ profile] lilacsigil, and she made the appointments and so on, while I wandered in little circles. [ profile] lilacsigil was an awesome caretaker and ferried petrified zombie!me around, and bought me a sausage roll and a packet of mince tarts at the bakers afterwards. I don't have much patience with my own phobia. My brain, doing stuff all by itself with nobody at the wheel. I don't like it.

But Twilight? Twilight was brilliant fun!

Spoilery squee-age after the cut. )
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I've been very quiet - writing and writing for two challenges. I've mostly been skimming through my flist *waves to everyone* and now things have settled down. I have things to do, things to read, and most importantly, my sign-up for [ profile] xmmficathon to fill in before the deadline closes. There are seriously cool things there that I want to write.

[ profile] reversathon is churning out some great fic, BTW, and [ profile] hp_summergen too.

I went to see the oral surgeon for a post-op check up today. [ profile] lilacsigil did sterling work getting me there. There was no actual kicking and screaming, but there were many attempts to divert her. ("I'm fine! We don't need to go, I'll just call him on the phone." "Oh, look! A cinema - let's go see OOTP!" "Look, let's just drive to Canada, or something! Please!") But she held true, and she came into the consulting room with me, and it was honestly much better than going alone. Turns out that during the operation, the drill malfunctioned, and they had to get a replacement. This took time, and they brought me out of the anaesthesia, then put me under again, but obviously were cautious with their dosage, and I was more aware than they knew. I feel better knowing why it happened, and I think I'll be okay to go back for the final procedure in November, which is much, much shorter, and doesn't involve any equipment that could fail. Just, you know, scalpels and things.

I have a clockwork torch on my bedside table. It is the most awesome, rocking thing, because when I put it on, it's entirely powered by me. That's my energy. We got it for zombie attacks bushfires and so on, and it has a radio so we can listen to emergency broadcasts about which direction the zombies bushfires are moving in and evacuate in the opposite direction. I still can't get over how cool it is to have clockwork technology in our house.

Things I want to read (apart from more Reversathon and hp_summergen):

The Marvel Kissing meme which I wish I had time to write something for.

The Doctor Who virtual fourth system, by [ profile] ariastar, which I've started reading, and is awesome so far.

[ profile] dw_cross has started posting too, and there's Who/HP, Who/House, and Who/X-Files there. *rubs hands*

Lucky there's lots to read, since I have a few weeks of hell looming at work. Well, not hell. Just long days filled with snotty noses. Speaking of work, my brother (also a pharmacist, but in the city) had a customer ask for something to help with their stigmata. He gets the weirdest stuff - I'm so glad I don't work in the city anymore.

We're watching The Tudors right now - it's very sex-ay. Johathon Rhys Meyers gets his gear off an awful lot. And they had to work very hard to have him walking around in a sleeveless vest thingy. *is impressed*

Oh, another random thing that made me laugh - our cable was wonky and wouldn't display the name of the program we were watching, which made it fun to guess.

Me and Lilacsigil: *watches ship fall over*
Me: This must be that remake of The Poseidon Adventure
LS: "Ship Flip". All good trashy movies can be reduced to a rhyme
Me: *ponders* What about X3?
LS: "Feather'n'Leather"
Me: What about Daredevil?
LS: "Blind Behind"
Me: *dies*
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I live! It was... nasty. The drugged haze wasn't quite as thick as I was expecting, and I remember more of it than I want to, but I'm alive and there was no anaphylaxis. Unfortunately there was no drug-assisted prescience either, so no clues on Deathly Hallows.

Thank you to everyone who wished me well.
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We're leaving in about an hour, so I can go and make kissy face with a giant drill. *quakes* Somewhere in Geelong, there's a adamantium titanium bolt with my name on it. It must be etched very small though, especially as I have a long surname. OR MAYBE IT IS A GIANT BOLT BIGGER THAN MY OWN HEAD! Curse my father and his complicated name that took me till second grade to spell.

I'm quite worried about it now, even though it won't be that bad. I can't convince myself that the pain will be worse than having my wisdom teeth out, so my brain is cunningly cooking up other potentially fatal scenarios: they might drop the bolt down my throat and I will asphyxiate. I might unexpectedly be allergic to the sedatives, and go into anaphylactic shock. THE DRUGS MIGHT NOT WORK AND I WILL BE AWAKE!!! These are stupid fears. OR ARE THEY?

Maybe when I'm drugged, I'll have mystical access to information about Deathly Hallows? I've primed [ profile] lilacsigil to ask me pertinent questions. I hope they use ketamine. That's supposed to be AWESOME, I mean, look what it did for House that one time. I'll probably be able to see through time and space.

The pumpkin is no more - it was transformed into a bowl of roasted vegetables and a pot of pumpkin risotto. I have that to look forward to, at any rate.

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I have the first stage surgery for my dental implant on Monday. I'm not freaking out, because (a) Midazolam! and (b) it can't possibly be worse than having four wisdom teeth hacked out of my jaw. And even that wasn't so bad thanks to (a). I am worried, after all, they're drilling a metal bolt into my jaw. Giant drill. My jawbone. Yuck. But I think I've been through worse, and it should all be okay. I bought a pumpkin, so I can make soup for my tender, incised gums. There's something very satisfying and homely about having an entire pumpkin in one's pantry, even if I didn't grow it and harvest it myself.

This winter we promised we'd buy a coat for Baggins, because his fur is fine and felty, and he really seems to feel the cold, huddling on the heat pad all day with hunched up shoulders.

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I crave a bacon sandwich. Should I have one? I don't know.

I can't find my copy of Tom's Midnight Garden. I know it's there somewhere.

Surly, who owns the cafe next door, parks her car in the customer parking outside our shared shop front. She said she doesn't have to move it, because the parking isn't restricted by time. And that it only inconveniences her customers, because people who go to a pharmacy will park anywhere. And I am very confused about this level of stupidity in a business owner.

I have to have another filling next Wednesday. I'm worried about it, because two weeks ago he said my teeth were fine. Then I went back last week to get my nightguard adjusted, and he spotted a cavity. BUT I ONLY WENT BACK ON A WHIM! What if I hadn't? I would have left that cavity for six months and had to have the tooth pulled or something. I can't lose faith in my dentist, because I'm never going to be able to establish trust with another dentist. And it doesn't help that when I'm in the chair, I can't speak or ask questions, because I'm paralysed with terror. He always seems to spring surprises on me once I'm in the chair, like "Hey, we're not filling this tooth, we're pulling it, yay!", or "Okay, fine to go! No, wait! Cavity ZOMG!" And I can't do anything about it, because I seriously can't speak or move. I'm sure if I asked questions he'd be able to reassure me, but I can't. I'm taking a list of questions next time, but that doesn't account for the ZOMG surprise factor.

Now I feel ill from thinking about it. I can smell dentist. *quakes*

But it's still raining here! And look: a baby called Dusty-Raiyne in honour of the long awaited rainfall. It's a nice idea, but I wonder if Dusty-Raiyne Joy Fleuretta will be a fun name to have.
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Someone who kindly uploaded music for me at a time of great need has had a music catastrophe, so I'm re-gifting the music back (with a little elaboration - I've put a few more tracks in for each artist, where I could.)

Led Zeppelin )

Tom McRae )

Fiona Apple )

Apocalyptica )

Thea Gilmore )

Bruce Springsteen )

Muse )


Nick Cave )

The White Stripes )

Tori Amos )

Rilo Kiley )

Miscellaneous Odds and Ends )

Ficathon update:
Remix is 2/3 done, and the end is plotted, but I've put it aside to work on [ profile] summers_fling, the plan for which is unravelling like a ball of yarn. Or a bowl of spaghetti. *grabs at loose ends* It will be okay. It's going, at any rate.

Tooth update:
I now have a retainer to keep the gap between my teeth open for the implant later this year. I feel like a teenager. It's revolting, but after four days of wearing the damn thing, I've stopped gagging every five minutes, which is sweet, sweet relief, let me tell you. *sulks*

ETA: These links have been deleted, but you have only to comment, and they will be uploaded again

Doctor Who update:
OMG new episodes March 31st! *squees* *chokes on retainer* *squees again*
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Ugh, I can't concentrate on anything. It's awful - I want to be reading all the [ profile] femslash07 fic, and loads of other stuff. Brain is faulty, plz to be replacing soon.

I'm going to the dentist so often now that it feels weirdly like we're an old married couple - we carry conversations over till the next appointment, talk about stuff like holiday plans and recipes. I think I've only noticed this because my last appointment was more low-key - having impressions taken for the plate, so no drilling and no pliers. He did say that it was a particularly bad extraction. God, it's 2007 - surely there's a better way to get a tooth out of someone's mouth. We have iPods and the internet and satellites, we shouldn't be having procedures with pliers.

I have much fic to read. But I've started my Remix, and have planned out my [ profile] summers_fling fic, and I think I tend to read less when I'm writing. (That's a pathetic excuse.)

We're torrenting the Tanya Huff pilot (I can't remember the name, because I've been calling it "The Bloodening"), so hopefully we can check it out tonight. And I'm still enjoying The Black Donnellys, but a big part of that is the Daredevil cross-over that keeps spooling out in my head as I watch it. It's Hell's Kitchen! Matt's probably too old to have gone to school with any of the Donnelly boys, but I'm sure he must have know them, and their families, especially with his background. He probably goes to church with them. The change in the balance of power within the Irish community must surely have an impact on him.

Wow! My brain is working now! Yay for fandom.
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Today I'm really feeling the distance between me and civilisation with all the Captain America business going on. Nothing arrived from the comic store today, which means I wait until Monday, or Tuesday. I want city things - comics, pizza and frappaccino. And good reception. But not muggings and pollution and crowds.

My tooth space has healed up, although the gap is in a strange place; right where I close my mouth to make a seal when I swallow liquid, with amusing consequences. And my tongue slips into the hole at night so I wake up with my tongue clenched between my teeth. On the other hand, since I'm not taking painkillers to help me sleep, I can get back on track with the lucid dreaming practise. I'm starting to dream again, proper dreams that I can remember, not just weird scatty fragments.

Some awesome fic this week:

By [ profile] redconverse, a Sherlock Holmes story, set in Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials series. It examines the human/daemon relationship, in the context of Holmes and Watson's partnership.

[ profile] harmonyangel wrote The Past is Gone (PG-13) - Tony Stark/Steve Rogers, set just before the Avengers Finale issue, a really lovely story of friends seeking solace. (And Iron Man fic! Yay!)

Crumbling Castles, by [ profile] willowaus is another fic that combines ideas from two different sources, using the framework of Bridge to Terebithia as a means of telling the story of Rogue's manifestation. It's clever, and sweetly sad.

So, US spelling doesn't differentiate between practice and practise? No wonder I get confused.


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